Calling all Trubies!


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/Peeks in.

Hi there!

Long time no see! Hey ASKARS won something! … with that thing on his face, but okay! Yay!?

That isn’t why I’m here, as hilarious as it looked. Ahem. Now.

Any and all True Blood fandom peeps should know the lovely @justwandering-neverlost​ and her fics! Well guess what? She’s a published ‘real’ writer now and that means we get to say a small thanks to her by offering our support!

Having the balls to go pro is no easy task, so all of my lovely writer friends along the way that have ( I haven’t, so far, eep!) I congratulate you all, truly! But, we also know how hard it is, even with a base that supports you like you guys have continuously, and through various fandoms! So, if you’re feeling in the reading mood, check out her first book! Give it a whirl, and give it a little 5 stars!

Good karma is good for you 😉

Link to Amazon Kindle Ed.

Much love, and happy reading.



Buy Me a Coffee



Wanna Buy Me a Coffee?

Hi guys!Been a long while, huh? 😀

Since a lot of you have sent messages asking for permission to view this site when I had made it private (partly personal reasons, partly fixing some html issues) I’ve decided to reopen the blog, making it public again.

It honestly surprises me, since I have been basically inactive on here for so long (though I’m on tumblr and now posting to Ao3 nudge, nudge,) how busy this blog still is!

But, one thing remains, the reason why I was so shocked? Because no one comments, or likes or gives me any physical indication that they’re here, consuming my work… which you know, kind of sucks?

As authors who write without profit, your feedback is really the only payment we receive for our time and creative input. And, yes, it’s a source of contention in every fandom because ~no one’s asking us to write for free~ but again, being asked for thoughts on a thing I’ve consumed isn’t something I’m offended by either so that’s just my opinion 🙂

So, yes, blog open, fics are free to a good home lol, but all I do ask is, if you ARE stopping by and visiting with my people? Say hi, word vomit, trust me, it’s welcomed.


Chapters 9-32 of Give up the Ghost

I am the worst website admin, possibly ever.

But here we are, months later, I finally got around to updating my latest work on here. Chapters 9-32 are up and running, and ripped shamelessly from my Ao3 page. But hey, they’re here which means when I update one at a time now, I can finally do that HERE! *Phew*

So yes, if you’re a Cap fan, or a Bucky fan, or indeed a Peggy fan, go check it out. It’s my big, giant baby, and I do love my ot3 in all their dramatics.

In other news : I did New York, New York did me, it was amazing and eye opening and bucketlisting and all that good stuff. AND I turned 30 a few days ago, don’t even talk to me about it, it’ll be an adjustment I think!

So yes, go read my thing, talk me about the thing if you read it! Sense my boredom, guys lol! xo

Is this like … a thing now?


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Let me start of by saying, hi, how are you, long time no see and all of that. I hope you’re all doing amazingly well! But like, level with me here for a second as I’m still a little stunned. My broke ass is stunned y’all.

I never knew people did this for a living. I mean, it’s basically a living right? You get sponsored to pay your rent and buy your food ‘write’ by people you don’t know??

I’m flabbergasted and I feel like maybe I have no right to be?!

Let me back up, this all started through a Tumblr blog post of a person I follow and their friend requesting help with a ‘gofundme’ to go to a comic con and meet their favourite celebrity. It, quite honestly, offended me. Not that I had any right being offended in reality, but still, it rubbed me the wrong way. Mainly because I only knew of GFM as a site for terminally ill people and their families, a place to help with a person’s medical expenses, or something tragic and unexpected that meant that hardworking people couldn’t afford it on their own.

But when I looked into it, it’s a whole other mess of crap like, honeymoons and weddings and guitars and stuff. Are we living life wrong? Should we be asking strangers to fund our lifestyles?

We’re totally doing it wrong, apparently.

Then I found this site – which I guess makes sense in a better way because you’re actually paying for a service, well, sort of.

(Has anyone heard of this? Used it? Knows someone that has? If so, come tell me things!)

Some seem great, you’re paying someone to write you something you really want, allowing them the time and the freedom financially to sit and do so. Others, are, not so great but equally as hilarious.

Promises of  ‘If you fund me 1,800 a month for rent and bills, and food, and stuff, I promise to follow my dreams and never give up.’

Well, yeah, I mean for 1,800 couldn’t we ALL pledge to ~follow our dreams~ and never give up? For an extra 1,800 a month I could follow your dreams for you, girl.

Am I just old fashioned and full of pride or is this the new thing that the ‘kids’ are doing today?? (I say kids, one middle-aged woman with questionable sanity is getting five grand a month in donations to write porn, but okay)


How is it almost July!? Ps. Congrats America!


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We celebrated our steps into LGBT equality in Ireland not so long ago and I am so happy to see that the US has followed suit. Rainbows everywhere and pots of gold for everyone!

Speaking of equal lovin’, if you’re still catching up with those lovely bisexual boys from Brooklyn and their Peggy, do let me know what you think!!

The first four chapters of Give up the ghost have been up for a while, and now I’ve added the next four, for those of you wanting to read in parts starting with  chapter5.

If you want to skip ahead however, be sure to check out my AO3. I’ll be posting them all here sporadically, but if you ARE reading it and like it please do remember to tell me either way, or how else would I know?! lol!

Happy Friday guys!


Give up the ghost 1-4

So earlier I talked about my on going bloody saga at this point, sagaaaa I tell you. I have a wordiness problem, it’s an Irish trait or so I’m told! Any way I’ve posted the first four chapters of the Marvel-esq Bucky – Peggy -Steve story I’ve been working on and if you’d like to give it a gander I’d be much obliged! The first nine or is it ten chapters sort of became a ‘Bucky and Peggy are my new OTP maybe I’ll just leave Steve in the ice’ sort of oops situation.

Dying to know what you think!

Give up the Ghost 1-4 here!

Ps. Thank you all for your thoughts, wishes and stories earlier it really touched my heart and I can get to replying soon! xox

Personal vibes and super hero trios.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting you guys for a really long time, and the reason for it is primarily ‘this started out as a SVM/TB fiction blog’ and now I’m not sure what to do with it.
But I am still writing, slowly ploughing away at my own stuff while simultaneously allowing myself to fall down the rabbit hole that is Marvel fiction. I should hang my head in shame, but I shant, mostly because it’s been a great outlet of exploration in a fandom without (for the most part …) any real ship wars (at least I follow the right people and shall continue to think this is the universal truth lol) and where majority of people multiship so everyone is happy – literally on the page and off.

I am in the middle of a rather mammoth story (an OT3 that of Bucky/Peggy/Steve ahem) that I think I will end up posting here, if only to have it on my writing blog since I’m semi proud of it and if it finds an audience here that’s great, and if not, that’s okay too.

If I may, I’d like to get a little personal for a minute, because I can, right? 😉

/Cut for personal chat, death tw, general sad girl musings feel free to skip/

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Fiction Disclaimer : Carried over from Tumblr.


Alright guys, here’s the thing, as you might have seen from the post I just reblogged I found some my work published on a site for download. Published where I did not put it nor did I give permission for it to be put on that site. It’s here if you want to see ugh.

I write this stuff for free, for fun and for practice mostly, until I find the balls to publish my own stuff and hopefully get paid to do so. The idea that these guys are profiting off of me  and others like me for hits, or ad money or paid subscribers is disgusting. You don’t get much for free in this world but there are writers like me and tons of others in various fandoms that are providing these stories for your (and my own) entertainment, again, for free. While that is our choice letting others gain from it is not.

So listen,  please don’t give your time, your hits or your money to anyone other than the owners of the art you appreciate (if and when applicable). And please don’t take someone’s words against their will and place it somewhere they don’t want it to be, all the while earning some random ass company money and the writers zilch.

You want to put my fiction somewhere else? Come and ask me. I’m a very approachable person as are most that do what I do.

Don’t be scared but don’t be stupid.

… And we’re back!

I think.

I hope.

*Wipes brow* Do you know what a utter and complete pain in the arse wordpress is? Like, do you know?!? I think we’re back to the start formatting wise. I think I got everything back in order? If I haven’t I’m sure someone will say something about that. But, for the time being I think we’re good.

You all need to go and give thanks to @scribeninja on a massive scale because she not only kicked me in the ass to get this back to rights she rolled up her sleeves and ventured into this nonsense and helped me as well. Massive thank you, Linds. Because I’ll be honest with you guys. I didn’t really care? I mean, I cared sure. But I also didn’t? This work has been online for up to five years at this point (!!!) and it’s kinda like, if you haven’t read it by now you aren’t going to?? The way I see it the SVM (Which I still haven’t read nor will I lol!) and Trueblood is a dead fandom, really (TO ME).  And I stopped watching the show over a year before it ended officially and the only reason I finished my on going stories at all was because of you guys. Well, you guys and my insane guilt gene, I  don’t even know.

But for the most part I think we’re all good in the hood here. Place your mouse over the title and the rest should appear in a drop-down menu, if that doesn’t happen, click into the title and the full story should be there.

I really truly wasn’t aware so many of you were still into my work, so as it’s the only payment we indie fic writers can demand, hit up with a comment or two if you do find the word and such, it really does mean the world to us!

Beyond that, I am still writing but just for a different genre and fandom and I’m not entirely sure I should cross that over to here, but I have been thinking about it. So I may at some point start posting my current works here as well as any and all little original works I dream up. Basically what I’m saying is, if you wanna read what I’m working on? Tell me? Yay? Nay?

For now though, thanks for your patience and love.

Talk soon!


Okay guys! Hi!

The blog was MIA for a while there and the reason for that was, well, WP went mental on me and sucked the life out of my stories. The menu disappeared, the order of the stories all went screwy, and it was just basically not fit for the human eye. Now, the blog is still not back to rights, mainly because WP won’t do as I ask in the customisation process. SO if you’re in the middle of a story, a certain chapter of just want a look around, the only way to do this with any sort of sense is to use the search bar above. Thank you for your patience, and if you’re checking out a chapter of ten, be sure to leave a review! I wasn’t aware so many people were still so into my writing as they were until I shut the site down and there were all these requests for access! So if you’re here, say hi!  😀

*Peaks in* I come with some Marvel-ous news?

Well, Hello Stranger, you may think. I know, I’m a failure for keeping this thing well stocked aren’t I? It’s been a while since I had anything to post really, and with the upheaval of my personal life (which I may or may not dive into here at some point, you aren’t really here for that so I won’t risk boring you!) it has left little to no time for creative endeavors.


Marvel, Man. They just sort of suck you in with their super pretty super heroes and all that angst (all that ANGST!!) and well, I am a weak woman.

I am a weak woman who has now embarked on a OT3 fic of the fan.

What if Bucky didn’t fall? What if Steve still made the ultimate sacrifice? What if that left Peggy and Bucky alone in a world without the guy they both loved? What then?

Give Up The  Ghost

If it’s something you would be even remotely interested in, I ask you check it out over on Ao3! I may start posting it here from here on out too, so just a fair warning I guess? Thank you for your time! And I hope you’re all well! /takes a bow/

Avengers assemble!

Something for a rainy day

Captain America original comic

My father, Stratford Caldecott, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in October 2011. I wrote about what that was like at the time in a piece for Verily Magazine. Life since then has been very strange. He has bravely, patiently tried every treatment available to slow down the progress of the cancer, and we have been blessed with some good – almost normal – times together, amongst the bad.

The doctors now say that dad is into the final stages of the disease, the part where your bones fracture under the slightest impact, and swelling around vital organs starts to happen for no apparent reason. They say that we only have around 12 weeks left. We have to make these 12 weeks count, and I have an idea about how we can do that.

Superhero comic book themed partyWe had a superhero themed party for dad for his 60th birthday last November – dad was Tony Stark, and wore…

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Blame it on the Caffeine


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By request of insanocerebro on Tumblr I give you all a Captain Swan ‘Coffee Shop’ AU. Her specifications were –“Is there some coffee shop Au, where Killian is a sexy barista and Emma goes every week just to get a glimpse of him?”And so Blame it on the Caffeine was born. Have our awkwardly flirting bbs and a lot of coffee.

Enjoy, reviews are encouraged! xo.

Rated – Hard T Soft M depending.

Words – 5K+ because I don’t know how to write small.


Blame it on the Caffeine – CaptainSwan AU O/S.

As I turned the corner the smell reached my senses before I even saw the place, as it always did. The tiny and some say pretentious coffee house by the hospital where I was working had become somewhat of a saving grace for me and my fellow residents. Sure, there was a Starbucks on every corner, but this was different. This, they said, was the authentic Italian coffee experience.

Whatever the hell that meant.

The thing is, I didn’t even like coffee, hated it in fact. But there I was every Wednesday at two on the dot, forcing myself to try a new thing from the menu in the hopes of finding something coffee based to love.

It had nothing to do with him, really.

He being the barista. The blue eyed, dark haired one with the accent that made me a little weak in the knees. No, it had nothing to do with him, it was merely my work load and my exhaustion and the need to find something seriously caffeinated that would allow me to function.

That’s all.

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*Pushes open the dusty door* Well, Hi there!


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I’ve been meaning to post this for a little while now, and typical me being me I completely forgot about it! Basically I was mailed via notifying me that one of my stories (my first, my baaaaybe if you will) has been nominated as the ‘All-Time Favorite True Blood Fanfic’ – which, you know awesome? Now, I don’t know much about these things at all, but it was a nice little surprise considering it was a story I started 4 years ago now. It does not feel like 4 years ago (!!!) And to have it still be in the minds of people enough for it to be nominated for anything ever is pretty sweet, I have to say.

So, if you’re a reader of my writing ( I was going to say ‘fan of my work’ and realised how pompous that sounded ick) I’d encourage you to vote – you know – if you want.  😀


Voting opened on March 31st, 2014 and will be closing the page on April 14th, 2014.

In other news, I have sort of, kind of, maybe started an ‘Original’ fiction piece. Now, what I plan to do with it I couldn’t tell you. I may post it here, I may post it else where, I may put it out in the world for people to decide if it’s good enough to pay a tiny fee for, basically anything goes. I’m hoping to take pieces of Rise by Sin and mix and mash them into something set in my home country for a change in modern day. Something that I hope will have comedy, angst and friendship  – and maybe a little bit of lovin’ if they’re so lucky. But, like I said, anything goes right now as it is in its infancy. I’ll keep you posted though! Any ideas what I should do with it??

Hope you’re all keeping well!

Love L


Not So Great Expectations – Fin


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And so this is it! I finally, finally got the time and the brain power to allow me to finish this. It’s been a long and sometimes bumpy writing road for this little ‘happy’ piece. It started off as a co-lab that ended abruptly lol, and for those of you that know my writing style, keeping it a ‘happy comedy’ was at times really difficult! *glares at Scribeninja* But, I think I did an okay job, and for those of you that stuck with me, a big massive thank you for all the reviews and messages and tumblr messages and everything. While I might not have been able to reply to them all know that I read them all! And it was beyond encouraging every time and it does push you when you feel like you can’t write anymore, to know that people are there waiting on you.

I mentioned this on Tumblr last night, but I feel this may be my final bow for the OTP of Sookie / Eric.  With the abuse the coupling has been put through in every version of their canon, it’s been difficult for a long time now to try and defend something that even their own creator can’t seem to do. It’s been so much fun getting to channel my writing through these characters and get to share a bit of my brain waves with you guys all this time. There have been a few stories I know that don’t fall under the usual ‘fanfic’ placement, but I liked to explore darker themes and push myself with my writing as much as possible as I few this as ‘practice’ should the time come that I ever find myself brave enough to go the original fiction route.

Which, who knows might be sooner rather than later. 😉

Either way I hope you stick around.

Thanks you again!

Not So Great Expectations Fin

All Change – Hook/Emma One-Shot.


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As mentioned below, here is the story in full on this blog! Enjoy and review if you like! xo

“I look like a ponce.”

“I’m sure that’s just not true.”

“’Course, says you, who in fact does look like a ponce – just saying.” Hook said from behind the large wooden screen, and David or ‘his majesty’ merely sighed leaning against the windowsill. This had been going on for almost an hour. Snow had insisted with everyone one back in the Enchanted Forest – at least for now – that we were to revert to our more traditional roles and just get on with life as normal. That included but was not limited to clothing. Something that had finally caught up with the pirate.

Hook had had about enough, first they dock his ship and insisted he stay in the castle – but of course not in the same room as their daughter, then the bloody woman went and stole his leathers while he was washing.

“Would you just pick something and come on? They want us down for dinner, and you know Snow is just –“

“About that wife of yours mate, I mean given everything we’ve all been through and now that she’s fully up the duff again- “

“Hook –“

“Fine, sorry ‘with child…’”

David could hear him rolling his eyes; he bit back a laugh because really, he knew what was coming. Snow had been a touch … temperamental of late, and he wasn’t entirely sure it was all pregnancy.

“I just don’t see why it’s such a big deal … if I want to dress how I dress or if Emma wants to wear what she normally wears.  I mean, yes you’re all royal again but to act as if we all haven’t been affected by our time – you all more so than me – in the world without magic – well it seems a bit… strange.”

With that he rounded the corner, fully dressed.


 David was starving and he really didn’t want to catch the wrath of his wife again.

“I told you. Ponce.” He said again grimacing to himself in the mirror. “Honestly who ever thought this was a good idea?”

“We’re going… you look … fine really, just relax! The fact that you look like you want to jump from the nearest window doesn’t really add to the whole look you know?”

Hook rolled his eyes.

“The trousers are too bloody big.”

David looked, and no, they weren’t, not at all.

“You’ve spent centuries in various pairs of …form fitting leathers, normal fabrics are meant to feel like this.”

“Well I’m not sure I like it, I don’t feel very secure.”

David sighed, for a man that had the sense of security within himself to swan around in skin tight leather from head to toe, but God forbid he wear cotton blend?

“Come on, we’re going to be late.” David straightened Hook out as much as possible to make him look as presentable as possible and hopefully have this first big dinner go off without much of a hitch. He knew he was kidding himself, but for the sake of everyone, he just hoped it would pass smoothly.

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So I wrote a thing…


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And for the first time in four years (!!) it’s not S/E. I’ve been debating whether or not to post it here, but I think I will in a bit. If you’re interested in that OTP head on over the FF.NET or my Tumblr where it is currently.

l_e7dbe880-8af0-11e2-9e0d-ed6bdd000010 tumblr_myqh7lCp7q1sqqveoo1_500

Hook gets Emma back ‘home’ for now, but what happens when they’re pushed in to roles that don’t fit who they really are? How does a modern woman adjust to a ‘Fairytale Land’ and keep her sanity? A pirate can be a hero, but does he have to wear the clothes? Emma/Hook.  Rating varies from T-M. A little sugary angst-lite one-shot.



Ps. Thank you all so much for your comments and concern on previous posts about my wonky life, it really means so much and if I don’t reply personally it’s not a slight, it’s just that I don’t know what to say other than thank you for being epic xox

*Meekly waves Hello*

Meekly because it’s been over a month and I’ve been MIA. How awful, really. I do love to write, and I love that you guys are my audience and so lovely and sweet and utterly supportive of me, and judging by the PMs and the comments on my last post you’re all just as epic as I imagined. That, plus the blog has been getting a hell of a lot of traffic lately, why, I have no real idea since I’ve been admittedly MIA – but again – thank you muchly for popping by and leaving me messages and emailing and the like, it really has brightened up my weary self of late. I come with news of an update. I’ve started what I assume to be the final chapter of Not So Great Expectations tonight and hopefully, time allowing, I shall have it for you guys by the end of the week. After what started as a co-lab to something that I became a single mother to, it’s had a rocky road for a comedic fic, but you have stuck by it and that’s amazing. I hope the pay off will be worth it and it’ll be a story you’ll have been proud to have spent time reading.


Are we all set for Christmas? I’m not and I’m starting to panic a little! Also… anyone here watch OUAT? I think Captain Swan may be an OTP I could get behind. But, after TB and SVM burning me I’m reluctant! I am a totallll Hooker though (words I never thought I’d type, but hey, Irish boy hotness wins)