Absolution 10


“Come here we have a plan to discuss.” He said and I walked to his side of the desk, then suddenly his hand was on my mouth, and he shook his head ‘no’ before directing me to look at his laptop screen.

‘Say nothing, follow me outside.’

He then unsaved and closed the document before taking me by the hand out the door into the alley, still we said nothing as he grabbed me, and suddenly we took flight. I didn’t scream this time but I did have a death grip on him, while he just held me with ease. We landed in a forest what I wagered was a few miles from the club.

“Eric, what the hell is going on?”

“It wasn’t safe to talk there, not at all. I figured this was better.”

“A little dramatic don’t you think?”

“A little drama never killed anyone.”

“No, but a lot of it might kill me. What’s going on?”

“Nora is my sister, it is true, she has also been deep within the Authority for a few hundred years now, our contact with each other is extremely limited and at best on a need to know basis, if I need to know something, she’ll supply the information, beyond that there has been little interaction. She has always been much more politically ambitious than I or Godric ever were.”

That to me meant she wasn’t to be trusted, people in politics for twenty years I didn’t trust, I was sure as hell not going to trust one in it for three hundred.


“I… have loyalty to Nora, she is family…” He paced. Eric never paced.

“But? I sense a but?”

“But I … it has been a long time, and some of her choices are questionable at best. She informs me tonight that someone freed Russell, but his whereabouts are still unknown to the Authority, but she also said she is sure it was someone within that did it. The vampire war started to gain speed with his manic TV appearance, it was only a matter of time after that.”


“Why didn’t you kill him?”

He did not answer me.

“If he is allowed to return to his full capacity then we are all doomed. His age… there is no one older that we know of now and even if we found them, in the time it would take him to heal, it would still be too late. The Authority wants him in their custody by tomorrow night, Nora has been tasked with the job of bossing me around, something that doesn’t sit well with me, but since she is a high ranking member, it is something I will permit.”

Was he talking in circles, it sure felt like it?

“Eric, give me the abridged version here.”

“She’s tasking Bill and I with finding him and taking him to New Orleans where he will be taken into custody, and Bill and I will be ‘dealt with’, according to her. She assures me that she will use her considerable leverage to keep us from final death or centuries in a coffin, but beyond that, they can choose whatever punishment they deem that fits our crimes.”

That spike of fear sank through me again, until my hands were shaking, I didn’t even noticed it until he took my hands in his.

“Hey, look at me.” He asked softly. “It will be alright.”

“How can you think that? Seriously? I just…”

“I know, it’s terrifying and even I admit that, but I have… faith in you that you can face this.”

“Bill said if they wanted me they could take me too.”

He pursed his lips at that.

“So it is true…. Jesus.” I ran my hand through my hair exasperated.

“The Authority are… fixated on a certain way of life, mainstreaming is their agenda it has been for a long time, few thought it to be possible but since the eighties it has been worked on right up until we came out to the world. But, I know Nora, and I know of her obsessions, and I know which ones stemmed from her time with those vampires, she has been one of them longer than she was Godric’s.”

“He freed her?”

“He offered us our freedom as young vampires, mine shortly after I was turned and could control myself, Nora a little later after her turning, she was unpredictable at first, but soon yes, he did not want us enslaved to him, he wanted us there or not there of choice.”

I nodded, I was glad to hear that even though I knew Godric to be no saint, he was a vampire after all, I was still glad to hear he was a fair-minded one.

“She… they are all secretly obsessed with the idea of Day Walking. To find, somehow, the ability to walk in the day, it is every vampire’s most secret wish.” He sighed with that far off look in his eye, and I recalled the happiness on his face in that lake, with the sun beating down on his freakishly pale body. My heart ached for him then. “The legend of the Fae is widely accepted to be truth to them, they have books on the subject dating back to before people knew what books even were.”

That did not bode well for me.

“And now they’ve caught wind of one, living and breathing and with blood so alluring she’s even got two vampires killing other vampires to protect her secret. Jesus Holy Christ, I’m dead aren’t I?”

“Sookie, I will not let that happen do you understand?”

“Again, I don’t get this confidence of yours, Eric we’re fucked!”

“We are not, not in the manner I wish you and were –“

“Really? You are flirting with me right now? We’re in the middle of the… end of our world and you’re flirting with me?”

He smiled.

“Well, it one of my favourite things to do with you, just one of them mind you.”

I just shook my head.

“You said there was a plan.” I asked sitting down on the hard dry dirt of the field, and he sat next to me and explained what he assumed would happen next, and just what I was meant to do and not do to keep the plan moving. Some of it was just plain insanity, and I was still convinced I was one dead tiny percentage of a fairy, but, he had faith in me, and I could hear it in his voice and see it on his face. I needed to find some of that faith in myself, but the very fact that this ancient and powerful bad-ass vampire thought I could handle this, it made my heart sore and it made me want to kick some ass.

“Got it?”

I nodded slowly, I wasn’t sure that he wasn’t crazy, but for now, I felt like I understood.

“This is insanity.” I admitted.

“Yes, yes it is. But it is insanity that might just work, and if it doesn’t, well, then we tuck tail and run.”

“You’re agreeing with Bill?” I asked feigning shock, he then rolled his eyes.

“Never,” he smirked, “I just haven’t survived as long as I have by being an idiot and continuing to fight a losing war, not even in my human days was I that stupid. If we cannot fight fair and clean and get this done, then we explore any and all other options that keep us all alive for as long as possible.”

“So slightly more complicated than just hiding.”

“Slight.” He stood and the air felt thick between us, he had just told me something extremely important, something that as far as I was aware, he had told no one else. Was it wrong that I felt special because of that?

Because I did.

“I have some time, I want us to train a little here, and I want to try something.”

“I’m not dressed for this.”

He stopped moving then and looked at me, and slowly he went from my feet to my lips, I resisted a shiver that I felt run though me, in the best possible way.

“You look just fine, trust me.”

“Eric, I know you’re a vampire, but it’s freezing here.”

He smiled, shaking his head.

“I checked the temp on my laptop, it’s not that cold. I endured much colder winters back home.”

“In Viking times in FURS.” I countered, making him chuckle.


“What was it really like? Back then, I mean.”

“Harsh, the winters were a time of death for many a household, but in milder winters when the snow would only fall a couple of feet instead of the excessive amounts it could have, those were easier to deal with for the villagers, for farmers, for everyone.”

“Did you farm?”

“We all pitched in where necessary.”

That was interesting; he still remembered that sense of community, one that I knew he held still, if his plan was anything to go by.

“But I loved the snow, all my friends thought me mad, my family…” He smiled, “I loved it, it was fresh and clean… not like the pollution riddled stuff that the world is graced with now. I knew when the snow fell that things would slow down and indoor activities were encouraged more –“

“Indoor activ…. Oh you mean sex?”

He kicked some dry dirt before looking down at me with a slight smirk, damn him and that sexy mouth.

“I mean sex.”

“A lot … of sex?”

“Well, I mean, there was not a whole lot else to do for months on end.”

“Except each other.”

With that, he chuckled.


I thought back to how it must have been then, how it all must have felt…

Then, suddenly something strange happened, something so strange I would not have believe it if I hadn’t been there myself.

It started to snow.

It really started to snow, and not just falling slowly to only disappear, no; it was falling hard and fast and suddenly sticking around.

Eric and I both fell silent instantly, staring at the dark sky with the endless flecks of white floating around us. I moved closer to him, almost scared.

“Sookie are you… are you doing this?”

My eyes widened, was I?

“I don’t know.”

“Its forecast dry and crisp for the next month, not snow, certainly not this much snow. What are you thinking about right now?”

I moved closer still and suddenly his hands were on my shoulders, and that is when I saw it.

Eric, young and carefree, playing wild and free by a large icy ocean one that framed a village, the ground covered in snow.

His eyes widened as I jumped back.

“Sookie what the hell was that?!”

“You’re asking me?! What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything! I was just thinking!”

“Well, so was I!”

Oh, my God.


She was doing, she was controlling the sky, the air around us grew colder and I knew because I both saw and felt the goose bumps on her arms. I had been reading excessive amounts on the subject of the Fae since meeting and discovering what Sookie was a part of, there were different kinds of course, like there were of any creature. Some Fae identified with the air and sky, some the earth, but the elements played a huge part in what they became. I assumed with Sookie’s power as well as her Fairy Godmother’s, that the sky and air were a part of who she was, but I was still not one hundred percent sure of it, until then that is. I knew Sookie and I shared intimate moments, but for her to reach into my mind and pluck that memory like that, it was overwhelming, surprising, and terrifying all at once. No one else knew these things; no one else could do what she did.

At least no one that I knew.

“Eric I’m scared okay? I don’t like this, I don’t want this.”

I held her close to me then, as the heavy snow continued to fall around us and for as far as I could see. I took off my jacket, and wrapped it around her shoulders causing her to look up at me with unshed tears in her eyes. I hated to see her cry.

“I know.”

She leaned up then and kissed me and I didn’t stop her, why would I? She might not know her own mind when it came to love, me, or Compton, but I knew mine and I knew I loved her, kissing her was not something I would deprive myself of if she were willing.

Right then she was more than willing.

I revelled in her taste; her smell was as it always was the same as I told her the night she found me. Honey, wheat, and of course sunlight, she smelled like a warm, sweet, summer’s day. That in itself was ironic because I once dreamt that she said I smelled like her opposite, the ocean in winter.

“I know I should be sorry for kissing you and distracting us from important things, but this to me is equally as important, and besides, after tonight I don’t know what I’ll get the chance to do it again.” I confessed honestly. She pulled back with a sincerely sad look on her face.

“I can take you back to your car.”

She shook her head, no.

“You can take me home, and you can spend the night with me…”

That I was not expecting and the look on my face must have said as much.

She shrugged, but I noticed how fast her heart was beating as well as the faint blush in her cheeks. She was talking a big game, for her, it was a huge thing for her to come out and admit she wanted.

“It’s what I want, and I’m sorry for distracting you from important things, but this to me is equally as important, and besides, after tonight I don’t know what I’ll get the chance again.”

I could not help but smile, big and wide as she repeated my reasoning back to me, we stood there in the middle of that empty field now ankle deep in snow and I did not remember feeling happier before that second. I grabbed her tight and I flew us back to Sookie’s home, neither of us caring that her tiny yellow car was still taking up residence in my parking lot. The second my feet crunched against the gravel on her drive her hands were in my hair, her lips on mine, there was no stopping her, not that I would ever even try to. She stood on her tiptoes to kiss me before wrapping her legs around my waist where we stood. I moved us inch by inch toward her house, unsure if she would really be okay making love on stones in the snow, she was accepting of a lot of madness, but that was a uncomfortable step too far for her I imagined.

Instead, I got us inside of her unlocked house, I made mental note to talk to her about keeping her doors secure from now on, and got us safely in shutting it firmly behind us, Sookie was still clinging to me as if I was her lifeline, when in reality it was she who was mine.

My fangs throbbed in my mouth, itching to be let loose, to fall free and dig into her sweet skin, but I was always patient, and I never wanted sex with her to mean blood, as precious as her blood was to me, it wasn’t all I wanted when we were together like this. Her pleasure meant I experienced mine tenfold to what she felt, we had blood bonded once, and when we connected like this, it was as if that tiny thin threadbare bond sang and got stronger within both of us.

Clothes got discarded in-between kisses as we made our way up her narrow staircase at human speed, by the time we got to the top of the steps, I grew impatient and zoomed us to her large bed at vamp speed. She landed on the bed below me with a giggle, her hair fanned out behind her.

“Someone’s eager.”

“Always…” I answered peppering kisses down her neck and into the valley of her breasts. “I’ve wanted you since I first saw you.” I spoke softly into her neck ran my hands up her back, unhooking her bra, slipping it off her arms and tossing it somewhere in the room. My hands cupped her breasts, thumbing her hard pink nipples, I watched as she bit her lip at the sensation. My cock stressed against the front of my pants, I got rid of them as quickly as I got rid of Sookie’s clothes, and soon it was just us, nothing keeping us from experiencing everything the other had to offer. With her it almost felt as if I was beyond holding back my more animalistic urges, but then she was someone I never wished to harm, it was a strange dichotomy that waged war within me as when explored each other in the most carnal sense.

I pushed her thighs apart, quickly pulling her legs around my waist.

“I can’t wait to fucking taste you.” I gently lowered her to the bed, teasing her as I trailed kisses down her stomach and back up again. She moved her head to the side; she assumed that I meant her blood.

“Not there, not yet, love.”

She looked confused, but I was sure the look of confusion lessened as I made my way between her legs again.


I ignored the call of her tasty looking femoral artery, and decided that pleasuring her before attempting to taste her in other ways was best, for both of us.

A deep growl pulsated against her thigh, the harder I sucked from her sweet spot. She was heaven in every way, or as close to heaven, as I knew I would ever get. Soon she was writhing and panting and grabbing hold of my head as I worked her over carefully, the sweet torture she was living was something that gave me life. I gripped harder on her thighs and pushed her through an orgasm, one I knew meant her lip was caught between her teeth and she was doing her best to suppress her screams.

“I want you to…” she moaned as I looked up, her eyes were still closed, “I want you to drink.”

My fangs popped on their own, it seemed no amount of self-control was stopping them then, but I wanted her to drink from me too, if only to give her a boost of strength for the days to come.

“Ladies first.”

With that, her eyes shot open, and she sat up, I was still down her body, half my own hanging off her bed.


“This isn’t a trick, this is a request. In the coming days, you may need a little extra … boost to get you through. I have no wish for you to become mine through manipulations Sookie, you and I are far past that, not that it would have ever worked for us anyway.”

“Because you’re such a shitty liar,” She sassed.

“Because of that, and because I have always took women who were nothing but willing I have told you this. Fear and entrapment aren’t turn-ons for me.”

Upon hearing me speak, something in her mood changed, and she grabbed me and yanked me further up on the bed with her, in a second she was straddling me, resting her flat palms on my chest, looking me over, curiously.

“You’re a hard one to figure out, Eric Northman. You pretend to be this big bad vampire with no feelings, but underneath it all you’re just …”

“Soft as butter?”

That made her chuckle.

“Maybe, maybe not that soft,” She hinted as she wriggled her ass on my dick before pulling forward away from it. I almost whimpered.


“I think I’m beginning to get a handle in you, enough to understand some things I didn’t before. I trust you, now, which I didn’t before.”

Those words made my little dead heart almost skip a non-existent beat.

“I’m glad, I trust you too, even though there are times I’m sure Pam wishes I didn’t.”

She smiled.

“Will she get over that?”

I shrugged.

“I think now that she has more pressing concerns, she might.”

She kissed me again, moving from my lips to neck where she bit, hard. She broke skin, and started to suck, slowly on my neck. I grabbed her pulling her closer, and at that, she shifted herself and took my dick in her free hand, helping me push inside her. The pleasure was coming from all angles, for a few seconds I swore I was seeing stars. She was industrious, my fairy was.

‘Trade the sun for moon and stars…’

I sunk my teeth into her neck, promising myself that femoral would be mine some night soon, but for now, her sweet, sweet neck was more than enough. Her blood was thick on my tongue, burning hot down my throat. I recalled the dreams I had of her, before I had her, and I wondered if in the dreams she had of me things ever felt as good as they did now, no dream, no fantasy did her justice.

She pulled back from my neck as I did the same, riding me with ease and intensity all at once, the look in her eyes was one of sheer lust, and it was glorious. Her hair was wild, as she bounced, as I helped her balanced grasping onto her ass, the trace of my blood still stained her lips.

“You’ve never looked more beautiful…” I gasped as she clenched me between her legs, moving then to lip my lips for me.

“I bet you say that to all your fairies.” She grinned before kissing me deeply again, she like me, it seemed just could not get enough. I could smell my blood rushing through her veins. Her heart was pumping quickly with exhilaration and the scent of her arousal was strong in the air, and I wanted this night to never end, with her, I wanted this forever. But, I knew it would end and the next night I might end too, so in the spirit of possibly my last night on earth I decided to stop worrying and thinking and game planning, instead I chose to free my mind and my body with my Sookie.

Even if she had yet to admit, she was mine.














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