Absolution 12.


I flickered?

I felt it too, but I figured it was just fatigue from all the zapping. No, freaked out beyond belief Pam had stood eyes wide before she poked me to see if I was still ‘all there’. I had no idea what was happening, outside sheer panic. Who the hell flickered? What did that mean?

I was starting to see a real pattern between my powers and my ingestion of Eric’s blood, it had been there before, but now I was certain of some kind of odd connection. Why after his blood did I seem to grow stronger, things started happening, but with Bill’s there was nothing?

Wow, don’t go down that road right now.

I got home to an empty dark house once more and resisted the urge to dial Eric’s number, he would know what to do with this shocking new development, he had books to tell him things, or at least that is what I assumed. Nevertheless, I couldn’t call him because he was being held against his will by some archaic vampire council that apparently made all the unwritten rules of being a vampire.


I dreaded to think what they were doing to both him and to Bill. I might not have been the number one fan in the Bill Compton Fan Club anymore, but I still did not like the idea of anyone I loved or had loved being hurt.  Two days and nights and there was nothing, not so much a text message from any of them, I on the other hand was busy between work and then working out at home, I was trying to keep my head in the game, so to speak, but it was difficult. I was trying to keep that horrible sinking feeling I had in my stomach to a minimum, but nothing I did took my mind off any of it. I was just waiting, waiting for ‘someone’ to come for me.

It seemed life was a lot of waiting for the worst to happen, these days.

I glanced to my kitchen and those memories that never really left me came flooding back from the corner of my mind in which they slept. Debbie Pelt and her brain splashed across my new kitchen. I prayed to God for forgiveness then, I wasn’t sure if he was listening or not since I had committed one of – if not the biggest sin in the book, but I tried. I wondered if I would ever really be forgiven for doing it, for taking another woman’s life. I wondered if by taking her life I somehow forfeited my own, maybe I deserved to be the Authority’s lap rat for what I did to her, maybe I deserved to have my head blown off too.

Except I wasn’t so sure I did now. I never marched into anyone’s house with the intention to do them harm, what I did to Debbie was first out of self-defence, and only second did it become something malicious, something that I found that tiny sliver of  enjoyment in. Again, I couldn’t help but wonder, was it the reams of vamp blood that made pulling that trigger less of a choice than it would have been before? On the other hand, was it my Fae part the ones that allow me to zap ancient vampires across fields, read people’s minds and apparently now, flicker too? I had been boxing in my basement for maybe ten minutes when I heard the front door, sighing at the interruption, I yanked off my gloves and hauled ass upstairs. I was a sweaty mess in my shorts and sports bra, but I figured it would only be Jason so there were no worries about my vanity.

Except it wasn’t Jason, it was Alcide.


“Hey!” I said as animated and happy as I could muster, he just grimaced back at me and asked to come in I obliged him of course.

“It’s about Debbie; you know the Sheriff found her car off the interstate? Plunged into some water there.”

“Oh my… was she in it?”

I knew she was not, wherever Eric had stashed her; it was not going to be somewhere as obvious as her own car.

“No, thank God, it means there’s still hope.” He sat down and it was obvious in his manner of moving that he had been drinking, that and the smell too.

“Alcide, I’m really sorry…”

“It’s just not like her, not recently anyhow. She was really tryin’ you know? But with everything else going on, I just … I don’t understand how she would have just taken off like this. I mean if she was pissed at me, fine. But without even tellin’ her mamma and daddy? I just think that if it’s anything, it’s the V.”

Sure, not your fault at all, all the V, I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. That in itself surprised me, I should have been fully understanding, sympathetic to him. However, I was not, I found myself irritated by his false platitudes toward her when it was half his fault she went bat shit in the first place.

“Sookie, will you have a drink with me? I don’t much feel like going home, I don’t wanna face her daddy again today.”

“You been drinking and avoiding?”

It did sound good I had to admit, and I knew with Alcide here I was a little safer than I had been before. He had always looked out for me, even if it had been under Eric’s direction.

“Sometimes I think you just need to. Please?”

I shrugged.

“Fine, the liquor is in the third cupboard in the kitchen, to the left, I’m gonna go change.”

By the time, I had quickly washed up and changed into my jeans and a plaid shirt, slung my hair into a low sitting braid and made my way back downstairs, he was already helping himself to shots. Since I wasn’t ever a big drinker, shots scared me. Then again, many things scared me lately shots in comparison seemed harmless.

Four shots and a two cocktail of God knows what later, this lightweight was a little more than feeling the burn. My throat was killing me. We had spent the time listing the complaints about our love lives, and our clearly broken crazy-dar.

“I’m shit at drinkin!” I announced taking a sip at my fifth shot; he just laughed and downed his… well I had lost count on him.

“You’re doing fine, Shorty.”

I punched him in the arm, just because he was a giant.

“I prefer normal person sized to you, buddy.”

“Am I your buddy though?” He asked with a grin leaning into me. “Just your Buddy?”

I just giggled, I was drunk and he was handsome, but hey, I had also blew his girlfriend’s brains out not five feet away, things sure were messed up. So when he leaned in again, touched my face and kissed me, I let it happen for a few seconds but it was when his second hand came into play and rake its way through my hair that I snapped out of it. I pulled back and he looked annoyed, but then sad.

“Sookie? Why are you stalling…isn’t this what we want?”

“I’m not stalling… I just … I don’t think I can really do this.”

He frowned.

“Because of Bill?”




Yes, in other parts hey I killed your girlfriend. He leaned in again and I leaned away, before I got off the couch. As I did it, a rapid and loud knock came to the door. The sense of dread ran through me, before I could even move to attempt to answer it, someone kicked the door in. Standing there was a vampire, menacing and mad.

“Sookie Stackhouse?”

“Who the fuck are you?” I asked as I backed up, Alcide moved forward with a growl.

“You have to come with us, Blondie.” He shouted as five more vamps flanked my doorway. The fear that ran through me was palpable.

“The hell I do!”

“The one vampire Authority demands your presence, you will abide.”

“Fuck you. You can’t come in here without an invite and I am not going outside so fuck you.”

I was never as glad as I was right then that I signed my house back to myself.

He just grinned, as Alcide stood between them and me.

“If that’s the way you want it, we have other ways of getting what we want.”

Before either of us could ask, what it was three wolves came running up the drive and stood at the doorway for what seemed like half a second before they pounced. Alcide told me to run, as he shifted and did his best to fight them off, I moved upstairs as fast as I could, knowing that if I went outside the vampires could grab me, but if I went to the attic maybe the wolves might not. I wasn’t really thinking straight at all, I was so scared, but I  knew I couldn’t blast the vampires from the Authority without giving myself away and giving them the proof they really needed to lock me away and use me as a sunlight Sippy cup for the rest of my life. No, I had to figure something out, but before I could, a part of Eric’s plan actually became known.

Another Fairy appeared in my attic.

“Who the fuck are you?!” I exclaimed at this skinny, tall, skinny guy in what appeared to be Aladdin’s pants with an accent as English and dainty as his semi-pointed ears.

“I’m Claude, one of Claudine’s…”

I pulled away, but he held his hands up.

“I mean you no harm; in fact I am here because you are in harm!”

I was still weary, I really hoped Eric’s hunch was spot on here; otherwise, it was out of the frying pan and back to Fae. The next thing I heard were the wolves at the door, literally, and I knew if they shifted now they could easily get to me.

“Can you pop us both out of here?”  I asked, and he nodded. The next thing I knew there were lights, music, and dancing like something out of a Baz Luhrmann movie, what the hell?

I soon discovered I was a fairy infested bar named Hooligans of all things, where everyone acted like they were on crack and dressed like rejects from Disney. My booze were wearing off pretty quick, and I wasn’t sure what was giving me more of a headache, this or the same day hangover I was probably gonna get.

“First of all I ain’t eating anything you give me.” I said as I took a seat at the bar, he just shook his head.

“Sookie that isn’t why I came for you, we…” He motioned around the large space, “Don’t believe in that, trust me, it’s why we’re all here in the first place. We didn’t and don’t believe in the harvest of humans for the sake of reproduction, we just want to live and dance and be free.”

That did sound nice, unrealistic, but nice.

“Then why save me…”
“Claudine was responsible for you; she chose a complicated fate choosing to side with Mabs, so now it falls to me.”

“So you’re my …Fairy Godfather?”

“I supply no glass slippers, sorry to say, but I can kit you out in some wonderful hand sewn glitter bras.”

I shook my head in decline, he just shrugged.

“That and our kind are rare, even if you are only a percentage of what I am, we do not stand by while one of our own is in danger.”

“So I am one of you… then?”

“Family, yes.”

It sunk in, finally, I think that maybe being different wasn’t supposed to be all doom and gloom, but again, that could have been the half a dozen shots doing the thinking. Instead, I thought back to my conversations with Eric.

“Are there different kinds of Fairy then? I mean if you say you don’t believe in a certain way…”

He furrowed his brows.

“Yes, there are many kinds of fairy, different family lines, different royal bloodlines, and different alliances with the elements. They all shape who we become when we age.”

So Eric was right, surprise, surprise.

I decided to ask while I could, these things had a habit of falling by the wayside when I needed information most. I was working on a lot of things in my life, apparently.

“And what kind are we?”

“We? We are one with the air, the sky, we’re sky fairies.”

I tried to read his thoughts to see if he was being honest, but there was radio static where his thoughts should be. That was new.

“And the appearing, disappearing thing…  I can do that?”

He shrugged.

“I don’t know much of what you can do, you were Claudine’s charge.”

“Sorry about …that… by the way,” I admitted sheepishly. I really was sorry, even if she was trying to kidnap me back to some crazy land for me never to return.

“She chose her own fate, as we all do in the end. The vampire that killed her however, his scent was in your home.”

Ew, they could tell?

“He’s not a bad vampire.” I realised how ridiculous that sounded so I started again. “I mean, he is but he isn’t. He wasn’t entirely himself when he killed her, and really he was doing it because she was being a forceful bitch and trying to make me go back to the land of the light fruits where no one gets to go home, he was saving me.” Claude looked like he couldn’t have cared less but he listened anyway. “I know vampires are the enemy of the fairies, I do, but he’s not someone we would worry about.”

“No, we just worry about the much older, much stronger so much crazier one that’s after you at the moment.”

“You know about him?”

“We all do. We know the vampires are secretly and not so secretly obsessed with the idea of day-walking, of having that power, and they know that we – even if someone only believe us to be a myth, that we are the only ones that can grant that. Now that he knows what you are, that the other VA vamps know, you are not safe.”

I looked around and the ‘we’ didn’t seem to care much about anything, other than drinking and dancing and …was that glitter? Either way, me, my danger seemed like one of the last things on their lists.


He offered me a drink, I declined but I nursed it anyway, saving me from being rude and out right refusing.

“What am I mean to do now? I mean, do I go home or…”

“You can stay here, for as long as you like, but I think it would be best to deal with the vampire problem outright.” He suggested and I was glad he did.

“Would y’all be willing to help with that, if I needed it?”

He raised his brows at me, intrigued but unsure. If we were going to do this, I would need his help, I would need everyone’s help. So I asked what Eric asked me to ask, even if I was mostly unsure of why I was even asking.

“Claude, do we know other fairies, ones that embody the other elements?”


Bill and I were escorted out of the VA headquarters, given a car to make the drive before dawn back to Bon Temps with the strict instruction to return the next night, with the girl. I checked my back pocket for whatever Nora had slipped there, and it was co-ordinates. I knew where it was, and I drove the car with purpose to that spot, all the while attempting to find another alternative to essentially kidnapping the woman I loved and feeding her to the crazies.

“There has to be another way, I won’t let this happen.” I repeated after Bill responded once more with this ‘well they ARE the Authority, we have no power here’, there was always a plan B. I knew what my plan A was, I just did not know if Sookie was on the ball where that was concerned. If she was not, we were screwed and we would probably have to bring her to them, but it was what she could do once inside that mattered. God I just wanted a moment alone to go to her and explain, to check if she was all right, but I could not, not without letting Bill in on the plan, and truth was I did not trust Bill – never had, never would. He never gave me any reason to trust him, and his treatment of Sookie, and his seemingly non-existent notion of what loyalty was, well, it all added up to someone I did not wanted to concern myself with at all. Unfortunately life – un-dead as it was, had other ideas, and kept throwing this asshole into my plans, whether I wanted him there or not.

Bill didn’t know about the note Nora slipped me, and he wouldn’t know either, not until I figured what was really going on, I had cards to play and I was playing them close to my chest.

The note was simply a book title, a rare book from centuries ago and one I kept on a shelf in my office. I hoped whatever she had placed there would be of some help to me, whether or not I extended that help to Bill, had not been decided yet. I wanted to see where his wonky alliance would fall first. The serious lack of concern for Sookie however was starting to piss me off, so much so that I wished someone slipped on the button to his iStake and accidently made him go splat, it wasn’t going to happen, but that didn’t mean in my head it hadn’t happened a dozen times before we finally reached Bon Temps.

“I will convince her to come with us, it will be simple enough, and Sookie must logically understand that this is really the only option that will come to pass.” Bill preached as we walked up the gravel path to Sookie’s porch, her scent was strong and I instantly felt at home, unfortunately now that was tainted not only by Bill’s preaching, but the fact that we were there to ‘take’ her.

Thankfully, for her, she wasn’t home.

“Oh, well I guess she’s not home, we should just go.” I said sarcastically as Bill looked around the house, even though we both knew she was not home, he still checked at vamp speed. When he came back to the living room, I was seated on the couch.

“We … I told her to stay put, she would be safest here.” He commented looking exasperated that she was gone.

“Another lie then, considering that here she would just have been a sitting duck.” I rolled my eyes, before walking to her phone in the kitchen. “I’m going to check in on my child, I suggest you go across the grave yard and perhaps do the same.”

He gave me some serious side-eye before taking the pout off his face with what seemed like some trouble. I just assumed now that his face fell into that ridiculous expression naturally. It was hilariously awful.

“Yes. I will check in on Jessica and we will meet again in a couple of hours, yes?”

I simply nodded once before dialling Pam’s cell. Bill was gone maybe a minute or so when it happened.

Sookie appeared to me, briefly, ever so briefly. But she did, and it was real, but just like that, she disappeared.  Once the shock subsided that she was now apparently capable of such a thing, it could have only meant one thing – she was with the Fairies.




























6 thoughts on “Absolution 12.”

  1. Really want Scumbill to die. While I love Alcede, he is only second best to Eric. Glad Claude came to help her though.

  2. Big chunk of information dumped in Sookie’s lap. Let’s hope she makes good use of it.

  3. I agree about scumbill let’s kill him slowly…..

  4. MarvelandWhimsy said:

    Can’t wait till the plan starts to slowing be revealed. Great chapter! It was very cute how happy Eric was to see Sookie’s expanded powers. Can’t wait till the next chapter!

  5. Can’t wait for more. Kill Bill now. Ugh

  6. So glad to see that we are all on the same page as to what we feel about Bill! LOL! Can’t wait for more.

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