Absolution 15


Flying with Eric was always a thrill, but I would wager it had more to do with clinging to him like a spider monkey up close, than it did the flying at a serious speed unaided through the air. On the other hand, maybe it was both, both was probably right. We landed about a half a mile from the Authority, in an alleyway in what seemed to be an abandoned shipping district.

“When we get in there, there are going to be questions – lots of them.” He began as we stayed close, his hands on my neck playing with a stray piece of hair. “Now that you’ve decided that you’re mine…”

“You know I decided that before, right? I need you to know that it’s not just because I need to be someone’s or I won’t be at all after tonight, I don’t want to be Bill’s…”

“I know.” He whispered leaning in kissing me softly, it pained me to stop.

“Good, I’m glad because it’s true. While I dislike how creepy the whole ‘mine’ thing is in general, it’s something I’ve come to accept.”

He smiled.

“I’m glad, I’m also glad you made the right choice, this time.”

I just rolled my eyes with fake exasperation.

“Sookie, another thing that will be questioned if you’re mine.”


“Blood. They’ll be able to sense if you’ve had my blood recently or not, and if you are mine it stands to reason with them that we would be sharing blood often.”

“Oh, right…”

Of course, with them everything boiled down to blood, theirs… mine…

“Now?” I asked, clearly knowing where this was going.

“Yes, it would be best, and I would take just a tiny drop or two of yours as well so it’s even in their eyes.”

“You sure this isn’t just you wanting to get us all worked up before we go before them, maybe rub it in a little…?”

He grinned, that naughty grin that I saw too often when he was up to something.

“I’m an opportunist, who says we can’t do both?”

I watched his tongue flick over his sharp canines. I knew the scent of my blood would do crazy things to him, but he always kept his composure. Something about the magical power in my blood was extremely potable to vampire, I never really know what it was exactly, that fairy part of my blood what it consisted of, but whatever it was, it was their vamp-nip for sure. I stood frozen in place, not really with fear, but a little bit of fear, I suppose. My body was reacting to him as the Eric I knew and now trusted with my body and my blood, but a part of my brain also knew he was a vampire and could at any minute lose his shit, as Bill had done in the back of that truck. That part of my brain kept me frozen in fear, because that part of me knew that he had done this millions of times to probably millions of people and they had not so easily walked away. I cocked my head to the side, spreading my legs a little too so he could put his leg between mine and get as close to me as possible, with our clothes on.  His fingers clutched hard into my hair, pulling me closer still. I took another deep breath clenching my jaw as he licked his lips, probably as he was lost in the memory of the blood from before. Another differentiated point between Bill and Eric was while Bill had wanted me for blood too; Eric was always honest about it. He wanted me of course, all of me, all the time, but he made no secret or shame in his desire to taste me either, and I appreciated his blunt honesty more, now.

“You feel like you’re going to scream, Sookie.” He whispered his mouth at my neck, he still hadn’t sunk his teeth in, and the anticipation was almost unbearable.

“Maybe I am.”

He chuckled.

“You can scream, if you like. No one will hear you though, and it would be pointless since you’re not scared.”

“I am…”

I wasn’t.

“No, not of me. You’re scared of what we’re about to walk into, but you don’t fear me.”

“I fear you a little.”

He pulled back to look me in the eye then.

“You are after all a very sweet puppy but with very sharp teeth, I don’t know what could happen.” I said sweetly batting my lashes at him purposefully. He just smirked, grabbed my hair with a little force and turned my neck sideways. My heart skipped a beat and I knew he felt it. He pushed his leg in between mine, giving him better access to tipping me to the side almost, getting the best angle possible for his bite.  His teeth pierced through my flesh with ease, pulling a sharp moan past my lips. It wasn’t something I could control. The bite of a vampire was a blissful experience, regardless of how hard they bit down and I knew that to be the case, particularly with this one.

He held me tightly, squeezing my petite frame, feeling my warmth. The sensual moan coming from my now parted lips brought him gratification, practically as much as a blood-curdling scream would have, I could almost feel his desire in my blood, tingling through our bond. He was not the only one, his bite – while terrifying to some, had become a source of bitter sweetness to me. He growled against my throat, drinking deep, feeling my fingernails grasp his hips up under his shirt; I pushed to grasp at any skin I could feel, just to feel. He cradled me so easily, with his hand on my lower back as I allowed my body to just fall into his grasp so easily, sheer pleasure washing over both of us. It was sure to explode one way or another, and wouldn’t you know it, seconds later, it was as if we both became allergic to our clothes and had to get rid of them, right there in that dark, dank, alleyway. The sounds of our voices raised in enjoyment echoed down the abandoned space, we were hidden in the shadow of the streetlight, and thankfully so, even as bold as I was feeling with Eric inside me, the idea of anyone seeing me still made me cringe. Him on the other hand, him I knew to be cringe-free at such a notion, I guess that came with over a thousand years of living or un-living as his case may be. Eric bit his hand before placing it near my mouth, silently asking for permission, I merely nodded, needing no other way of saying it, before he placed his hand over my mouth, silencing my moans but feeding me his blood simultaneously.

I felt overwhelmed as we fucked with abandon, both of us reeling from our blood exchange, both of us almost high in a state of sexed out bliss. We finished with a tense, controlled, almost shared – but not quite – orgasm, before he slowly lowered me down against the brick wall, holding onto me tight as I found my sea legs again. We fixed our clothes as best we could, he smoothed down my hair, I fixed his back up, I straightened out his shirt, and he buttoned up mine. However, when we stepped into the light and looked at each other, we both couldn’t help but laugh.

There was no denying it, be both looked freshly fucked and there was just no way of hiding it, not that either of us wanted to.

I chuckled nervously as we set off, walking in the direction Eric told me was correct, he took my arm like a gentlemen from a movie and we strolled together, as if we didn’t have a care in the world. And for a few seconds we didn’t, for a few seconds we were just another couple in love who couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Of course, in reality, we had the weight of our worlds on our shoulders, I could die in a few minutes, I could be taken from him forever, he could be taken from me. Neither of us really knew what inside that ominous looking building held but whatever it was, it was not good. So we both silently and to ourselves, cherished the moments we had on our stroll as if they were our last, for they very well may have been.


As we reached the gates of the VA headquarters there was knot in my stomach that I had not recalled in several centuries, I realised I was scared. I was scared for her. I learned early on in my immortality that it matter little if I lived or died, it was what it was, I had lived many lifetimes now and before Sookie the boredom of having done and seen it all had well and truly set in. After Sookie however, things got murky all around and she awoke something in me I had not felt in a very long time, which included the fear I felt for her mortality. I called Bill, informed him of our location before we entered, they were not far behind us, but for both Bill’s and my safety, it was obvious I should continue alone. We were swiftly taken by security to the main meeting room, it was empty at first and Sookie and I stood there, unwilling to say much because it was obvious we were being watched very closely. She was terrified, but strong and I had all the faith in the world in her ability to survive this. I just hoped it was the case. In walked the Authority members making a show of their entrance too, I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

“Miss Sookie Stackhouse, it really is a pleasure to meet you finally.” Roman smiled as the others took their seats, he approached us.

“Is that right, I would say the same of y’all but we know that would be a big fib.” She sassed.

He laughed.

“Well you certainly are sharp aren’t you, that’s surprising. I would expect to smell fear from you, instead all I smell is … Northman.” He wasn’t laughing now, but I smirked.

At that, Bill, Nora and Molly walked in and stood silently at the door.

“Oh good, good, Bill glad to see we don’t have to activate your stake, for your sake at least. Come in. We’re discussing why you’re ex-girlfriend reeks of Northman and sex, but I’m guessing we don’t really need to discuss why that is really, right?”

Bill glared. Of course.

“Guys, if you’ll take off your shirts we can remove the devices and you all can carry on with your… meeting.” Molly interjected and we complied as Roman continued to address Sookie.

“Now, Miss Stackhouse… may I call you Sookie?” He asked and she shrugged.

“Sookie the reason you’re here, as I’m sure you already know, but in case you do not. The reason you are here is that we have heard very good things about you, very good things for us, about you.”

Sookie looked to me nervously.

“I’m his, you can’t touch me… I belong to Eric and that’s that.”

Roman smiled and motioned to Nora to take her seat, she did so in silence without looking at me.

“I can see that, I can smell that, and I’m sure if I were to come a little closer I could sense his blood in you too, and that’s … sweet. Really, but Sookie, we’ve heard from multiple sources what you are, but I would like to hear it  from you. What are you?”

“I’m a waitress, a sister, and Eric’s, that’s what I am.” She said strong and self-assured. “Whatever else you’ve heard about me, excuse my French, but it’s fucking insane.”

He just smiled once more and then the door behind the large table opened and in walked someone I really didn’t account for.


Fucking fuck!

My fangs popped, as did Bills, and then Roman’s – his directed at us, ours directed at Edgington.

“Now boys, you really can put the teeth away. I have been freed from my concrete prison and with that my mind has also been freed, free of any thoughts of outward violence toward my own kind, there is no need to fear me now.”

“Bullshit.” Bill spat.

“No I assure you Mr Compton, I am a changed man, freed and willing and so eager to make amends for my past sins. I mean no one any harm.”

“Except me, right?” Sookie spoke.

He grinned.

“Miss Stackhouse you are a sight for sore eyes aren’t you, smelling so… curious these days. I see you and your precious Viking may have stopped making mooneyes at each other and fucked it out? Am I right?” he grinned asking the room, his arm out as if waiting for answers. Sookie just folded her arms.

“How heart-breaking for you Bill, having your little bottle of sunshine jump ship to the Viking. Has to sting, I’m sure.”

“Witnesses to your abilities, Sookie include Mr Ed-“

“Y’all are going on his word? Really now? The word of the crazy ass unhinged vamp who by the way in case y’all forgot single-handedly started a war between vampires and humans by ripping out a man’s spine on national TV.” Sookie began and continued to rant, no one stopped her.

“I’m sorry, if his word –“

“And Nan Flanagan.” Roman interjected.

Sookie just raised her brows.

“From what I can tell she was a power hungry cunt who by the way was responsible for killing off Sophie-Ann – who I’m sure is the third magical witness to my abilities, right?”

Roman merely nodded; as far as I knew Sophie-Ann had never witnessed Sookie do anything it was all hearsay from Hadley on her end.

“She was as convinced as I am, Miss Stackhouse that your blood enables us to day walk. She heard it from your very own family, in the form of your cousin, Hadley.” Russell added with some sass, not surprisingly.

“My drug addicted whacked out cousin who would have said or done anything to keep a roof over her head and V in her veins.” Sookie countered Russell at that, and I could not have been more proud at how she was handling things. “Really, you all seem reasonable and if your agenda is to really be true to your word as Mainstreamers, then you will do me no harm.”

Roman spoke then, clasping his hands together, “This is true, the mainstreaming movement is our true agenda and we do wish to live in relative peace with humans, it benefits us nicely and we are afforded our rights, it has worked for a long time.”

“Until the man you’re not going to treat as sprouting the Bible truth detailed it. He’s crazy and I shouldn’t even be here!” Sookie protested.

Nora stood then, opening a large bag that was sitting on the table. She took out several items, including fruit. I looked at her strangely, but she just carried on. There were lemons, limes, and what looked like iron rods.

A fairy test, from what it looked like.

Sookie moved closer to me then, I so badly wanted to take her hand and comfort her, but any sign of weakness here was sure to be used against us both. I could not give them any more ammunition than they already had.

“Miss Stackhouse if you are as you say, just a waitress girl with nothing fae like at all in her bloodline, then you won’t so much as flinch as we take a easy little test now will you?”

She looked at me and then back to Nora, in that moment if I could have staked my sister myself I would have. What the fuck was she on, seriously?

Sookie laughed at her, it was forced and fake but she did it, it caused Nora and the others to look at her sharply, Russell almost looked proud.

“With some lemons and limes and some iron bars? What are you all planning, adding some gin and making a strong drink?”

Russell chuckled at her joke, as did Roman, but they continued in her direction.

“I ask you to take a seat.” Roman suggested almost kindly, but there was an edge of threat behind his voice, of course.

“Such wit, it really is obvious why you are so attached to this one Mr Northman, so much so that in my head a fight to the almost death took place between you and Mr Compton.”

I rolled my eyes.

“You clearly watch too many movies, oh, and you’re also insane.”

He smirked at me, coming closer.

“I forgive you, you know. For what you did to my beloved and me. I do, I forgive it because I am a new man with a new lease on my undead life and with the help of your little girlfriend here, I intend to make the most of my new found freedom, both day and night.”

I looked him steely in the eyes, he knew as well as I did her blood only worked for a little while. You still burned up and it wasn’t long lasting.  We all watched as they ‘tested’ Sookie with their fairy myth breakers, and when she didn’t flinch at the solid iron, nor the lemons or limes, Nora and Roman looked to the other Authority members in question. After that, we were told that we would be taken into custody until we were called upon. I went to move toward Sookie but she was escorted one direction by Nora, and Roman moved Bill and I out of the room via another door. We all kept our calm because thus far things had not escalated into violence – even if it would have solved all my problems in seconds, with Russell there, it would have been impossible for any of us to survive.

I needed to know where they took Sookie, I needed to shake some sense, and some loyalty into Nora before it was too late for all of us.

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6 thoughts on “Absolution 15”

  1. That was a delicious and nuanced beginning. I’m still thinking about the second part.

  2. F’ing Nora. She really needs to die along with Russell.

  3. I don’t understand how Eric did not think they would not be separated. Nora is a c*nt. I have a feeling Bill is not going to be much help…

  4. Anonymous said:

    what are they going to do with Sookie now?

  5. Nora needs to be ended.

  6. This is SO much better than that crap AB put out there!! The “Bro-mance Season” with the Eric/Bheel lovefest?!? Wow! You have a lot of the same characters and get to a much better place and your story makes more sense. Oh, but I forgot that you should be introducing a whole new Religion in to the mix. And, now we have a new season, and Sookie finally staked Bheeel and it didn’t take and she probably will still say she loves him. Sorry, I did start this just to tell you how awesome you are and I got sidetracked. I’m just so happy we have fanfiction, I’m just so happy we have fanfiction, I’m just so happy we have fanfiction. 🙂 Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

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