Absolution 16


They walked me into a room and sat me down in what looked like a fancy dentist’s chair; the room was so white and teamed with the bright lights it was almost blinding. Nora walked in with me and insisted that I take a seat; I was not really going to argue with her over this, so I did as I was told.

“I want to see Eric.” I demanded, though less forcefully than I would have usually, I was scared as we were left alone.

“You will, soon I’m sure.” She responded as she opened a case at the other side of the room.

“Why are you even doing this? You’re his family; surely the loyalty to him is stronger than your loyalty to these… crazy people.”

She snapped to look at me then, her short brown hair swishing with her fast movement.

“You know nothing of my family; please stop pretending as if you do.”

I held my tongue then, Tara was right she really was an uppity bitch. She left the room for what seemed like ages, it might have only been ten minutes, maybe less and she returned with another bag.

“I’ve been tasked with carrying out tests on you, Sookie. More …significant tests to prove or disprove your Fairy lineage.”

As she said this, she stood back and let me see what she had been unpacking. Needles and skinny iron bars with other things hidden under a black towel. Oh, this wasn’t good at all.

I flinched as she lifted on of the skinny, but sharp looking rods.

“You… you can’t…”

She smiled a little and for the first time I wondered what Eric was like when they were together, if she was this manic and cruel what did that say of him, of Godric.

“I may not be able to taste you without feeling my brother’s wrath, but I have been given my orders Sookie and my orders are to find out if you are fae…or foe.” She flashed a quick grin before the white-hot pain ran through my body as she jabbed the rod into my arm. I screamed, how could I not, my hand was now stuck to the chair in fear of movement making the pain even worse.

“You crazy bitch!” I spat and she just shrugged.

“I think it’s safe to say any human would scream after something like this, but it’s the iron I need to access, to see if that has any affect. There will also be this –“it was injections filled with a clear liquid. “Liquid iron.”

I was struggling to breathe, I wanted to desperately to yank the iron out of my arm, but I knew if she’d just stick another one in.  She moved to strap my free hand to the other arm of the chair and I didn’t struggle, I knew there to be no point. She was a vampire and could snap my neck in a second if she chose to. However, if she did, I knew Eric would rip her in half. I hoped he knew what she was doing, knew that I was in pain, I hoped against hope that he would just come through the doors for me. So far, not so good.

“Great, I’ve been meaning to up my supplements. This is bullshit, Nora.”

“I know it’s not, Sookie. I’ve seen what you can do, remember? I mean…” she laughed, “It all makes sense now, why my brother is so taken with you. Before, I thought he had simply spent too many years in that shit hole in Louisiana and his well-honed tastes had dilapidated completely to  the point where some little backwoods waitress was what had caught his eye.” She shook her head as if that was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard in her life, before continuing to inspect my wound.

“But now, well, when I saw what I saw… it all became clear. It was your blood, your fae that attracted him so strongly, and I thanked the Gods everywhere for it because it meant he really hadn’t lost his mind. Becoming so bewitched by a waitress, it was ridiculous.”

“No, the crazy in the family clearly all falls on you.” I grimaced and she just chortled before slapping me right across the face, hard.

Fucking bitch.

“I told you, you know nothing of my family so shut your mouth.”

I had hit a nerve with her, maybe not physically like she had with me, but I had hit something.

“I know more than you think. I was the one with Godric at his end, the one that stayed with him as he chose to end his life… he was so sickened by what he…and I’m guessing his children… had become that he wanted to end his own life.”

Her mouth tensed then, and I knew it was probably not wise to anger my torturer, but I could not help myself.

“To see him so resigned to death like that, it was truly heart breaking. To see Eric witness it in his father…and you, where were you? Too busy climbing the crazy ladder to care, what a lovely daughter you are.” I knew it was coming, I knew it, so I braced myself before she shot two injections into my now tied down arm, I gathered the strength to move the one with the rod hanging out of it and back-handed her across the face then. It probably tickled her or something but whatever it did, she stood back.

“Nice to see you have some balls, Sookie, I was beginning to think you were just all mouth.”

With that, Roman and Russell walked in, as if my night was not going bad as it was. I flinched again.

“Where’s Eric?”

“Oh honey, Eric is fine, he’s tucked up nicely in one of the silver lined cells, he’s just fine, as long as he doesn’t touch the walls…or the floor.” Russell smiled manically and my heart started to beat so hard it felt like it was going to burst. What did I do here, did I try and blast them, did I try and run. If I did where to? Did I try and pop and give the game away completely? I wasn’t sure and I had a thousand thoughts running through my mind a second, that and I was now sure I was bleeding pretty heavily.

Fucking fuck!

“Russell wants to talk with you, Sookie. I have agreed.”

“Like hell he does, the second you close that door I’m dead.”

They both shook their heads before Nora and Roman left the room.

Russell took his sweet time taking a seat next to me before grimacing at my wounds.

“Someone got a little stab happy, it seems, what a pity to waste all that delicious blood…” He said before dipping his finger into my wound and scooping up some of the spilled blood there. He tasted it, as if he had just dipped his finger into the most scrumptious lemon pie.

“Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.” He mused before looking me straight in the face. “ I can’t drain you where we stand Miss Stackhouse because I am a dog on a leash for now.” With that I noticed the bulk in his chest and fought the urge to laugh.

“You’ve been harnessed into an iStake, really?”

“I am a changed man.”

“You are a scared man.” I countered. “You make one wrong move and you’re goo that must suck, huh? Being so used to being the all-powerful vamp you are, suddenly you’re just like the rest of us. Expendable.”

He narrowed his mouth as if in defiance of my words.

“I am nothing like the rest of you. I am three-thousand years old –“

“And yet somehow…somehow Eric and Bill managed to get the best of you once before, what makes you think they won’t again.”

“Traitors the both of them. They will pay.”
“Ah, but you’re a changed man, you forgive.” I said, letting him know in my tone that it was bullshit and I knew it as well as he did.

He just smiled.

“I really can see what Northman was so attracted to, really, watching both of you pretend not to care for each other… well…” he sighed. “It was like watching a play, a great tragic play… and Compton was a bit player who assumed he was the leading man and oh, it was just so enthralling.”

He moved then and picked up a spike, I braced myself for what was coming; I knew it had to happen.

“He’s very angry, somewhere in the bowels of this building; his anger is over-taking him …at us taking you. I mean he really believed this would go all civility in tack… he is rather trusting for such an old vampire, and a really shitty liar. He’s a fascinating creature I’ll give him that, as fascinating as he is handsome.”

With that, he took a stab at me, literally, this time in my left shoulder and I screamed.

“Needless to say I think his anger just hit boiling point. You see, he can sense your pain, Dear Sookie. He can sense every spike of fear, every spike of iron through your delectable little body…  I mean Bill can as well, but Bill … well since you love has moved on from Mr Compton, the idea that he is as distraught… it doesn’t ring as true with him, does it? He’s currently dining with the other Authority members, my guess is attempting to save his crown… or at the very least the head on which is used to sit.”

There were tears in my eyes from the pain, and I was getting weaker. Not that I could really expect to be at my best with two gaping wounds in my body, oh and the iron bars too.

Good times.


“It must be so painful for you, Sookie.”

“What’s that? You know besides the metal in my body.”

“Well.” He sighed. “That your first love was fake and I do believe you loved Compton. Your passion at my home in attempts to save him, which cannot be faked. But his for you? It was all a rouse. How cruel to know this his passion for you was all or mostly fabricated, his love too I imagine…”

“Why…why are you doing this? You know my blood… it only works…”

“Shhh. You’re getting weaker because you’re losing blood.” He licked his lips. “But I am doing this because I believe there is more where you came from, and more of the fae means more powerful, which means if we can get to them … or learn what it is in your blood that allows us to day walk, we can harness it forever.”

“I won’t last forever, much less if y’all keep sticking shit into me.”

“It’s to gage the reaction of iron in your blood. As part fae it might not do you much more harm than this, but they’re sticklers for double checking here.” With that, he stood up, straightened out his shirt and made for the door. Not before sliding his forefinger into my wound, again making me wince.

“Northman is a lucky bastard, that’s for sure.”

He was gone a few minutes, and I was pretty sure I was close to blacking out as I noticed the amount of blood I was losing. My arm was strapped to the chair but the other one was so numb now I could move it without really hurting any more than I already was.

“Fuck this shit.” I said to myself as I tried to lift my heavy and excessively bleeding arm to the other to yank out the bar, forgetting about the one in my shoulder, I winced before sobbing quietly to myself as I attempted to yank out one to use that hand to unstrap myself. I cried as I pulled out the first bar, then the second and as I did so he appeared with a pop.

My eyes widened.

“Who are you?”

“There’s no time for this.” He began as he yanked the restraints from my hand and pulled me to my feet. “You must come with me.” He was old and looked like a cross between Bilbo Baggins and Albert Einstein, his suit was ill-fitting and he seemed stressed.

I sensed we were about to pop but I pulled back.

“I can’t! What about Eric?”

“The vampire?!” He looked appalled that I even suggested this.

“I cannot leave him here.”

“He can care for himself he is one of them!”

“No, he’s not; he’s nothing like them… please.”

“NO!” With that impatient reply, he grabbed me and I was too weak to fight him off. With a pop and a sick feeling in my stomach we landed on wet grass, we landed in the field where Claude had his invisible club.

SOOKIE!” I heard Claude call and then someone lifted me, whatever else happened after that was unclear as I finally passed out with only thought of Eric on my mind.


I had paced the room when they had taken her, before I was moved alone to the cells. Bill had disappeared with two other Authority members, why, I had no idea, but I found I cared little for his arse kissing ways. I was not going to play their game any longer, I wanted the fuck out of there, and I was not moving until I had Sookie by my side. Except being moved to the cells meant there was very little I could really do once inside. Silver lined walls and floors meant every step meant I burned, and any attempt at escape was fruitless and beyond painful. Third time at trying to break the bars apart, and dealing with the burns they left behind, I gave up. Of course, it was then when my pain was replaced with hers. Sookie was somewhere close, I knew that much, I also knew she was being tortured.

Those bastards.

Casting aside century’s old rules for their own amusement, it was a punishable offense, by their own rule making. I would make sure each one of them that had caused Sookie this pain would pay and they would pay with their worthless lives. I felt each jab, each jump of her fear within me, within our bond. A bond I knew she knew a little about, but my guess was that Bill had kept her as uninformed about that as he did every other aspect of their relationship. I really fucking hated Bill Compton.

I sat there, helplessly feeling the pain she felt now and wanting nothing more than to go to her. But with each step on the floor I burned too, shielding her from my pain was my mission, and attempting to send her something, some kind of reassurance through our blood bond was my other. I was not sure if it had worked at all but after an hour, it seemed to dissipate for a second but then so did the bond altogether.

Either she was dead, or she was saved.

It killed me to have no idea which, was she alive and safe or was she fully dead and that is why the bond ceased? I was going out of my mind, and I knew I was being watched and I cared not. Those bastards could view me in any way they pleased if they had killed my Sookie all their heads would roll even if it meant losing mine in the process.

I heard the doors open to the line of cells and in walked Nora, with Bill.

The fuck?

“What the hell is going on, Nora.”

I noticed the blood on her neck, it wasn’t hers. It was Sookie’s.

My rage took me over and I stood on the floor and gripped the silver bars. She looked shocked, Bill looked unaffected as I began to burn.

“Nora. Tell me now.”

“You need to come with us.”


Bill was part of ‘us’ now. Surprise, surprise.

“The fuck I do. I could snap you both in half right now.”

“You could, but you won’t if you know what’s good for you.” Bill counted looking far too smug, even for him.

“Tell me what the fuck is going on before I lose my mind and you both lose your heads.”

Nora nodded and with that, Bill walked out.

“Bill has agreed to help us find her, if you want to live through this meeting upstairs you will do the same.”

“Find her?”

“Your Sookie, your lovely little Tinkerbelle, has managed …somehow to do a runner from a completely locked down facility filled with ancient vampires. You still want to try and spin the tale that she’s just a fucking waitress?”

She was safe. I breathed an unnecessary sigh of relief. After that I got Nora by the neck.

“Did  you harm her?”



“She’s alive and you need to calm down. Roman needs to see you.”

“So you’ve lost my …human, bringing us here under false and insane circumstances and now you want my help in finding her again? No. I fulfilled my end of the bargain, I bought her here and we saw you all. It’s not my fault if she’s smart enough to get out of here on her own.”

“No human can leave here on their own, and not as fast as she did. STOP lying to me!” She screamed in frustration. “I saw her, Eric with my own eyes so stop the lies. You never used to lie to me, you are so terrible at it anyway, but you never used to lie to me.”

“That was back when I trusted you; I trust you no longer so why should I be honest with someone who has done nothing but lie to me since she walked back into my life.”

“I have not lied to you, not –“

“So this, the photos, the blackmail of attempting to get me to turn on Sookie and use her like you want, what else would you call that because it is certainly not how we were raised to be with one another.”

She looked down to the ground then.

“Things change in four hundred years, Eric. A lot of things.”

“Clearly… I am beginning to see just how much you have changed. You know I always knew you were hardhearted and thirsty for power but this…. This is just a new low.”

She cried then, the blood filling the tear ducts of her eyes, her lip wobbling. That used to work on me, but as she said a lot of things changed in four hundred years.

“You’ve betrayed your own blood for power, Sister. I don’t need to tell you what our father would have thought of this.”

She sobbed then, out loud and childlike and I resisted the urge to comfort her, as I would have done before. Instead, I stood there coldly, knowing that Sookie’s blood was on her for a reason and once I found that reason, there would be no forgiveness.

“I just want us to be one, again, like we used to be.”

I shook my head, we could never go back and I never wanted to. I was so sure when Godric died that his ideals of evolution as a vampire was horse shit, but in the time since his death, I have come to realise just how much I have changed over time. Nothing more than standing in front of an old ally to realise she was now an enemy.

I forced her to loosen her grip on my clothes as she clung to me in that hallway. One way or another I had to find out where Sookie was, and as much as I hoped she popped herself right out of there, I would not be sure until I saw her again. As things stood, I could not feel her bond, so it meant she was with them, with them, or she was dead and this was all an elaborate ruse. For the time being, I was taking Nora’s word for it that she had just simply disappeared. I agreed to see Roman, but I told her I had no idea where she was, she knew that she would have to vouch for me.

“If you do not co-operate they will find you useless.”

I paused to look at her then as we made our way through the hyper modern, tech heavy building filled with paranoid bastards.

“If you don’t co-operate, we do have someone else who has had her blood, in fact we have two.”

Bill and Russell, fuck.

I knew I could not let them get to her first, no matter where she was, with Bill she was in enough danger, but with Russell, it was literally three thousand times worse. I walked into the room and a discussion was had, all eyes were on me as they questions if I knew her whereabouts, of course truthfully I didn’t, but I had a pretty decent guess, if our plan was still going full steam ahead,  which it seemed to be, I knew exactly where she was. Of course there was no way I was about to make it easy for these fuckers. No I would make it as hard as I possibly could for them to track her, but I would also happily lead them to their death.

Their death at the hands of my little ‘backwoods waitress’ would surely be a sweet revenge.

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