Fourteen scarves from Hermes, three dresses from Chanel, four pairs of shoes from Dior, four trips to Starbucks, six trips to storage. My phone hadn’t stopped beeping all morning, and Sophie and I were run into the ground, which was new since she usually never moved from her desk. The Monday really was making up for my Friday off, that was for sure. I woke up early that Friday morning to the sound of Sookie closing the front door as quietly as possible, and I watched from the living room window as she hopped into a cab, out of the rain at seven a.m.. My gut sank, or maybe it was my heart, but something inside clenched. I knew that much, if I knew nothing else. What we’d done the night before was still very fresh on my mind. What we had done, and what we hadn’t, and why we’d made the choices we’d made. I knew there was attraction there, at least on my part, how could there not be? She was a stunning looking woman, who clearly took care of herself, and cared what she looked like. I … didn’t. I mean I ate crap eighty percent of the time, and other than hitting the gym with Trey and Sam twice a week in the evenings, that was all I did. I needed the weights because I was a tall lanky fucker if I didn’t fill myself out. I liked being strong, but I hated those guys that looked ‘roided out. I’d never make it there even if I wanted to, my father’s tall genes saw to that. Sookie took care of herself in her own way, and it paid off, I just never in a million years assumed that she’d find me attractive enough to want to intensely make out with me. She spent most of her time with me bitching about my clothes, bitching about my hair, bitching about bitching. So, I was a little surprised that she was able to see underneath the clothes for someone that was so obsessed with them usually. Not that any of that mattered because when I got to work that Monday morning, she’d avoided me big time, including taking a two hour lunch with Pam, and then having a conference all afternoon, at which I wasn’t required. Both of us managed the day without bringing anything personal up, mainly because she always had at least one person surrounding her, almost like a buffer. Pam, Sophie, or Lafayette, the latter of which suspected something was up from the looks he was giving me. I was fried by the time five rolled around, and just thankful that I got to go home.

By Tuesday afternoon it was clear that Sookie wasn’t just stressed out, she was freaking out. Pam hadn’t left her side all morning, second day in a row, and she and I hadn’t really had a real conversation from the Thursday night session where we both clumsily felt each other up. I knew I needed to address it, and I knew neither of us wanted to, but it had to be done. I took the opportunity while we were trawling through the couture wardrobe, looking for a specific dress.

“You just left…” I opened, figuring it was as good as any.

She didn’t look at me, she continued going through the racks. “Can we not, please?”

“It’s not like I’d have tried to stop you, or jumped you if you simply told me you were leaving, instead of just
sneaking around like it was this huge deal.” I shrugged, trying my best to play it cool.

So maybe it was huge deal. She was my boss, I was her new employee, I really liked her boobs and that thing she did with her lip when she was nervous, but I knew as well as anyone that it was just a horrible idea. Office trysts rarely
worked out well, at least that’s what prime time TV taught me.

She sighed. “I just didn’t want to talk about it, I still don’t want to talk about it, now please, can you hunt for

Then she finally looked me in the eye, and I could tell it bothered her, but she had a mountain of other things on her
mind, this was one thing that could wait. So I agreed, and let it go.

For now.


I paced my office, second day in a row, with the knowledge my grandmother was arriving in less than twenty-four hours.
Pam was on hand with the advice, and the bullshit metre trying her best to keep me calm.

“Sookie, I’ve looked at the books, everything is UP in the last year, everything, sweetheart, you know I’m not one to
coddle, so I’m going to need you to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.”

I looked at her, shocked.

“Said with love, of course,” she patted my arm. “But seriously, it’s fine. You’re getting this promotion, and
everything will be fine. I mean come on, even she knows Jason was a mistake, you need someone better, someone clued
in, someone you see more than twice a year – as your right hand man … or woman, he’s there in name only and we all,
including Gran, know that.”

I always had this plan, if I was made CEO, owner, boss in all things, Pam would be my number two. I trusted her, and I
relied on her and better than any of it, she knew the business and loved it as much as I did. It would be a perfect

I nodded. “I know it’s fine, I’m just freaking.”

“Which is so unlike you, it’s just a day, and when it’s over you’ll be wondering what all the stressing was about.”

I nodded again, appreciating her calm, my third venti wasn’t helping my jitters though, so I just sat at my desk.

“Where is Viking Puppy today anyway?” She looked towards Eric’s desk. “I heard he didn’t embarrass you at Fashion
Week, does this mean he’s adopted? Do I have to start being nice to him?” She didn’t look too pleased at that prospect.

“Viking P…where did that come from?”

“Lafayette, he adores him by the way, I have no idea why, he’s like a big wet Nordic noodle, but he does. And he was
telling me that newbie did well, true?”

I shrugged. “I guess. I mean he did his job, if that what you mean. Has it gotten so bad that we’re celebrating when
the people we hire to do jobs, actually fucking do them without complaint or mistake?”

Her eyes widened. “What bit you in the ass? I was just asking, I don’t even really care about his scruffy ass, but you
seemed to…”

“I don’t care about Eric. What are you talking about? Has someone said something? Was it Hoyt?”

I did mention the three venti sized coffees, right?

“Wait, what? What does Hoyt have to do with anything?”

“I … nothing. Nothing,” I said, trying to focus for my life on the computer in front of me. Pam was silent for a few
seconds before she came and sat on my desk.

“Sooookie…” she sounded out, smugly. “Are you hiding something from me? Something that has to do with assistant boy?”

I glared at her. One, he was so not a boy, and two, so what if I was hiding something? She didn’t need to know

“No.” I looked back at my screen, as if it held the answers to the world’s problems.

“Okay fine, I’ll just go ask him then -” she said, sauntering towards my door.

“No! Okay, shut up and sit down, Jesus you’re such a nosy whore.”

She smiled, practically skipping back to my desk.


“It’s nothing, I mean it’s really not even worth talking about but since you’re so damn … intrusive …”

“Spill, Sookie, and I’ll decide if it’s gossip worthy or not.”

“We sort of kissed … just a little bit,” I added, my voice fading as I did.

“You what?! Oh my God you’re a walking cliché!”

“Shut up, you are too, bitch.”

I had no idea what I was saying.

“Well, was … he at least good? Details!”

“You can’t tell anyone, I mean it.”

“Please Sookie I still haven’t told anyone about that time you let that guy -”

“Oh my God, okay … Yes, I sort of went to his place …”

“God, why?” She looked horrified.

“I don’t know, I was just starving for so long, and we’d ate and drank and I was feeling nice and steady, and the idea
of going home to a giant empty apartment just wasn’t that appealing … so I went up.”

“Jesus you were high on food and you decided to make out with … I can’t even … carry on.”

I rolled my eyes. “Anyway, he was a gentleman, really …”

She looked towards his desk, and looked back at me with a raised brow that, even if she physically said nothing, said

“I was sort of the one that went out there … for water … and also maybe with the intention of something else.”

“You like him? Really? Of all the men … I mean I know they’ve been thin on the ground lately – because you have decided to live like some sort of Manhattan millionaire nun. For reasons I’ll never understand, by the way. But,
really? Him?”

“It was a one time mistake, and it won’t be happening again. It was probably just the delirium from being starving and
rushed for a week, that’s all.”

“Good kisser?”

I thought about not answering her, but the truth was I needed to tell someone.

“Yes … also really good with his hands, and he’s rockin’ some serious shit in … well … everywhere, but … no …” I was
rambling, so I just shook my head, in attempt to shake myself out of it. “I have far too many other things, this is
one distraction I do not need. Not to mention it would be seriously unprofessional of us both, no.” I shook my head
again, as if to prove my point. “One off thing, never to be repeated.”

“Right, because he’s your assistant, and that would be weird.”

“No, not because of that … why would it be weird?”

“Well, because you’re his boss, and he’s a guy, and he works – no pun intended – beneath you … It would be a little
emasculating, even for a guy who doesn’t own an iron.”

“Wow, you are such a snob …”

She held her hands up. “Coming from a woman that threw a fit because her last assistant didn’t get her the thread
count on hotel sheets that she wanted, you’re really going to call me a snob? I’m just saying, it would be weird, even
if he is hitting all your scruffy unemployed musician kinks right now. It just means you need to call Stan, or someone
to fuck, that’s all it means.”

“He’s not a musician…”

“No, but he dresses like one, at least he bathes regularly, that’s one small favour. I knew there was a reason you
kept him around, I just didn’t know it was trying to get into his ill-fitting pants,” she shrugged.

“I’m not! It was a one time thing, that’s all. Now, can we please move on?”

“Hey, I’m not judging you, if you want to climb assistant boy, you go right ahead. There will be no judgement from me,
it’s about time you had some fun, and hey what better way to blow off some steam than to have sex, right on hand
whenever you want it, from a guy that’s hitting the kinks AND who has to do what you say …”

“That’s rape …”

“Psh, no it’s not, raping him would be somehow, little old you managing to overpower him against his will, and
honestly, look at you, you’d never have to do that against his will, he’d be lucky to fuck you. And he knows that.”

Just at that Eric walked in with Lafayette, the latter holding the missing Chanel.

“Thank you Jesus, where was it?”

“Filed wrong, I can blame one of the interns if it means you won’t yell at me,” Lafayette sassed, knowing I’d never
yell at him. He was my creative genius.

“Fine, forget it, can we please get it steamed and packed and sent? Before they have my head?”

“Done and done, anything else?” Laf asked, and I noticed Eric standing by the door, looking rather forlorn. But I
couldn’t think about that. Not now.

“No, that’s good, everything ship shape in the wardrobe department?”

“Yes Ma’am, your Gran could have her dinner off that floor for starters. Eric was a really great help for me today,
thanks for letting me borrow him for the afternoon.”

I nodded.

“Good, great, good …”

“Sookie you need to chill …”

I glared at Lafayette. “I am chilled, I’m just … can you go?”

He smiled, and then bowed, “As you wish …” taking Eric with him.

I wonder if he’d told Lafayette about the kiss, really more foreplay than a kiss. Whatever it was, it was hot.

Jesus, maybe Pam was right. Maybe all I needed was to just get laid so I could move on.


I hated that she didn’t want to talk about it, I wanted to talk about it, and I kinda wanted to do it again.

Okay, so I really wanted to do it again. I knew it was because it had legitimately been two something years since I’d
done anything sexual with another person, and in those two years I’d fooled myself into thinking that it was okay.
Drunken fumbles in bars not withstanding of course, because of Emily and our living situation, it prohibited much more
than that. The logical part of my brain knew it was fucked up, considering who she was and what I was to her, but then
the horny part of my brain really didn’t give a fuck about logic and just wanted the hot woman to feel him up again.

I was so screwed, and not in the fun way, either, sadly.

“Girlfriend is stressing to the hilt, it’s ridiculous,” Lafayette said as we left the office, and went towards his
hideout, the wardrobe. I’d made many jokes about him ‘coming out of the closet,’ he took them in good humour though,
since he was so out he was almost ready to go back in again.

“She has been since before Fashion Week, I don’t know how she’s doing it…” I commented as we sat.

“Speaking of which, I hear you did good, Newbie. Well, I heard you didn’t fuck up, which is kinda the same thing, and
you still have your job. The four others before you can’t say the same thing.”

Jesus how many people had she fired?

“A little, I mean it’s crazy, and I still don’t really understand it all, but I guess I did okay.”

“More than okay, according to Hoyt.”

I knew my eyes went wide before I could stop myself.

“What did he -”

“Look, whatever is goin’ on between you, Sookie, and your sheets, it’s not on mine, you know what am sayin?”

“Nothing is going on …”

“Sure … of course.”

“Dude, nothing is going on, I swear.”

He held his hands up. “So what happened then? You tellin’ me you got her fine ass drunk AND into your place, and you
didn’t game up?”

“It’s not like that, nothing happened, okay? She left anyway, and it’s not like it’s like that with us, at all. She
can barely stand me.”

He didn’t believe me, mainly because I was one shitty liar, but I didn’t care, I just didn’t want to talk about it
with anyone. Well, anyone other than her that is, and since she didn’t want to talk, I’d just have to shut up

“But she’s fried, I don’t know how to make her calm down. You mentioned once that you know the chinks in her armour …
now would be the time to share, Lafayette, to save us all our sanity until her Gran goes back wherever she’s coming

He folded his arms and swayed a little.

“I guess you have earned a break …”

I had no idea what he meant, but I watched as he went to the little fridge in the tiniest kitchenette I’d ever seen,
the fridge usually only held water an fruit. He came out today though with something wrapped in foil.

Two brownies.

“She likes chocolate?”

“All women do, but that’s not what’s so magical about this baby…” he grinned.

It took me a second, but I got it, and I pulled him to one side.

“Tell me there isn’t mar-”

“Shh, and yes. Just a tiny bit, but … that and some hot chocolate from Starbucks? Totally levels her out.”

“Yes, of course it does, because she’s high!” I whispered.

“Yes, and the rest of the damn day goes so smoothly for the rest of us because she’s spacing in her office, leaving us
all to do the jobs she hired us for.”

“It’s wrong. She doesn’t know, and it’s just wrong.”

He just rolled his eyes. “You are such a goodie-goodie, seriously. First you get the shot at fucking her and don’t
take it and now you get the shot at giving us all a mini vacation from Psycho Sookie on the war path, and are
questioning it! Man, grow a pair, and go get that damn hot chocolate so we can all relax.”

I just glared at him.

“Please?” he asked, batting his false lashes at me.

“I hate you. If this gets me fired I swear I’m going to…”

“You’re gonna what?” he challenged.

“Ruin all your… custom Dior.”

He gasped and threw a bandanna scarf thing in my direction as I went for the elevator. I looked into the office on my
way past and Sookie was still pacing, this time on the phone.

Yep it was time for that brownie.


It was heated in the microwave by the time I got back, and I hoped my peace offering of that and the hot drink might
go over well. When she saw it on the plate, she looked up at me, questionably.

“What’s this? I didn’t ask for this?”

“I know, I was talking to Lafayette, and we figured you needed some kind of cheering up …”

Or calming the fuck down.

“And well, he told me you liked these … and this,” I held up the hot drink with cream. “So … um … here?”

I left them on her desk, and stood back before I had to push my glasses back up my nose, I really had to get those

She looked at me, and then at the brownie again, and then back to me. “That was … very sweet … of both of you. I know
I’ve been a total nightmare, I just need everything to go right tomorrow, you know, all of it. It has to be perfect
for her.”

“Seems like she’s had an even more impossible standard than you do, just saying.” I shrugged, and it made her half

“You have … no idea.”

“Either way, she’s still your grandmother, worst comes to worst just cry. I know I can’t stand it when Emily cries,
and would do just about anything to make her stop … and I’m not even a real parent, never mind a grandparent.”

She really smiled then, and took a sip of her drink.

“Everyone keeps telling me that it’s going to be fine, I just hope they’re right, because if it’s not, everyone’s job
… not just mine, is at risk.”

Fuck I hadn’t thought of it that way. If she hired someone else, chances are they’d want a new team too. Fuck.


“Yeah, so you can see what I’m so worked up about …”

With that she went to take a bite of the brownie, and I couldn’t in good conscience let her do it.

“Wait! Don’t eat that …”

Her eyes widened and she set it down on the place.

“Is there poison in there?” she asked.

“No, not exactly … it’s … well it’s Lafayette’s and -”

“Oh, so just pot then?”

It was my turn to look surprised.

“You … you know?”

She just stood up and rolled her eyes. “Please, did he make you think I didn’t know? That ass …”

I exhaled, I didn’t even know I’d been holding it in.

“Jesus …” I sighed, making her laugh as she sat on her desk in front of me. I ignored how good she smelled, I ignored
it completely.

“It’s his little test of sorts. Laffy is incredibly loyal to me, and to here … he likes people who think well of me,
even if I am a total bitch. You think well enough to tell me the truth, that’ll stand well with him.”

“But it could have gotten him fired, I mean I was trying to-”

“Drug your boss? Yeah I’m going to ignore that part because you came clean, and besides he only uses a tiny amount
now, before, the first time he did it? I was so high I went out to the deli down the street and ordered sandwiches for
everyone in the building …”

“Fuck …”

“You’re telling me, that was like five hundred chicken salad on rye!”

I busted out laughing at her expression, and her story. It was funny, and it was nice to see her smile again, the real
one, like back in my apartment.

She sipped her drink and broke the big brownie in half.

“Eric, would you like some?” she asked, cheekily, a never before seen glint came into her eyes, and she was struggling
to get the smile off her face.

“But there are files to -”

“Fine, more for me. I mean we’re not going to get baked on this, trust me, he knows better now, but it will chill us
both out …”

“Is it why he’s always so -”

“Always …” she nodded, knowingly. “It helps his creative process … I guess.”

I nodded, suddenly a lot of shit made a lot more sense.

I walked over to the plate, and stole her fork, taking a tiny bit, and then taking the rest of my half.

“What are we doing?”

“I have no fucking idea, and for the next ten minutes, let’s just not care?”

I was with her on that.

“So you’re saying the next ten minutes or so don’t exist?”

She nodded, taking a bite, and then a sip, and somewhere in those few seconds, I found a hell of a lot of courage,
because what I did next could have very well gotten me fired.

I walked up to her desk, I reached for the fork from her hands, and I placed it on the plate gently, before I cupped
her face, moving as close to her as I could.

“What are you doing, Er-”

“Nothing that exists for the next ten minutes… right?”

She looked conflicted, and I was so close to losing my faux cool exterior, and then suddenly it happened again. Her
lips were on mine, followed by her legs around my waist.

Best day at work, ever.


A/N: I have no idea if anyone is even here reading this, mainly because FF is being a total tool, this isn’t fairing much better, but it’s posted and I hope you enjoyed! xox