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“Remy?” I said, stunned to see him.

“Sookie Stackhouse, a sight for sore eyes, as always…” He came over to my desk, and air kissed my cheeks, rubbing my shoulders once before he stepped back.

“How have you been, Sookie? You look amazing…” he said, taking a good long look just to make sure.

Remy Savoy was a forty-two year old, Ivy League educated, hotel owner. A son in the famous Savoy line, a shark in business, and a freak in the sheets. He had that whole George Clooney thing working for him, in that he could chase skirt into his sixties and make it look classy. He was about six foot something, completely obsessed with health and fitness, rocking his well defined abs and chocolate brown eyes to match his hair. His hair that now in the year since I’d last seen him had developed a little peppering at the sideburns.

“What are you doing here Rem?” I got to the point; he and I never were famous for our patience.

“I’ve come to see you, since you seem to forget where I live, darling,” he said with a smug smile as he took his seat.

“I forgot where you lived, because you put a ring on some teenager’s finger. I don’t cheat, even if you do.”

While I knew when we were a ‘thing’ that he was most certainly fucking around more than I was, it still stung to open up page six and find he’d married an equestrian heiress barely out of her teens.

“Now, now, Sookie… you know I’d always have time for you. For us…”

I squinted at him, “You’re gross, you know that?”

“Aw, come on, so I got married, big deal. What we had was never serious, I knew that. How many times did you kick me out of your place? I wasn’t even allowed to stay the night, and you’re telling me you nursed a broken heart over me? I don’t believe it. So stop pretending to be mad at me.”

I stood up and walked over to his side of the desk, he remained seated.

“So, what are you doing here then? Drop the wife off at high school? Fancied a quickie before she got back?”

He laughed, the typical Remy laugh, big, loud, and proud.

“Not at all, I filed for divorce a week ago, it’s not working out.”

“I’d say I’m sorry, but even Stevie Wonder saw that one coming.”

He laughed again, this time sitting up and resting his hand on my knees.

“I’ve missed your wit, kid.”

“Don’t call me kid, it’s creepy.”

He held his hands up. “So, other than touchy, how’ve you been? Business doing well?”


“And … personally … Seeing anyone I can replace?” He always was a cocky bastard.

“Oh no, I am not going there again. No. If that’s what this is? And clearly that is what this is … no. Closed.” I shook my head and my hands.

“You miss me. I can tell.”

“You can’t tell time, never mind if I miss you. The booty call centre is closed, Rem.”

“You seem tense. I can help with that, as you well know…”

I rolled my eyes. “Aw, come on Sookie. There was a time when I was your favourite stress reliever,” he wriggled his brows at me.

“Things change.”

“So you are seeing someone new then? Who is he?”

“I’m … it’s complicated.”

He nodded.

“Okay, I get it, it’s none of my business… but in truth, darling, I miss you. I’ve missed you this past year, and I don’t know what I was doing, marrying Kimmy.”

Ewe, Kimmy, what was she, a Barbie doll?

He stood up as I sat on my desk, and walked as close to me as I’d let him, before he put his hands on my knees again.

“Come on Stackhouse, you know we’re good together. Remember that night in St. Bart’s?” he said, brushing my cheek, edging closer to me.

“Things change,” I said again.

“Some things stay the same though,” he said before he made his move; holding my face with his hands, and pulling me in for a kiss. I couldn’t help but kiss him back. He was a man with a certain kind of sexual energy, and it was extremely appealing to me. It was the main reason I’d played around with him for so long before. He was magnetic. Just as we were getting into it, and I was losing my mind in the process, the office door opened and I yanked away from him.

Coming face to face with Eric in that moment was probably one of the worst I could recall in my life. The look on his face alone felt like a knife through my gut.

“Oh…” he said, his face falling, and I could see the wall go up.

“Who are you?” Remy asked him, abruptly.

“Eric Northman, who are you?” he answered, steely eyed, and straightening himself out.

“Remy Savoy,” he reached out his hand to Eric’s to shake it, and I swear there was some internal pissing match going on with the looks they were giving each other. I felt very awkward.

“Eric is … he’s my assistant.”

Remy squinted at Eric, taking him in. “Is that so? Well it’s good to meet you, Eric. I’d like a coffee – black two sugars, and I’m sure you know Miss Stackhouse’s order by now – Sook? You want coffee? Or should we just go out for coffee…”

“Remy… I …” I looked from him, to Eric, whose ears were now turning pink, as his lips formed a tight straight line.


“Well? Give the guy a job to do, he can’t just stand here, we were in the middle of something before he just barged in.”

“I wasn’t aware anyone else was in here. Usually people make an appointment, Mr Savoy,” Eric said, sharply, but still mannerly.

That made Remy grin like the Cheshire cat. “Yeah well, Eric, I’m not one of those people. Sookie and I … we go way back.”

Eric looked at me, and I could sense his anger, even if I didn’t see it in his eyes – which I did.

“I can see that. If there’s nothing else I’ll be getting out of your way, Miss Stackhouse.”

I cringed as he turned and left, and I knew he was going to get those coffees, that’s for sure.

“Look, Remy, what did you think would happen here today? That’d you’d show up into my life like a whirlwind and I’d, what? Just fall back into bed with you? Is that what you wanted?”

“It’s what you want too-”

“No, it’s what I wanted a year ago, it’s what I wanted two years ago, it’s not what I want now.”

“And what do you want now? Huh? Are you like the rest of them? Babies on the brain? A house in the suburbs, and the white picket fence? You think you’re one of those chicks? You’re not. You’re better than that bullshit, Sookie.”

“And what makes me better? The fact that my balls are as big as yours? Or the fact that it’s what you’ve pigeonholed me as?”

“You’re feisty, you’ve got a good head for business, and if you go Mommy and Me, you know you’ll lose that edge.”

“What makes you think I want kids? I never said I wanted kids, not to you.”

He shrugged. “They all do. At one point or another, that clock, it starts ticking, and you’re almost thirty, that’s when it hits.”

“Right,” I sighed. “Which is why you always move on to the younger model, right? Less hassle that way, they’re just looking for some fun, no strings.”

“It works.”

“Your divorce tells me otherwise.”

“I didn’t love her.”

“And you love me? Please, Rem, let’s not fool ourselves anymore than we already have. This is so pointless…”

And I needed to talk to Eric.

“Is there something going on between you and the assistant?”

I turned around to face him, and whatever he read off my face told him yes.

“Really, Sookie, dipping into the company ink, that’s so … something Jason would do.”

I rolled my eyes, Jason’s exploits were well known, that I couldn’t help, but I’d be damned if mine were going to join him.

“Whatever is or isn’t going on with me and Eric isn’t any of anyone’s business, least of all yours. You can’t just swan back into my life like this. I don’t want you here, you left and married a stranger because … I don’t even know why-”

“Never go to Vegas depressed, shit happens…”

“Exactly, shit happens. We’re no longer the shit that will be happening, I want you to leave.”


“No. Get out before I call security, Remy, and you know I will toss your ass.”

He stood up with a sigh, holding his hands up.

“Fine, fine. Can’t blame a guy for trying… I just hope the assistant knows what he’s in for. You’re not an easy woman to put up with, you know that? It’s why you bounce from one fucked up relationship to another-”

“Look, if you’re going to stand there and insult me so you can make your rejected ego feel better, don’t. For one, I don’t have time and for two, I don’t fucking care.”

With that I shut the office door, and took a much needed deep breath.



I understood finally why she was single, she dated assholes. Stuck up, polka dot tie wearing assholes, with smug grins and snake eyes. I knew that realistically I had no right to feel pissed off when I walked in on her and Mr. Fortune Five Hundred, but I did. I also realized being introduced as her ‘assistant’ to her men really bothered me, as did his smug ‘I’m better than you’ look that he got when he realized I wasn’t on equal footing with them career wise. The ego wasn’t taking it well, that’s for sure. I wasn’t just someones gofer, I had a goddamn PHD for crying out loud, and yet no, I still wanted to stay in a job were people looked down on me with smug satisfaction, like I was a complete idiot unable to raise myself up. Okay, so maybe they weren’t really even thinking that, and I knew I certainly didn’t think that of any other assistants that I met in my life, but still, it was the ego again. It played all kinds of mind tricks on me. I went through most of the day avoiding her, no easy feat really when you consider I work directly for her, but I managed it. And I cut out at five fifteen; I’d promised Emily we’d cook dinner together, instead of just going out for it, or picking up takeout. She was on a mashed potatoes kick, and would eat them with just about anything. I got as far as the lobby when I heard the heels, and then my name.

“Eric!” she said; she didn’t yell, Sookie rarely yelled in public. I slowly turned, not really giving a fuck – I was off the clock after all.

“What? You need something else?” I said, maybe a little more bitter than I’d intended.

“No? I just … I well … I … do you need a ride home?”

“I can catch the subway, thanks anyway,” I said, going to walk away, but her hand on my arm stopped me.

“I’d rather you didn’t. I mean look outside, you think you’re going to get a seat with the rain how it is?”

“I can stand, two feet and everything.”

“Eric, please? Just let me take you home,” she said, sincerely, and I wanted to know why she was so insistent on it, curiosity killed the cat and all that.

“Fine, whatever you want,” I shrugged and walked with her to the awaiting town car, and I wasn’t an asshole, so I opened the door for her, saving Hoyt the trip.

“Hey man,” Hoyt said, and I said hey back, he simply nodded at Sookie and put up the screen. I guess he wasn’t in the mood to be bitched out by her today.

We got a few blocks, painfully slow as always, before she spoke.

“About earlier…” she turned to look at me, her bare legs brushing against mine. “I wanted to … I don’t know, apologise for before, with Remy.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Again, with the bitter.

“No, it wasn’t right. I mean he’s an asshole, and I just … I don’t know, I’m just sorry.”

“Sorry that he’s an asshole? How is that your fault?”

“I’m sorry I let him be an asshole to you-”

“Well, I’m a big boy, he’s not the first and he probably won’t be the last – especially in this job.”

She sighed and looked out the window, then back to me, she was pissed now.

“Look I’m just sorry, okay? He had no right.”

“No, he didn’t, but you know what he was, and so were you. In fact, you’re rude to just about everyone that’s beneath you on the employment scale – just so you know.”

When did I turn into such a bitch?

“Excuse me?”

“You’re surprised? The only reason you’re nice to me … hell, I don’t know why you’re nice to me, but from what I’ve heard you’re a damn dragon to just about everyone else. I don’t know if it’s bipolarism or what the fuck, but you really fired a woman for wearing an ugly skirt?”

Her mouth opened, and then it closed.

“The staff are loyal to you, not because they like you, but because they’re scared of you. And yeah, it works, but Jesus, don’t sit there and act sorry for me when you do it to everyone else every damn day.”

How was I not fired? What was I doing?!

“Well, fuck, tell me how you really feel!”

She was pissed, I was pissed, and the air in the car was suffocating.

“So what happens now? Is the contract void? Do we just go back to normal?” I asked.

“What?” she looked confused, and still pissed, her arms crossed, and a scowl on her face.

“I’m guessing the Asshole is an ex of some kind? And from the looks of what I walked in on-”

“What you walked in on was a mistake, and one I won’t be making again…”


“And for your information, yes he was an ex, and he was an ex for a reason. He’s not what I want … so if that’s what has your panties in a bunch, then kindly get a grip. God…”

“I just figured-”

“You just figured that I’m the kind of woman to make a deal, a huge deal might I add, one that I’m sure will end up giving me a damn ulcer, and then … what? Just dismiss it because some dick in a suit wants to bang me?”

I had no answer for that.

“I might be a bitch, Eric, but if this was a man, doing ANY of this, you know as well as I do it would just be ‘business,’ or ‘normal,’” she finger quoted, “but because I’m a woman, I’m a ‘bitch’… and that’s fine. I don’t have time to fight that feminist battle, I’m too busy building a damn empire. So excuse me if I hurt your feelings today, or if you felt used, but it was what it was and … you were wrong … I was wrong.” She exhaled loudly after her breathless rant, and I just sort of sat there. I felt like an ass.

We were both silent for a few minutes, before I spoke.

“I’m sorry I overreacted,” I said, meaning it.

She nodded. “You did a little, I don’t know why you did, but you did. And yes, I know I’m a horror at work, Eric, but you’ve met Jason. Nothing gets done if I’m nice to them. They’d walk all over me. I know you’re different, do you think I’d enter into our plan with you if I didn’t think I could trust you? That’s why I’m nice to you – as you put it – I’m myself around you. I like that I can relax around you, it’s not a normal occurrence for me at work … so I should have made Remy pay you more respect … you’re owed it.”

“Assholes like him don’t get it though, they think they’re better than everyone.”

“I thought I was just the same?” she cocked her brow.

“Well … maybe not … exactly the same,” I said, unable to contain my smile. She was staring me down, comically.

“Gee, thanks.”

Was she flirting, was I flirting?

“You’re welcome,” I laughed, and she just elbowed me before folding her arms again.

“Are we okay? I mean is this … fight or whatever it is … is it over? Are we okay again?”

“You really threw him out?”

She just glared before I answered, “Yeah we’re okay, and I don’t know why I reacted like I did. I guess I just … care.” I did know, I was jealous; I just wasn’t ready to admit it.

She smiled before she reined it in. She liked that I cared, I knew it, and I didn’t contain my smile at the thought.

“You want to come up for dinner? I mean, I can’t promise you anything spectacular, it’s just lamb chops and mashed potatoes, but I can promise an epic dessert,” I offered, because clearly I am just a glutton for punishment … or I liked her.

Okay so I liked her, a lot, sue me.

“Oh, no, I wouldn’t want to butt in not after everything today-”

“Sookie,” I leaned in a little, okay, maybe a little too close, and I noticed when she held her breath. “I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t mean it. If you want, you’re more than welcome, if not, not a big deal, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Your call.”

She looked down, and then she looked at me again, considering her options more than likely.

“Sure, why not.”


Ten seconds after walking into Eric’s apartment Emily was all over me, literally up in my arms with her mouth going a mile a minute. I have to admit, the happiness in her eyes at seeing me, wasn’t a bad thing. In fact, I loved it.

“And then we played shop and I got to be the counter person and then Taylor and I made a million dollars and bought our dolls new houses!” she exclaimed as Eric rolled his eyes behind her back – washing his hands at the sink before grabbing the meat out of the fridge.

“What did you do at work today, Sookie? See anymore cool dresses?”

“A few, mostly it was just boring phone calls and meetings though.”

“That doesn’t sound fun.”

“Not so much. Need a hand, Eric?”

“Nah, I’m good. You want a glass of wine? Or beer, or … water … and of course the array of apple juice boxes in the fridge.”

I opted for apple juice, as did Emily. Eric had a beer. I watched him as he slipped totally and completely into parent mode. There was ‘homework’ at the table while he cooked, she did a few spellings and showed him her art work from pre-school that day, and then she decided that we were boring and parked herself in front of the TV while I offered to help Eric cook.

“You can cook?” he looked surprised.

“Why so shocked? I am a good southern girl after all.”

“No, I’m not, I just figured you were one of those city girls now, you know the ‘I make reservations, not dinner’ clique,” he laughed, putting on a screechy voice to imitate said women.

“I know those women, and on occasion I can do that, but I like to cook…”


“Well, it’s not so fun cooking big meals for just one person you know? So it’s easier to make reservations or in my case, a take out phone call.”

He nodded, “I get that. I’ve been trying to teach myself some things for her. Ames was basically her go to nutritionist for the last two years; it’s not fair to her. So, I’ve been trying.”

“How’s it going so far?” I peek into his boiling veg, and his browning pork chops, nothing was burned so far.

“I only set the kitchen on fire once, and that was for just a second, so … good.”

I loved his smile. I hated that it was rarely seen at work … which was my fault. I was a total bitch to people at times, but he knew my reasons. That, and sometimes people were just fuckin’ idiots.

By the time dinner was served Emily had lost a lot of her energy. Gone was the hyper talk and movement, replaced with silent nods and sleepy eyes. Poor thing.

“About next week…” Eric brought up. “What happens there?”

I shrugged. “I think it shouldn’t be too thought out, maybe? I mean how do we bring it up?” I nodded to Emily, who was digging into her chops.

“Well, we’re friends, and friends have sleepovers … you know? Innocent enough.”

“And that would be okay?” I wanted to be very careful were Emily was concerned. Eric and I understood the deal, she didn’t, and I didn’t want her to be part of it, but sadly we both knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“I think it’s necessary, to save any confusion when things … change.”

“Right, of course.” When we went back to ‘normal,’ I guess things would change, even if I didn’t like that idea very much.

“So, I figure maybe Sunday night? Come over, and we can just get her used to the place, and … you too I guess… I mean, I don’t know, I just don’t want anyone unnecessarily uncomfortable when Gran comes, you know?”

He nodded as he ate, “Sure, yeah that makes sense. Emily?”

“Hmm?” she looked up.

“How would you feel if we had a sleep over at Sookie’s house next week?”

Her eyes grew wide, “Really?!”

“Yeah, since Sookie and I are friends now, that’s what friends do, right?”

“I do it with Taylor all the time. Can we really, Sookie?”

“Sure!” I said, trying to keep this a good thing for her.

“Cool! Can I play with Tina?”

“If it’s okay with Eric…”

“Who’s Tina?”

“The cat…”

“Oh … um, sure, I guess if Tina is okay with it…” he added.

“Awesome, can I go tell Taylor, Eric?”

And suddenly her energetic excited self was back.

“Finish your potatoes and vegetables first, and then you can go.”

I’ve never seen a kid eat carrots so fast before she hopped off her chair and demanded that Eric take her down the hall to tell her friend. He came back five minutes later, Emily-less.

“Ames said they could play dolls for a half hour,” he exhaled loudly. “God, she’s so hyper now.”

“Sorry about that.”

“Nah, I just don’t know where she gets the energy; I wish I had a supply of it.”

We both took our drinks and sat on the couch in front of some random comedy show with a laugh track in the background, neither of us really eager to break the silence, until I had to.

“Eric, about before…”

“Don’t, I’m over it, I shouldn’t have gotten under it to be honest, seriously-”

“It’s about everything really. I just … I want us to … if we can, start over? Clean slate? I think we’re friends now, it feels like we’re friends. Hell, you know more about me than most of my friends at this point, and I trust you. That’s not an easy thing for me to do, or to admit to, I just … can we?”

“What does this clean slate clean, exactly? Because there are a few things on the old slate that I kinda like…” he grinned, and I knew he was thinking about that night in his kitchen. If I’m honest I didn’t want to wipe that either.

Was I blushing?”

He brushed my cheek and made a hissing sound, “You’re so RED right now, it’s so … unexpected.”

“Oh, shut up!” I looked away from him.

“No, no, no. You’re blushing, what were you thinking about just now?! I mean clearly I meant all those lovely afternoons that I spent in Starbucks for you, those are memories I never want to lose.”

I just rolled my eyes at his sarcasm, pretending to watch the TV.

“Other than the Starbucks lovin’, those couple of times we sort of attacked each other half naked … those were good times too … I guess,” he shrugged, watching TV with me too, and I had to look at him, and then he broke out into a grin again.

“You are such a troll it’s not even funny!”

With that, he burst out laughing. “I think the clean slate is a good idea, Sookie, but with those few exceptions…”

“I get it, I do. I just want things to be … easier. You know? Less … tension, less everything.”

He nodded. “We both know the reason for that, but that … just isn’t part of the deal.”

I was blushing again. We knew, we also knew why it was off the table in the deal. It wasn’t meant to be emotional, it was meant to be business. As I sat there, watching him watch me, feeling him so physically close to me, edging ever closer emotionally, I knew it then.

We were both screwed.