So I’ve been MIA (mostly) for the last week, because my laptop decided she was going to break on me, and leave me with just my trusty Ipod touch to keep me connected. I’ve been job hunting too, to no avail I must admit…  After being laid off last month due to government cuts in funding and what not, its been a constant search. Meh! Since I live in a rural-ish area of Ireland and the jobs are thin on the ground here anyway, but in this area it’s so much worse…*sigh*. So I’ve been toying with the idea of moving, the question is… to where? :S

Other than that clearly no writing got done because I was laptop-less, but I’m BACK! I hope! It’s ‘fixed’ for now, and I’m here, so fingers crossed that I can maybe start a chapter of something tonight! I also have a Paris Post to do, and I have some sweet photos of that to share as well, two fics to carry on with and one fic idea – oh and one original fiction idea too that I’m toying with but who knows where that will go!

I’ve no idea if you guys are still with me, but I hope so! 😀 xox

Ps. How would we feel about a Amish centered fic? 😉

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