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So said Audrey Hepburn, and you know what, she was kind of right.

It was my first visit to Paris, and I’m glad I went when I did! A friend asked if I’d like to visit her, since she lived there most of the year and knew I was curious about Paris, and I hadn’t seen her in almost a year, so it all seemed like a good idea. The trip started off like something out of a nightmare, firstly I should say that I’m not a good flyer, in fact I hate it. I hate the take off ( my stomach goes all nervous and I just in general internally freak out) but once we’re up in the air it’s totally fine, same with landing, utterly despise it! Anyway, I decided to book with a budget airline, as you do for short trips, or as I have done in the past… big mistake. Ryanair are a Irish ‘airline’ that are super cheap, so I figured keep my money for spending, and scrimp on the flight.

Never again!

The plane was questionable, with hard plastic seats and dodgy air con, and the landing? Well, let’s put it like this… you’ve been in a bus for 3 hours (to get to the airport) and you’ve been on the plane since 6.30am, you’re tired, you’re stressed, you’re sitting next to Morgan Freeman’s long lost twin (No, really I’m convinced!) and then the freakin’ pilot comes on, tells you they’ve tried to land three times, to no avail and that they’re running out of fuel, so they’re going to land you at another airport.

Hm, I thought, not so bad. The airport I was meant to land at was in fact 1.5h away from Paris, so I figured they were aiming for CDG or Orly?

If only.

No, Ryanair, being …well Ryanair decides; let’s land them all on the Belgium border! That’ll be fun and expensive! And 4hours away from Paris by bus. Oh yes, they did.

Thankfully, my friend being her awesome self pointed out that I could get a speed train instead, taking just 45mins. I took it, after glaring at the R.A people on the way out, myself and half the plane, took the train. Costing us almost 60euro each for the pleasure.


But, Paris!

First impressions were positive. It was a clear, bright, lovely day when I finally got there, and everything looked oddly film location familar, improving my mood significantly, that and food. I can’t remember much of my sleep deprived Friday, other than marvelling at the sights and inhaling Coke light (yes, not Diet Coke, but Coke light, this sorta amused me,) like it was going out of style, a little shopping, a little walking around, and then on the train to my friends place which was about ten mins outside of Paris city. Her little town, or suburb as it was reminded me a lot of my small town here, her place was suitably Parisian, and looked like a Scandinavian decorated it, lots of white and you know I love me some white. Bed was welcomed on the first night that’s for sure.

By day two, a lot was covered. Day one was meant to include Versailles, but because the airline messed me around, day one was a bust, and I’m still bitter about that!

Day two went a little something like this :

It’s just a taste of it, because we’d be here ALL damn night if I posted them all! As you can see, tis vaary pretty and I’m not so ready to ignore the photography pimpin’ that my degree got me into. Camera was attached at all times.  I need to go back! *Le sigh* What I don’t need though is more old snooty men, talking in French at each other about how those girls ‘speaking English’ were and I quote ‘cheapening the area…’ in the posh part of town where we had lunch. The stereotype of French being rather…rude… was a little true in that instance, since they figured neither of us spoke or understood French, when my friend understood them perfectly. I didn’t expect anyone to speak English to me, I didn’t order – my friend ordered for us so as to not piss off the waitresses – not that they would be pissed since the staff in all the places we went were nothing but lovely…but those old dudes… ignorant. I may not speak French, but most of those who visit (and spend their euros, might I add,) don’t, and I just think the tolerance is a little low with some people, but who cares about them! We discovered and in my friend’s case, rediscovered the beauties of Paris, even for a little while, and like I said I will be back!  Loved it!