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Eeeek, I can feel you cringe from here. I know, I know, what the hell am I doing? I really don’t know, but there is this idea, and it won’t leave me be, so I figured I’d open a blank page and see where it leads me! There is no title, no fleshed out plot, and no real direction. This could be a disaaaasstuh (say it in Pam’s accent, it’s better) but it could also be interesting. If to no one else but me lol! I like the idea of TB canon Sookie (sorry, I can’t read those books) and I know I hate Trueblood 98percent of the time, but there it is. My brain hates me, what can I say!

Interested in a weird first paragraph?

It happened in slow motion, and then so fast it was like my head was spinning. All over again, always the same way, Debbie shows up, there’s a gun, my whole body goes tense, I know Tara is close, I know Debbie is going to hurt me, and I know how it ends. Because it ends how it always does, with me blowing Debbie’s brains out, before I find my friend half dead on the kitchen floor dying from one of Debbie’s bullets, bullets meant for me.  I wake up, in a cold sweat, alone in my bed. I should feel safe, I should feel relieved that it was only a dream, except if anything I only feel that much worse. Because I know it wasn’t merely a dream, it was horrible reality, and one that wasn’t just the end of some nightmare, but merely the beginning.



Yeah, I know…
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In advance, I’m sorry!