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Southern Belles Chapter 21! A surprise to us all, including me. I just whipped this out today, and it’s un-beta’d so, be kind. I haven’t posted these two in a while, all loved up as they are! I hope you enjoy and review, and I also hope you all had a great start to the new year, and if not, we’ve 365 days to fix that! xox





A month later, and I was doing the one thing I thought I’d never do. I was packing to go home, to Louisiana. I’d booked three weeks off, and I wanted to spend them with my Gran. I missed her; I wanted to see for myself that she was as ‘fine’ as she protested that she was. Eric and I had discussed me going back, numerous times, and every time I came to the conclusion that it was something I had to face, alone. He and I had been great, never before had being with a man felt so easy, so right. We had our moments, of course, we were still human and I was still argumentative as all hell, and he knew how to push those buttons like no one else. But, for the most part, we were great. Laying in bed, back in Eric’s apartment in Monte Carlo, we were going over what I’d do when I got back, again.

“Will you see him?” He asked, not looking at me this time.



“I assume I will, I mean, it’s a small place where we all lived, I’d be surprised if I didn’t see him.”

Oh…” Eric said, picking fluff from the blanket, sounding very much a wounded puppy.

“What’s with the face? I don’t care about Alcide, you know?”

“No, I know…” he didn’t sound so convinced, “I just don’t like the idea of him being there with you.”

“He’s not going to be ‘with me’ are we forgetting something? I don’t love him, oh, and he’s gay!” I smiled, rubbing his cheek, his blond scruff getting thicker by the day.

“I guess, I don’t know, I just don’t like the idea of you facing the lions alone.”

I shrugged, “I grew up with those lions, I know how to tame them if needs be. Besides, I’m going to stay with Gran, and just spend some time with her, I miss her…”

“Do you miss other things from home?”

“I …sometimes I do get a little homesick, but, Sweetie…” I threaded my hands in his, “I love what I do, and I love being where I am, and I love, more than anything else, who I’m doing all that with.”

He smiled, a sort of a shy smile, almost as if he didn’t believe it.

“Would you rather do all that from New Orleans?”



“No, I grew out of that place a long time ago, If I were going to go back, I’d go back to New York, or maybe California somewhere, but not back to the South.”

He nodded, “I hope you have a nice time, with your Gran…”

“I hope I will too.”

“Will…” he didn’t finish what he was going to ask.

“Will, what? Come on, spit it out?” I joked, deciding I’d continue the conversation straddling him, at least then he’d have to look me in the eye.

“Spit. It. Out.” I said, punctuating each word with a quick kiss.

“It’s lame…”

“Look how many fucks I give?”

He laughed, “I just wondered, you know, if you’d…miss me, when you’re there.”

I raised a brow at him, and he actually blushed.


“I know its dumb okay? But, this is the first time you and I have actually been apart for more than a few nights, since we got together, and I guess it feels weird.”

He was right, it was weird, I didn’t want to leave him, but I had to go, and he had to work. My internship assistant job was up, and as it stood I was under review for the job, I was shoe -in but there was still no real guarantee.

“Its a few weeks, and we have all kinds of ways of keeping in touch.”

“None of those ways let me actually touch, though.”

“That’s true, but, I’m here now… and,” I placed both his hands on my bra, “you can touch all you want.”

“I guess I should make the most of it, all of this,” he said, letting his hands roam up and down my body, from my neck down to my thighs as I sat on top of him allowing him to enjoy the view.

“Mmm, you should, because for the next three weeks it’s just gonna be you and your right hand, all sad, alone, and lonely without me…” I giggled, slipping off my bra and pushing his boxers down a little, fondling him to get the reaction I wanted.

“Unless of course you get so desperate, you take Alexei up on one of his many offers…” I joked, and that just earned me a glare.

“I’m kidding…Aww!” I said, kissing his cheek, pulling back to see him still pouting at me, I found it hilarious, “its okay, baby…its okay.” I never called him baby, we both hated it, but I knew it would just rile him up even more, “I’ve already had one gay boyfriend, I don’t really want to encourage another one…” with that he just flipped me over, making my head spin, “I’m going to ignore your obvious manhandling in order to stay in control of the situation, and thus stop me making fun of you, and just enjoy this…” I said, with a straight face to his perplexed one.

I just laughed, “Carry on…” I said, caressing his back, up and down, trying my hardest to stop poking fun at him, but at the same time not wanting to make my leaving that big of a deal for us. It wasn’t, it was a short break away to see my Grandmother, and my relationship was thankfully intact.

“Sweetheart, you’ve been acting weird for a few weeks now, I’ve ignored it because I read somewhere that men get PMS too –“ his brows knitted together, and he looked even more confused, “but seriously, if it’s about me going away then you have nothing to worry about…you trust me right?”

“Of course I do…”

“Even given how we started?”

And there, I did it, I just killed the mood. Sometimes I’m convinced my brain is out to get me. He stiffened, and not where I needed, “What do you mean how we started…?”

I just raised my eyebrow, “how I cheated on him, with you.”

“Technically you didn’t –“

“In my heart, I cheated on him, and that’s worse to me than some technicality on timing and whether or not we were a couple when I did it. The point is, is that I did it.”

He nodded, “I don’t worry that you’re going to cheat on me, I’m secure enough to know that you love me for me, and that my love for you is enough, and we work at it, and we communicate…I’m not worried about that.”

“So then what?”

“I just worry that maybe this isn’t what you want, I don’t mean me…” he clarified quickly and continued, “I mean don’t you want to be married, have kids? A solid home in one place? I just don’t know because we’ve not really talked about that, and I know it’s been a little while, in the scheme of things, but… I feel that with all we’ve been through, we know we’re right for each other…and maybe we should be talking about grown-up things like that.”

Well that surprised me, that’s for sure. Not only that he was keeping all that in, but how fast he got it all out.

“Well, do you wanna talk about that, now?”

“No,” he said, scowling himself more than me with his tone, “I wanted to have hot sex with my hot girlfriend before she flies off for three weeks and I’m left here alone in a cold bed, but now my stupid brain won’t shut up, I hate my brain.”

I smiled climbing off him, to snuggle in under the covers, my hand on his chest.

“What do you want, Eric? Do you want a home, and a wife, and some babies? I’ve already done the marriage thing, and it kind of sucked the first time, so I haven’t been real excited about the idea of doing it again…”

He nodded.

“I just, I love you, and I love us how we are, and how where we are in our relationship feels right and natural and easy. Love, being with a guy, being ‘the girlfriend’ always felt like pressure to me, before. But, with you, it just feels right. I don’t need someone to tell me it’s not right without a ring, not this time, but I wouldn’t hate the idea if it’s something you thought you wanted.”

He shrugged, “I don’t want to jinx us, and honestly five years ago this was the last idea in my head, being a husband, or a dad…”

“And now?”

“Well, now there’s you.”

I blushed.

“And now, there’s us, and you’re right. That easy feeling? I feel it too, I never realized before that’s what it was, but I’d like progression to be …an option. Not today or tomorrow, but, that we’d be both open to it, if it felt right.”

He needed reassurance that we were both on the same page. That I could give him, hell, I could give him that in spades. With the other men and with Alcide in particular, it took me a long time to realise that I wasn’t on the same page as them, and with Alcide, I wasn’t even in the same book. With Eric though, I knew we were there together and that we both wanted each other enough to work at it. Reassured and content, my playful lover came back to his old self again, and was not so subtle about what he wanted.

“Eric, I want to be with you, the rest is just details.”

He smiled, “but not in Louisiana.”

“I need to go back alone, first. I need to prove to myself that I can do it alone. I walked out of there alone, I have to walk back the same, you know?”

“No, I really don’t, but I have faith that you can do it, you can do anything.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere…” I said, kissing him deeply, resuming our regularly scheduled programming and allowing my lust to take me away with him. Falling easily into a pattern that was uniquely ours, I felt the tension ease from his shoulders and soon we were a mess of lips, and kisses, moans and breathlessness, all in the best possible way. I held on to the headboard, spreading my knees that little bit further apart, losing myself in sheer sensation as his lips kissed down my spine, his hands squeezed my butt, then a slap, then another squeeze, as his fingers worked me to panting chaos, preparing me for him as best he could for that angle. Whenever we’d switch things up, it always struck me that for such a big man – in every sense of the word, Eric could be incredibly gentle and submissive when I needed him to be, and then there were other times, times like this when I just literally went along for the ride. It was another section of our relationship that was so unlike any other I’d had, I trusted him with my life, and I trusted him to see me vulnerable, completely. Which is why I took us both by surprise that night, and took it from light ass touching, to a full on demand for anal. His face was priceless, and hilarious.

“I…I… really? I mean, I don’t…. didn’t think you’d…that we’d…and that was cool, I was fine with that I mean we do a LOT of other things… I hope you’re not just doing this cause you think I want to, I mean I love your ass, and we dance around it… but…”

I put my fingers to his lips, he was flustered, “I just…want to try it out, see how I like it, for the right reasons this time…” I rolled my eyes, “I trust you to be gentle with me…that and I just bought a shit ton of new lube the other week.” I smiled, “if I hate it though we stop, deal?” And I’d been waxed and bleached by a new technician, and it seemed like a good time to go there now that it was as pretty as something like that could ever get, let’s be real.

“You’ll tell me if it’s too much though, right?”

I nodded, he knew I would. We’d skirted around ass touching and tasting as it were once or twice, and while it wasn’t on the to-do list every time, it wasn’t something I was now so against. This seemed like the logical next step.

Thirty minutes later, we were lubed, prepped, played, and as relaxed as we were going to get. At first it hurt, there was a lot of pressure, a lot of ‘this isn’t supposed to be here what the fuck are you doing?’ from my body, and my instinct. But then, slowly, very, very slowly, it started to feel nice. Really nice actually, it helped that Eric wasn’t pounding me like a three dollar hooker, and it also helped majorly that he wasn’t harbouring some same sex pent up frustration to take out on me, and my ass, too. I was sure I’d hurt in the morning, ache but in a good way – even if I did have his finger prints on my hips, it was from a great experience this time, and for that I was thankful. I felt his torso against my back as he thrust a little harder, and I thrust back as best I could, I wasn’t a spectator, not this time, he was hot, sweaty and struggling for breath. It felt amazing. Deafened by our own moans we crumbled into a mass of jellied giddiness. I was thankful that Alexei and his boy were out dancing, not that they’d have cared – hell they’d have even cheered as they did some times, but I wasn’t that relaxed about sex that I didn’t care who heard us. Eric kissed me on the mouth once more before he hopped out of bed and into the bathroom, I wasn’t sure what he was doing in there until a few minutes later, he came in with a my beach towel in hand, “what are you –“

Before I could answer he’d swept me up into his arms, sheet an all, and was taking us to the bathroom, where a bubble bath sat waiting for me. He’d used Alexei’s bubble bath, that really expensive stuff he’d gotten in Paris – Eric was screwed when he found out. But, as it stood, I just enjoyed his sweet gesture, as I was a little sore, and this was welcomed. I climbed in and blew some bubbles at him.

“You gonna leave me here all alone?” I fake pouted, as I tied by hair up in a knot on top of my head. It didn’t take him long, his long legs, sliding either side of me, and taking up most of the sunken bathtub, not that I minded, in fact I didn’t mind at all. I slid over to his side, using him as a giant human bath pillow and letting him wash me. Wash me, feel me up, sometimes I was never sure what we were doing, either way, I liked it.

“So, in a few days you’ll be State side.” He said, running his hands to my neck and down again, soaping me up right nice.

“Mmmm…Missing all this… why do I want to go there again?”

He smiled, “It’s all a giant trick to keep you here, it is my master plan.”

“All you need is an evil laugh and you’re set.”

He evil laughed and it made me laugh.

“Christ, you’d make an awesome Dracula, you know that?”

With that I got some teeth to the neck.

“Okay, easy there Cowboy.”

“First I’m a vampire, and now I’m a Cowboy? Hmm.”

“Well, you do know how to ride…” I snorted.

“My, MY Sookie Stackhouse don’t be so crude, remember you’re going back to the Bible belt such talk will be frowned upon!” he said, in his best Southern accent – which was horrible. I just slapped his arm, and we grew quiet, just enjoying our bath in some really nice smelling expensive bubble bath.

“You’ll do fine, I know you will.”

I sighed, I kept telling myself that, but I was dreading it. Not seeing my Gran, or my Dad, but facing everyone else, all the awkward that awaited me. Well I guess, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I loved my Gran enough to trowel through their bullshit to get to spend some time with her, it would be worth it, right?