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A/N: Chapter 26. Where Eric and Sookie have a ~date night. Enjoy! Love to hear your thoughts as always!


It had been a week since Gran had agreed to go in for tests, in that time she’d changed her mind more than once, but when it came time for the appointment she was back around to agreeing with us. Eric drove us both in, and I could tell she was nervous; I was too to be honest. It turns out she had every reason to be nervous, they’d decided they were going to keep her over night for tests, none of us were pleased at that news, and I really didn’t feel right leaving her alone. We’d been there for hours, when she told us both to make ourselves scarce, informing us that Maxine had agreed to call by and fill her in on all she’d been missing out on from the Decedents of the Glorious Dead meetings, and the church fairs from the weeks before. I still felt bad, but decided to take her advice and take my ‘lovely man out on a date for heaven sakes’. Eric was more than on board with that particular idea and they were both right, Eric had done so much for me, and in the two weeks he’d been there, we’d have very little time alone, and when we were alone I was usually far too stressed out and tired to want to do much of anything other than sleep. I felt bad for him; he’d been doing so many things for not just me, but Gran too. He’d been super helpful around the house, and even taken over some of the cooking – much to her amusement, but he meant well, and it was extremely endearing if nothing else.

“So, I made us reservations in town, smart casual.” I said, kissing him on the cheek before I slipped off my shoes when we got home. He was fiddling with his phone and looked up as I walked up stairs.

“Oh, okay, cool…Where are you going?”


Oh?” His brows went up and I knew by his tone where this was going.


“What I didn’t even –“

“No. we’re going on a proper date, with proper conversation and a nice meal.”

His chest deflated as did his cocky smile.


“Then, we come back here and fuck each other senseless until we pass out or die, whichever comes first,” I winked, running up the rest of the steps, hearing him laugh loud and happy before I shut the bathroom door. When I got out of the shower, I checked my phone. Pam and I had been texting each other back and forth since I’d arrived, and I now had three missed calls.

I hit her back, “Something wrong, Pam?”

“No,” she sighed, “just bored…”

“Bored? You’re living in California, working for a celebrity PR firm, you’re covered in gossip…and custom shoes might I add, and you’re bored?” I smirked. She’d really stepped it up a gear in her career in the past few years, ever since she let go of the strings at home she’d blossomed.


“I’m in buttfuck Louisiana, dealing with bullshit. I win.” I smiled.

“I met someone,” Pam said, still sounding forlorn.

“Isn’t that usually a good thing?” I said, rooting through my wardrobe for the sultriest looking dress I had.

“It is, she’s great…but I just… think maybe we’re going too fast?”

“How so?”

“We’re sort of living together?”

“Damn, you don’t waste any time do you?” I smiled, “how long have you been dating?”

“A few months, I really like her…”

“So, what’s the problem? Eric and I were only seeing each other for a few weeks when we started sleeping over, and sleeping over permanently…” I mused.

“Yeah but you and he had this whole twisted love sick history, full of sonnets and suicidal thoughts….”

“Um, no… but carry on…”

“I just don’t know if –“

“Do you like her?”


“Do you trust her?”

“Of course….”

“She get you horny?” I joked.

Pam bust out laughing, as did I.

“Yeah, actually, she does that part really well.”

“Well then,” I shrugged, “go for it. You’ll only regret the shit you didn’t do. Believe me, I know.”

“Hm.. I guess so… Thanks, Sook.”

“You’re welcome, now I’m trying to pick something to wear to seduce Eric tonight.”

“I’m confused, don’t you guys do that …. Every night? Why do you need something special to wear to do it tonight?”

“Well, I don’t. But it’s been a while since we had some time to ourselves, and I don’t know, I want to make it nice.”



“Ah, do you still have that tight black YSL with the lace back I gave you? That’s hot, makes your breasts look amazing too…It’s mostly because you can’t wear a bra with it…”


“I like breasts now, I can say that.”

I chuckled, “okay sure…with red or black heels?”

“Red, match the lipstick and the clutch… You told me Eric has a thing for red. He might have an even bigger thing for it when he’s wiping lipstick marks off his dick tomorrow.”


“As a brick… I take it Adele took the over night stay well, then?”

“Not at first, but she seemed to calm afterwards, plus Maxine said she’d stop by, and I’ll be there first thing tomorrow too…so…”

“Any word from your Dad? Jason?”

“Jason has been working, Dad has been working in Texas, he’s back in a couple of days though, and I’ve not seen my mom or anyone else for that matter…well. Besides Alcide.” I shrugged.

“Yeah, how did that go? Awkward?”

“A little, I mean, I was expecting it to be a lot more awkward than it was to be honest.”

“Still gay?”



“Yes… And I heard Sarah played extra dirty when she divorced Steve.”


“Yeah, she out-ed him and everything, Maxine was telling me, that his whole family refuse to speak to him now, he’s had to move to Boston to get a job, it’s so sad.”

“Sarah was always a little… heartless.”

“I guess so, I mean… I don’t know, it’s cruel on both sides, but she ruined his life. It seems really harsh.”

“Hmm, it does. Just think, had your bitch gene been stronger from your mother, you could have ended up, just like her.”

I shuddered at the thought, “Gee, thanks…”

“Don’t mention it. Listen I have to go, I’ve a early meeting in the morning, but um, have fun on the fake date tonight.”

“It’s not a fake date it’s romantic…”

“Please, it’s public foreplay…and honestly after all you told me tall’n’blond did for you? It damn well better be the best sex he’s had in his life thus far. He’s earned it.”

I smiled.

“I hate to think I’m paying him in –“

“Pussy? Please, he loves your pussy, you think he’s going to mind?”

“I just don’t want to him to think that I don’t appreciate it on other levels…”

“Blah, blah you’re deep and in love and blah, blah. Just go fuck him till his legs buckle, okay, Sweetpea?” She mocked.

“Fine, only because you’re making me…” I teased back.

“Yes, I’m sure it’ll be so HARD for you to do…uh huh… bye, bitch.”

She hung up and I wiped the smile off my face. I really did need to brush up on my foreplay skills.




Sookie had decided to call us a cab to take us to dinner, allowing us both to fully relax and have a few drinks. All in all, her date night idea was very welcomed, we needed some time to just decompress and be alone together with no interruptions. She’d had a couple of glasses of wine while I was showering and getting changed, and wine and Sookie equals a very handsy, Sookie. I won’t lie; I kind of loved it, even if the cab driver was getting some pre-show. Her hands were everywhere, discreetly underneath our coats as we sat in the backseat together, closer than was really necessary, but again, I was never going to complain about it. She smelled awesome, and felt even better. And of course where her hand and dainty fingers was resting on my thigh, dangerously teasing me with the anticipation of whether or not she was going to go there or not was really, really hot. By the time we got seated and served I was both starving for the food and for her simultaneously, I wondered if we’d get kicked out if I had her on the table instead of the meal? She wasn’t wearing a bra I could tell by the back of her dress that and the nip in the air didn’t exactly help her nips either, it was all very distracting.



“What side order do you want? The waitress doesn’t have all day, Honey.” She smiled sweetly to the waitress before sliding her barefoot up my leg. Okay, what the fuck?

“I…I… um…just mash potatoes, please.” I all but squeaked out when her foot gently slid to my crotch. The table was small, and we were seated by the window of the small restaurant over looking Jackson Square – that was all but packed, a packed restaurant with a hard-on was confusing me. I grabbed her foot, holding it still before I leaned over the table to whisper to my very smug looking girlfriend.

“What’s gotten into you, tonight?”

She just shrugged, “hopefully you, later.”

I looked around to see if anyone heard her, and if they had, they hadn’t made any notice of it.

“Sookie!” I whispered.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re gun shy on me now, Northman. It would be such a shame…”

“Why would it be a shame?”

“I’m not wearing any panties…” she shrugged taking a sip of her water, raising her brows at me, torturing me that is what she was doing because the visual of her just sitting there all lady like, commando, well, it was so hot. To say the motherfucking least.


“Mmm, and it’s actually kinda nice…a little …cold, but very freeing. I can see why guys do this.”

As if we were talking about the weather… I was baffled.

She just grinned and reached for my hand, and kissed it.

“I wanted date-night to be a fun night, since it’s been a while since we had any…quality time together. And, by quality time, I mean sexy time, of which, just so you know… there will be lots of later.”

“Why…why…later? Why not just now?”

She grinned, “Well, if we don’t eat how will we keep our energy up for when we get home?”

“Sook…you just told me you’re underwear less in a posh restaurant, and you expect me to care about food?” I leaned over to ask and she just shrugged.

“You should, I know I’m starving, so God only knows how you feel… no, let’s have our nice meal – pray they don’t over do it on the garlic, and see where it goes.”

Calm, collected, sweet even. Not at all like she was just making me hard a few minutes ago, with her foot of all things. She was really surprising me tonight, not that she never typically surprised me, but never usually being so daring and open sexually, never like this.

“Can I ask? What brought this…?” I waved between us, “on?”

“Can’t I just tease my boyfriend? Don’t you like it?”

“No… no don’t get me wrong, it’s all…” I leaned in, “it’s all very nice.”

“So what’s the problem then?”

“No there isn’t one…but…”

“Good, heads up. Our dinner is here…” She smiled, dropping her foot and I heard her slid it back into her shoe before the server set our plates down. Oh, boy.


By the time dinner was over and we were waiting patiently for the cheque, I was about to lose my damn mind. I’d never seen a woman eat as deliberately as she had that night, finding just about everything amazing enough to give a discreet but little moan. A moan that went straight to my pants, as she well knew by the look on her face. I paid the cheque and left a hefty tip, thinking that we’d catch a cab back and get down to business. Sookie had other ideas.

“Wanna take a walk?”

I wasn’t sure I could walk, not without a kick to the nuts to get my mind off of everything else going on down there.

“Um, sure?”

She smiled, and linked arms with me, and we strolled in silence for a little while. Just taking in our surroundings, listening to the live music on the streets, as we mingled with the mix of people doing the same thing. We’d been walking for maybe ten minutes when Sookie squeezed my hand and made a hard left, down what looked like a very suspicious looking alley, with dim lighting and what just screamed ‘come here to get mugged’. I tensed instantly.

“Relax, I’m not going to kill you…” she whispered in my ear, pushing us into the shadows a little more, opening the first few buttons on my shirt, and kissing her way down.


I gripped her arms, in a misguided attempt to stop things before we got caught, but that was going nowhere when she took my hands, slid them down her dress, and then up her inner thighs.

No, definitely not wearing any underwear. I was hard again, feeling all my blood rushing through me, as she touched me softly at first then her grip tightened.

“Do you want to do this here? Outside, where someone might see us? Arrest us?” she whispered, pumping me slowly at first, then faster, then slower, it was hell, it was heaven.

“Do you want me to put you in my mouth, right out here? Where anyone could see?” I moaned when she sucked my earlobe into her mouth, hot and wet – teamed with her words and I was sure I was going into some kind of pleasure coma. I growled a response, and it made her giggle. I’d had about enough of her games, and I told her as much as I turned the tables on us and slide her against the cold brick wall. Her breath hitched and she looked stunned, but still totally turned on, and I hadn’t even touched her yet.

“I’m through messing around, Sookie…” I said as seriously and as menacingly as I could.

“Having a hard time, baby?” She purred, still messing with me, “feeling a little…stiff?” she grinned, clearly loving my frustrations.

I just huffed out a breath and without warning, yanked up her dress and plunged two fingers inside her. Making her moan out loud, so loud that I had to look around to see if we’d been spotted, thankfully the street music drowned us out. I didn’t give her time to adjust, and I didn’t really need too, she was already so wet. She latched on to my neck with her arms, as I held her up against the wall, her legs giving out on her as I coaxed her to an orgasm, one I needed in return rather badly. She panted out wordlessly as she held on, and just when I felt her begin to contract, I stopped, slid her dress back into place and took a step back. To say she looked pissed off was the understatement of the year.

“Two can play at this game, Darling.”

She whimpered slightly closing her eyes, and biting her lip, “I …hate you right now…”

“I know…” I grinned.

“I almost hate you so much I wasn’t going to tell you, I booked us into a hotel a block away… I almost wasn’t going to tell you because now I don’t even know if you deserve –“

I didn’t give her a chance to finish; I just grabbed her hand and hurried us out of the dimly lit alley way of doom.

“Which direction?” I asked hastily, dragging her along, her heels clicking on the street beneath her. She laughed as she pointed me in the right direction, and I swear I’d never walked a block so fast in my life. By the time we got to the very civilized looking B&B, Sookie was back to maybe not hating me, which I was thankful for.

“It was my turn, after all,” she winked as she walked ahead of me, talking to the girl at the desk and retrieving our keys. They were still actual metal keys and not cards, just showed me out ‘authentic’ this place was willing to stay. I didn’t care either way, I just wanted us both naked, and by the way Sookie walked ahead of me up the narrow staircase, she wanted it too.


By round three, I was pretty sure she’d broken me. She was hiding skills from me that I never knew she had before. And she was loud, really, really loud, and it was all kinds of hot watching her just be so free with her body, and her vocal chords, no caring who or what might hear her. Oh, and we’d broken the ‘antique’ dresser on our escapades, but it seemed like a very small price to pay when I could watch my girlfriend blow me from two angles, front and back. It was glorious to stay the least. Breathless and probably paralyzed we settled back into the squeaky bed, sweaty, gross and feeling just about as good as a couple got. I felt like I was floating.

“I can’t feel my legs…how did you do that thing…with the thing?”

She just smirked, “Pam and I, we took a sex class in New York. It was very…educational.”

“You had sex for a class?” I was foggy, that’s what it sounded like.

“No, but we did watch people have sex to ‘learn things’” she finger quoted, sighing to herself, “it was one of Pam’s crazy ideas at the time, along with ice-skating, speed dating and sky diving when she came to visit. I didn’t’ sky dive, I’m not that nuts.”

“I think my heart’s gonna burst…” I commented, because it really did feel that way. She just chuckled.

“Best hundred bucks ever…Thank you Mrs Lee.” She patted my chest before she got up, and walked gingerly across the room to the en-suite. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one feeling a little …delicate.

Eric?” She called after a few minutes.


“Come help me a second?”

I groaned, I so didn’t want to get up, I was still questioning if I even could.

“I…are you stuck?”

“No!” she laughed, “just come here, you’ll like it, I promise.”

That sounded good.

I dragged my ass out of the bed, and carefully made my way to the bathroom, happy as a clam when I saw what was waiting for me.

Sookie sitting in a super sized tub, covered in bubbles. Her long blonde hair tied up in a dainty knot on top of her head, her full breasts dripping with bubbles, the steam from the water enveloping the whole room.

“Happy three year anniversary.” She said with a smile, and I was, for a moment confused. And that’s when I realized that it had been that long, that long since we’d first been…together.

She rolled her eyes and grinned, “yes, it’s super cheesy but I think it should count… even if I fucked it all up right after, it still meant a lot to me… because I loved you then, as I love you now…But I love you more now, if that’s possible.” she said, holding out her hand to me, and I stepped in, some of the water spilling over the side as she slid towards me, both of us sitting Indian style in front of each other.

“It counts,” I clarified.

“It does.” She smiled, “and in four months and nine days…”

“We have our ‘official’, proper, non-fucked-up- iversary.”

She kissed me then, turning herself so her back was to me and she sat between my legs.

“And that definitely counts for everything.”

“That it does…” I said, stroking the wet pieces of her hair away from her neck, kissing it as I did so.

“I love you, Sookie, you and your magical sex skills.”

She giggled, “I love you too, and you’ve got some magical sex skills of your own you know…”

“Oh, I know.” I agreed, and she snorted, “Hey Sookie?”


“Wanna fuck in a two hundred year old bathtub?” I said, with a grin the size of Texas when I saw the little historic plague that said we were to be very, very careful if using it.


“Challenge accepted.” She said, matching my grin as she continued to make that night one of the best and most orgasm filled night either of us could remember. I guess there always is a slight calm before I big storm, especially in Louisiana, we should have known.