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Hey guys! This one was slow in coming because for a little while there I was pretty sure the mojo had died on all my fanfic ideas, but, I opened this tonight and started to see how things would go… and boom! Chapter 16 was born! Really excited to share it, and of course to hear what you think, as always!!


Previously on Devil Wears Discount :

“What’s the policy on touching?”

“…touching? Like…how?”

“Like, we’re a couple; we’ve…been intimate, right?”

I didn’t answer, “So, we’re comfortable with each other, with the touching.”

“What kinda touching we talkin’ about here?” I jerked my eyebrows, “I mean are we talking third base at the dinner table or –“

“No, I mean when I’m with a woman,” that didn’t make my heart beat faster or anything, not at all, “I’m tactile, and …attentive,” he said, his eyes flashing to my lips.

Mind in the gutter; mind all down in the gutter.

“Is that right?”

“Yeah, how are you with guys?”

“Honestly, I’m sort of afraid of PDA…A little…a lot.” I shrugged.


“I don’t know, I just don’t like the idea of people judging me like that, and kissing and groping, they’re intimate personal things that I don’t think the world needs to see…”

He nodded, “I respect that, but Sookie, she needs to see it, this isn’t real…right?”


“So, I can’t think of a better way of securing in her mind that we’re together and you’re balancing your life better by giving a guy a shot, than by giving this guy a shot and going for it.”

“What you’re saying is shit or get off the pot.”

He laughed, “Yes, eloquent as always, Boss.”

“You can take the girl out of Louisiana, an all that.”

“I’d like to see Louisiana Sookie come out to play more…”

“Anything else you’d like?”

He bit his lip, and God help me I wanted to replace his teeth with mine. So many lines were crossed; in fact I was pretty sure the line was now so crossed I was expecting Jesus to show up on it.

“There are a few things I’d like, but I’m not so sure it’s so right wanting them…”


I waited for him to tell me, instead he just shook his head and looked to the ceiling again.

“Come on, tell me!” I poked him in the arm.

“I want to make out with you. There, I said it.”

I just rolled my eyes.

“I mean I’m not talking about blowing me in a bathroom or something, and I know, I know it’s not meant to be on the table, but ever since the first time we did …that… it’s been on my mind.”

“Blowing you in a bathroom? What is going on in that head of yours?!” I laughed, he shrugged smiling, “hey I can’t help it, full time case of foot in mouth, what can I say.”

“Or dick in mouth, as you’d clearly like it to be,” I giggled.

He got quiet, and honestly I don’t know if it was just to break the tension, or just to see how he’d react, but I softly reached over, turned his face to me, and kissed him sweetly once on the lips, and I didn’t move back until he opened his eyes.

“You sure?” he choked out, and I just shrugged moving back in for another kiss.

It was going to be an interesting night, that’s for sure.







I was joking; well, half joking, about making out with her. I wanted it, sure, but I also wanted to mess with her, just to see how far she’d go. I never expected her to make the first move, not this time. Not after all her protests, but, she did.

Light, playful, flirtatious kisses at first, before I worked up the nerve to take charge of the situation. Cradling her face, bringing her closer and deepening the kisses, next thing I knew, she had slid gently on top of me, running her fingers down my bare arm lightly making my skin break out in goose bumps. My heart was pounding in my chest, but it was a great feeling, one I missed terribly. Her soft pyjamas were no match for her skin though, sweet, smooth, and smelling like… coconut; I enjoyed tasting her lips, her neck, listening to her moan softly and melt in my arms. Doing my best not to push things too far, I tempted my fate and pushed her back, rolling us over so I lay over her body, parting her legs open so we fit together comfortably. She groaned as my weight fell on top of her, closing her eyes momentarily and biting her lip. God I loved her lips, her mouth, her jaw line…all of it. I found myself frantically needing to taste it all. We made eye contact for a second before she took my hands and put them on the buttons of her top, encouraging me to pop them open like a kid opening a Christmas present, I may have growled. Popping open the buttons exposed her breasts to me, perfect and pert, weighing heavy but soft in my hands as I palmed them gently as we kissed and grinded together a little deeper than before. I realised a few things making out with Sookie like I was, one, she really doesn’t mind being dominated – in bed, at least as far as we were going she seemed fine with me in control, and for once, it was a nice change in our dynamic. Two, I was pretty much in love with her breasts, and her mouth, and her moans. And three; I really, really wanted to have sex with her. It seemed like we were going that way too, her hands were edging slowly down my pants, and I was aching for her to touch me, just like it seemed she was just as eager for me to touch her. Dry humping can only go so far, and friction was necessary. With her hands on my dick and mine inching inside her, it was perfect, it was heaven. Her breath was hitching and ragged, her tight heat amazing against my fingertips, watching her body react to my touch, fantastic. We’d both worked each other up, into a panting, hot, mess, and wrecked her perfectly made bed in the process.

Harder, just a little bit harder…” She panted near my ear, and I pushed harder, working her with my hand, earning an arch and a moan for my efforts, “I’m not gonna break you know…” she said again, spurring me on even more, with a sly smile from her. I was close, so damn close and all we were doing was jerking each other off, I wanted it to last longer, I wanted to have sex! But no, it just wasn’t to be.

“Eric I’m thirsty…” came the voice on the other side of the door, both Sookie and I froze in place. Then the handle on the door jiggled.

“It jams…” Sookie said pushing me off her, and buttoning up her top at warp speed, it seemed like. The door continued to jiggle, “ERIC, can I has some water PLEEEEASE?”

“Jesus…” I said, trying to will my erection away, not having much luck. Sookie smirked at me, and pushed me back into bed, putting the comforter around me.


“I’ll handle her; you can’t very well go out there with …that…” She nodded at my groin, and I guess she had a point. She opened the door to her bedroom with a very cheerful, and very fake, smile.

“Hey you, what are you doin’ out of bed?”

“I’m thirsty; can Eric get me some water?” Emily said, looking up at Sookie and then to me, her eyes sleepy and her hair a mess.

“How about,” Sookie suggested, “I put you back in bed, and go get you some water, how about that? Eric’s tired okay, so let me do it?”

She poked her head around the door, and I asked her if it was okay, she agreed, and put her arms up for Sookie to carry her back to bed. Sookie looked in too, “you might want to um…take care of that…” she wriggled her eyebrows with a laugh before she disappeared around the corner, and I was left to take matters into my own hands – again, of course. Begrudgingly I trampled my way to her en-suite bathroom and bitterly began to jerk myself off. It just wasn’t fair, the first sign of other humanly action I’d gotten in a good long while and she was being a tiny cock blocking sister! I shut off all other thought, other than Sookie, and her mouth and what it might have been capable off, had we continued. Oh and how I wish we had continued…

After I was done, I peeked back into her bedroom and Sookie still wasn’t back. I had wondered for a second if she’d gone to the store for Evian or something, knowing Sookie like I did, it wouldn’t have been that much of a shock. Instead, I took a shower while I waited for her to return, I felt the need to wash off the shame I felt for begrudging my sister water just because I wanted an orgasm. I washed up quickly and dried off even quicker, eager to see if we could perhaps pick up where we left off, as I went in search of Sookie. I found her, lying next to Emily in the big bed covered in lemon and white bedding, sound asleep. A glass of water half empty on the bedside locker, ignored. I know how it felt!

Well, damn.

Emily was curled up in a little ball, like she always did when she slept, only this time her hand was in Sookie’s, holding on even in her sleep. That broke my heart and made me happy all at once, maybe Sookie was right, maybe all she needed was more female figures in her life, and maybe I needed to loosen up a bit. I’d never admit that of course, because it had just been she and I for a long time, and letting anyone new in was difficult for me. Or at least it usually was, with Sookie though it had been easy, far too easy considering the shaky ground we were on with the little act were about to partake in. I sighed, fixing the blankets around both of them, not wanting them to get cold in the night. I didn’t know what was ahead for us, I only knew that I wanted it to turn out well, make everyone happy, and realistically I knew that was impossible, but I could at least try.



I woke up with a crick in my neck, and cold toes, it took me a second to realize that I was in one of the guest rooms, and not in my own bedroom. The bed beside me was empty and I checked my watch to find I’d over slept, it was almost eight am.

I got up, wandered down the short hallway, peeked into my room to find the room empty, and the bed made and the windows open. How long had they been up?!

By the time I reached the staircase, and the waft of bacon hit me, yum.

I got to the kitchen to find Emily fully dressed, her backpack on the countertop, munching on her French toast and bacon.

“Hey?” I said, and they both turned to me, Eric with the spatula in hand.

“Hey, sleep okay?” He asked with a smile, and Emily just patted the seat beside her for me to sit on.

“Yeah, I guess I just passed out…” I petted her head, “Good morning Missy.”

“ ‘orning,” she said, a mouthful of food and half a smile.

“Yeah you kinda abandoned me last night, got a better offer, huh?” Eric said, slipping some hot food on my place, it wasn’t often food was cooked in my place, least of all breakfast, and least of all by a guy.

“Yeah, I did, Emily is much easier to share a bed with than a stinky boy!” I said in her direction, making her smile. “How did you… deal without me?”

“Oh, you know… it was hard. Really hard actually, but somehow I managed all by myself.”

“You have had a lot of practice; I’m sure…Sleeping alone.” I clarified for our little audience.

“Yeah, but then you know I showered and realized I had California King all to myself, and well, suddenly that became the best thing ever. Amazing bed by the way…I don’t think I’ve slept that good in years.”

“Well, it does beat an IKEA sofa, that’s for sure.”

He nodded, “That it does. Juice?”

“Um, yes…thank you?”

He just laughed, “I have to get Emily to school, we do this every morning, well, almost every morning….see I have this really demanding boss… Her family put her on time out though, so Monday’s are less hectic now.”

“Ha-Ha, you’re such a comedian in the morning.” I wasn’t a morning person, he was chatty and upbeat, it was so annoying at work too.

“I don’t wanna go to school, not today.”

“Life’s tough kid, its how things go,” Eric said, handing me my juice and then wiping her mouth, “You’ve five minutes and we have to get going, okay?”

She ‘tutted’ to herself before she slid off the stool and ran back upstairs, hunting for her shoes.

“Anything you need before your Grandmother arrives? She comes in at noon, right?”

“Yeah, she’s got her own transport from the airport too, she tells me. I guess just wait and see, though I do need you to over-see the –“

“Delivery of that Lanvin back to the studio?”

“Yes, please.”

He nodded, “I can swing by the office after I drop Emily off at school,

“Okay that sounds good, I have a lot of emails waiting for me, and some contracts I need my lawyer to look over, and get back to me this afternoon. I think for sure we’ll be having dinner out somewhere tonight, knowing Gran it’ll be somewhere ridiculously overpriced and pretentious…” I sighed, “But the food will be amazing.”

“Cool, Lafayette gave me a ‘sport coat’ that I could wear, though to be honest I don’t see how it’s made for playing sport, far too formal looking for sport.”

I smiled at his ramble, and ate my breakfast happily. Emily came bouncing down the stairs with her shoes in her hand, shoving them at Eric to put them on her.

He just sighed and lifted her up onto the counter and slipped her shoes on her feet.


“Can’t I just stay here with Sookie?” She asked.

“Nope, Sookie has a lot of work to do, and what about Taylor? You gonna leave her at school all on her own? That’s not very nice, is it?”

“She would miss you,” I chimed in.

“Okay, I guess… but I get to come back here, right?” she asked in my direction this time and I looked at Eric. He nodded.

“Sure! I’ll see you after school, okay?”

With that she beamed and Eric shook his head as she leaned over to give me a hug I wasn’t expecting, and by the look on Eric’s face he wasn’t expecting her to do it either. He managed to get her coat on and get her out the door all before eight fifteen; I was amazed, as I could barely get myself out the door most mornings.

I looked down at the cat circling my feet and noticed that her bowl was also half full; he’d even managed to feed my cat? Did he inhale caffeine? I dragged myself back upstairs to shower, and brace myself for the day, and days ahead. I only hoped Gran was in a good mood, nothing was worse than being stuck with family in a fucked up mood with no escape!


By one thirty my day was circling hell, Gran had arrived with her seven suitcases and her dog, Lexi. Lexi her Teacup Yorkie had a raging hate on for Tina, and immediately caused drama, sending Tina into hiding for her own safety and for damn piece and quite. I only wished I could have done the same thing.

“Oh Sookie I love what you’ve done with the place, really, my room is just lovely. Just lovely! And it’ll be much better to stay here than in the apartment all on my lonesome, or in some God awful hotel in a bed that a thousand people have slept in, and done God knows what else… in… too…” she rolled her eyes and sipped her tea looking around the living room again, petting Lexi before setting her gaze on me.

“Where’s Eric?”

“He’s running some errands, and a few other things he has going on today, he’ll be back later though.”

“I see they’ve been staying here.”

“Yep… that’s what happens when you start dating someone, they usually stay over,” I nodded enthusiastically, or retardedly.

“I see… and how’s it going with him?”

“Good, it’s going good. I mean it’s still early days you know? We’re just taking it slow.”

“And yet he’s staying over, with his sister?”

“Well, what’s he going to do with her? Leave her in the alley?”

“Oh, Sookie, there is no need to be so rude…”

“I’m not being rude, I’m just saying, she’s his family, she’s part of the package deal.”

She smiled and I should have known she was up to no good.

“You know perhaps the assistant has been good for you, he’s certainly changed your attitude about family, that’s for sure.”


“Meaning, your idea of keeping in touch is an email every other month, and you don’t visit for holidays anymore, and you’ve just been flat out avoiding us all, maybe this guy and this child will… help you realize that family is the most important thing in life and that your career, while wonderful, won’t keep you warm at night.”

“No, but my luxury thread count sheets will, and I get to buy them because I work hard for my money.” I smiled, sarcastically making her roll her eyes and continue.

“No, I mean you need to reassess your situation, it was the main reason why I issued that silly little ultimatum.”

“Well there’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one, it wasn’t so ‘silly’ to me, Gran.”

She pursed her lips, “Now Sookie…”

“No, I mean we need to talk about this, I hate this!” I said as calmly as I could, which being honest, wasn’t so calm.

“Not now Sookie. Since you’re so gung-ho about Eric and his family perhaps you won’t mind spending time with your own, tonight.”


“Yes, Jason and Crystal are in town, and I just got a message from Claudine and Ralph, they’re in town too… and we’re all having dinner tonight, to catch up. And of course Eric and the little one are invited.”

“I… no.”


“No… we’ve got…other plans.”

“Plans more important than having dinner with your family, really?”

I was panicking; I really didn’t want this to happen. She was meant to come here, see us, buy it and leave. That’s it! No other family involved! Oh, God I felt sick to my stomach at the thought of Claudine and her claws anywhere near Eric or Emily. With that I heard the front door buzz from downstairs, knowing it was Eric I breathed a sigh of relief. He came in, all cosy looking in his coat and hat, but still windblown with his rosy red cheeks and smell of the cold.

“She here?” He asked from the door, and we walked into the kitchen where we were sure she wouldn’t hear us.

“Yeah, and what I assumed would happen is happening…”

He scrunched up his face, “dinner with la fam?”

“Yep and not just Jason and Crystal, Claudine and her husband too… Ugh.”

He had bags that he started to unpack, and I was wondering what he was doing.


“I brought food, I figured if we feed her she might be nice to us… or if we lace it with vodka?” He smiled and it made me smile, and I looked to my left and saw Gran watching us.


“Hello again, Eric,” she said, calmly leaving her coffee cup on the counter.

“Hello Mrs… Adele,” he smiled wide, and offered out his hand again and she shook it.


“How are you Adele, you’re looking very well.”

“Well thank you, dear. I’m just fine, and I trust you and all the new developments in your life are going well?”

She looked between me and Eric and back to me again.

“Uh, yeah you know, unexpected developments –“

“I’d say so, because you know the last time I talked to you, you said you had no intention of dating my Granddaughter, or entering into any kind of relationship with her, and yet I come to find what now… for a while I’m told … you’ve been doing just that.”

Oh fuck.

“Oh well you know –“

“No, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. When we last talked and I asked you, why on earth did you feel the need to lie to me, Eric?”

“I … I well you see –“His face was going red, right down to his neck. I had to step in, so I grabbed his arm and spoke up, “because I made him.”

You made him?” She asked

“You made me?” He asked, looking perplexed.

“Yes… remember… I was sure that the staff would talk so… I made him lie to anyone that asked about our personal….status.”

“Really?” she said, raising a brow, clearly not buying what we were selling. I felt like a highschooler caught with my boyfriend all over again.

“Yep, and well, I … we were unsure where it was going then and didn’t want to… jinx it.” I lied and shocked myself by just how well I lied.

Gran nodded and then peeked at the food on the counter.

“Oh! Sprinkles? Are those for us, Eric?” She smiled happily, and fell off the shaky subject of Eric and I. Thank you Jesus, and Buddha and whoever else was listening.

“Yeah, of course. I was dropping off that invoice with Bloomingdales, and figured I’d pick some of these up for you guys, and for Emily for later. There’s banana, dark chocolate, orange, peanut-butter chip, vanilla, and red velvet… and a bunch of others in there too… Why don’t you take a seat and I’ll bring them out?” He said to me and to Gran and we did as we were asked. I had to give it to him, he didn’t know she loved cupcakes but I’d thank whatever Gods that gave him that bright idea.

Twenty minutes later, Eric was in full swing delighting my Grandmother, regaling her with stories of his childhood, his parents, Emily and his work previous to working for me. I had to admit, it was refreshing and incredibly sweet of him to step up and volunteer all the information to keep her happy, and it allowed me to get to know this whole other side to him. When he was in the middle of a story, a memory, he looked so relaxed, so charming, and so fucking cute. I could hardly help myself when sitting next to him that I allowed my hand to find his, and he allowed me to hold it. It had been a game, there had been a game plan and everything, but I realized in that moment, all bets were off where he and I were concerned and now I wasn’t sure what was real, and wasn’t. And I didn’t know what terrified me more, the idea that it could be fake, or even worse, that what I was feeling, could be real!