This isn’t an update, but it is a rant on health.

So, for the past month I’ve been dealing with some pretty crappy sinus problems. Problems I’ve never had before in my life, so it’s come as a shock to me to have ear aches at 26, never mind bloody ear aches that last a month, spread to my jaw bone, the back of my ear and my damn temple. No, not at all prepared for that. Nor was I prepared for 3 course of antibiotics that have rendered me pretty zombiefied this last few weeks, and the pain, oh, GOD the pain. Picture this, you’ve been awake for 30+ hours, with about an hour or two of ‘napping’ within that time, you’re not really in the world you’re sort of behind the glass of your life, because everything feels weird without sleep, right? Right. Picture that, for a month. Because, every time you lay your head on something to try and sleep like a nice normal human, your body goes ‘NO BITCH YOU’RE GOING TO STAY AWAKE AND BE IN PAIN, MUAHAHA.’


You hate your body for this; it’s a bitch that needs to be slapped.

And so, you get referred to a surgeon, who is lovely and hilarious and Greek who tells you, you have a beautiful nose and its fun because he just hovered your ears.

Tip : Don’t use cotton buds… or what is the American term, Q-tips?

(Why the Q? Shouldn’t it be C-tips if they’re cotton?) Anyway, don’t. Because apparently you thhiinkk you’re being all clean and whatnot when in reality you’re just pushing grossness back into your ears. BAD TIMES.

So, anyway, that taken care of and given yet more drops and sprays, I figured woowhoo home free right?


Seven more days of bone crushing pain, little sleep, NO WRITING, no date, no friends, nadda.

Until today. New doctor gave me super, super painkillers, and I’ve been painfree(ish) for around EIGHT WHOLE HOURS. You guys, I know my name again! I’m hoping it kicks in when I go to sleep too, so that I can actually, you know…sleep.

Le Joy.


In my pain riddled state though I did manage to do something productive writing wise. No, Devil Wears Discount is not dead, nor is Southern Belles (is annnyone still with me? Anyone? :S) because, one of the nights where I was up at five am, sobbing with pain, I managed to plot things out for them. Now keep in mind they were plotted through pain, so they might not be the most coherent right now, but that’s what chapters are for! They aren’t dead, it’s just when I get a new idea, I tend to run with it for ten or so chapters before the plot starts to actually take shape, and then it dies for like a week, so something else takes over. My brain, tis fun y’all.



Anyway, that’s just a little half update on things I’m working on as well as trying NOT to die of pain.

Thanks for reading.