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When we last left TDWD –


I unzipped the bag to find an envelope taped onto the hanger, with my name on it.

I opened it to find a cheque also with my name on it, and twenty-five grand addressed to me.

Both girls’ eyes went wide, and I didn’t have time to think, I just handed Holly the bag and sprinted down the hallway, ignoring the elevator in favour of the stairs. Her car was still parked out front when I got there. I wasted no time, and jumped in.

“Eric? What the hell!” she said, startled.

“I…um…”I tried to catch my breath, “I thought we talked about this. I don’t want the money. I never really did this for the money, Sookie.”

She just rolled her eyes and uncrossed her legs, “I know, but a deal is a deal, Eric. I want you to take it. Just, take it.”

“No. I told you –”

“Dude, seriously, stop. I need you to just agree with me on this and get out of the car so I can go!”

“No, not until you take it back.”

We both sat looking at each other, well, glaring would be a better word really.

“Neither of us are gonna give in, are we?” she asked and I nodded ‘no’. She sighed looking out her window, and then looking back at me.

“You’ve got to make things difficult for me, huh?”

“They wouldn’t be if you’d just look at this as a friend doing you a favour and leave it at that.”

“But there was a contract!”

“Fuck the contract,” I said and she looked at me, unable to contain her smirk.

“Can’t do that, imagine the paper cuts…” I just smiled, enjoying the fact that I could smell her perfume from where I sat. I never know what it was, but I always knew I loved it.

“You should come inside, meet my friends, give Em’ the dress yourself. You worked really hard on it and I know she’d love to see you?”

Ok so she was asleep, but hey, if it got her inside…

“I shouldn’t I mean I’d be just dropping in like that, It would be rude.”

“I’m inviting you, I mean technically I didn’t invite anyone upstairs tonight, they all kinda just showed up to help and now won’t leave.”

“I don’t really know, Eric, it’ll be awkward.”

I just furrowed my brows at her, “I remember you walking into parties at fashion week and ruling the room, this is just a fraction of that.”

“Yeah but I was in work mode, work me is a bitch in case you failed to notice. Bitches get stuff done.”

“Okay, so, take Tina Fey’s advice again and maybe get stuff done, but be less bitchy about it. Amelia is dying to hang out with ‘the’ Sookie Stackhouse, and Sam’s girl is really sweet, they won’t bite if you don’t, I promise.”

“Oh she’s Sam’s girlfriend? Oh… I thought…” she shook her head, “never mind…”

She looked thoughtful about what I asked and a little embarrassed by what I assumed she was assuming about who Holly was, but in the end I could see she decided against it. She wasn’t ready.

“Maybe another time?” She suggested gently.

“If you insist, I’m pretty sure Terry is two more beers away from breaking into song, it’s always a hilarious treat. You’re missing out.”

I smiled.

“Definitely another time, then?”

“Sure. In fact, I’m taking Em’ trick or treating tomorrow night at six after her little school party, you should come.”

“Oh… um… really?”

“Yeah, I mean there’s free candy, what else do you need?”

She smiled big and real, I loved that smile.

“Do I get to dress up?”

“Well, it’s kind of a requirement for this sort of thing.”

“Really, so… what do you dress up as?”

“You’ll just have to show up, and find out for yourself won’t you?”

She pursed her lips holding back a smirk, “are you flirting with me?”

“I don’t know is it working?”

She just rolled her eyes, “I’ll see you at six, Eric.”

I guess it did.

“Good, cool, see you at six…” I said before I made my way out of the car.

Well this Halloween was certainly shaping up to be a whole lot less scary than last year, that’s for sure. I watched her car pull out of its parking spot and drive away, and it wasn’t until I got into the elevator that I realized I had one hell of a grin on my face. Not only had I my brand new room, with my brand new giant bed to look forward too, I had Sookie – in a costume to look forward to, too. So far, already the best Halloween ever!


I moved the phone from my ear, to speakerphone, placing it on my dresser as I buttoned up.

“No, move it up, we need to have that meeting before the shoots …are you kidding me? No. Just make it happen, if she’s pregnant now…we either use the shoot as her announcement or we can it. I’m not sticking her in couture for this shoot to have to alter it, so we move it up or we replace her.” I sighed, putting the finishing touches to my costume as I took my last calls of the day; I was stressed but trying not to let it bring me into a full-blown bitch-fit. I wanted it to be a nice evening, to see Eric and Emily have a little fun and perhaps ditch my calorie counting ways and indulge in massive amounts of sugar.

I looked in the mirror again, making sure I got my wig straight, got my cape on right, and touched up my lipstick. I was Wonder Woman, complete with a real wig that would make Beyonce proud, some badass boots and everything in-between. I had the costume in my closet from the year before, when work dictated everything and I missed Pam’s big Halloween party, this year she and her girlfriend were skipping the festivities in favour of a night a home, with candy. I can’t say I blamed her, planning parties was never fun, they were fun for the guests just not the hostess, at least in my experience. I slipped on my trench coat, to provide at least a little dignity until it got a little darker and I felt a little more in the spirit of things. I was sure I would once I got to Eric’s, and saw Emily in her costume and Eric in his, I’d feel more comfortable as part of a little group, as opposed to a grown ass woman running around upper Manhattan in skin-tight materials and a weave. I noticed Hoyt giving me the side eye a few times as he tried to figure out who I ‘was’ for Halloween, it was comical in a way, he tried to be oblivious about it, only making himself more obvious.

“Want a peek?”

That startled him, and I took evil pleasure in the look on his face.

“I… no?”


“I mean… No it’s not…I wasn’t wondering or anything.”

“Really? If I saw a woman get into my car with just a coat covering her, a wig and some snazzy boots, I’d sure be wondering.”

He smiled, and so did I.

“I’m Wonder Woman. Get it? Wondering? See, Hoyt? I can make the funny.” I said laughing before I sat back, seeing his eyes only through the rearview mirror.

“If you don’t mind me saying so, Miss Stackhouse, but you’ve changed a lot these last few months – and it’s not a bad change either.”

Now that shocked me.

“I don’t meant to butt my nose in, but in this job you hear a lot and you see a lot – most things go in one ear and out the other if I’m being honest… But your change it’s nice, it’s hard to forget.”

Oh…” I said, not sure if there was anything else to say.

“Eric has been good for you…If you don’t mind me saying.”

“He’s just my –“

“I’m not asking what he is or isn’t, Miss. I’m just sayin’ whatever he is or isn’t has been good for you, that’s all.”

He nodded as I sat back again in my seat, now with a little more to muse over before we got to Eric’s neighbourhood in Brooklyn. If even Hoyt was noticing a change, did that make it so?


I thanked Hoyt, for the first time in a long time, I thanked him for doing his job and dropping me off, I can’t say which one of us was more shocked by it either. I got the Eric’s door and when I knocked I heard the patter of tiny feet on the tile floor inside, something get dragged across the floor and then a shout.


I heard something get dragged away from the door, and the next thing I see a Fairy open the door, standing on chair to do so. I laughed; she was certainly a resourceful little kid, that’s for sure.

“I’m too short to open it without the chair, but Eric said I shouldn’t open it at all …but it’s you and you’re not a stranger so he can’t get mad!” She said as she hopped off the chair, dragging it back to open the door fully and let me inside where I put my bags down freeing my arms.

“You like?” She asked doing a little twirl, and I had to admit, the little fairy looked beautiful. I told her as much too, and she ran off in the direction of what I assumed were the bedrooms with a smile on her face. A second later, Eric came out of one of the other rooms, what I assumed to be his bedroom now, dressed in a very peculiar costume.

“Hey!” He smiled, “you like?” I noticed both he and Emily asked the question the same, I found it hilarious how alike they were in the smallest of ways. It was very endearing.

“I’m confused… what are you?” I took in his costume which appeared to be a pumpkin of some kind. He was head to toe in black including a long-sleeved t-shirt and what appeared to be workout lycra leggings, then his costume was around his lower torso and went right to the tops of his knees.

“I’m Pie. Get it?”

He turned and yes, there it was, the mathematical sign for pie, as in the 3.14 version, he was covered in numbers, as well as tiny pictures of actual pies. It was very clever and very funny once it sunk in.

“You…are such a math geek, aren’t you?” I asked with a smile.

“Pretty much the biggest you’ll ever meet, but hey, at least mine is original. What are you? A flasher?”

I scowled at him. “Uh, no, Pie Boy. I’m…” I whipped off my coat in once quick swift movement, revealing my Wonder Woman get up, and, by the look on his face, it was something Eric was enjoying very much.

I grinned when I realized he couldn’t stop staring.

“I… like Wonder Woman. Always have…she was hot…” he said taking me in, again.

“I’ll take those as compliments then…hey…up here?” I said motioning for him to stop staring at my breasts, as comical as his face was, we had to get a move on.

“Em! Strap on them wings Sis, we gotta get going!”

Six blocks, a meet up with Amelia and Taylor, and three times at catching Eric staring at my wondrous chest later, and we were almost done. I was hyped up on sugar, and well into the spirit of the whole thing, having the girls there to meet up with all their little friends made it easier too.

“I haven’t had sugar in weeks, this is really a bad idea, I’m pretty sure my ears are ringing from this…” I said to Eric as I finished off some more skittles and he just laughed as we approached our last house. That’s when the Bitch came back out.

I looked at Amelia, and she looked at me, we both rolled our eyes at the woman at her door handing the kids toothbrushes and dental floss. Eric just made the kids say thank you, but I wasn’t having it.

“You know, Lady, I get that you think you’re being a special little snowflake here by Grinching these kids out of fun things at Halloween, but you’re really not, you’re just being mean.” And it pissed me off, all the other houses fawned over the kids cuteness and their costumes and it made the girls really happy, this bitch was just …well… a bitch.

“Miss, I don’t think it’s any of your concern what I choose to hand out, or what message I choose to send out to irresponsible parents who let their kids get hyped up on candy and get out of control.”

“Message…? It’s Halloween! The only ‘message’ about this is that it’s meant to be a fun, family filled time.”

“But it’s necessary to keep control!” She countered.

“Sookie maybe we should just go…” Eric said and I sighed.

“Lady, next time just don’t open the door, it’ll hurt the kids less if you do that.”

“But if I do that, they’ll egg my house.”

I just rose a brow at her and stepped away from the door, “Who’s to say they won’t do that anyway?”

She looked shocked and I looked to my left to see Amelia doubled over trying to keep her laughter inside, it wasn’t working. I think we were all a little hyped up.

Emily tugged at my belt and I hunkered down to her level

“Are we really going to egg her ugly house?” She whispered to me and I looked to Eric and then back to her. I really wanted to, the bitch deserved her trick after all, but then again there were kids present, and that wouldn’t really set the best example.

“No, of course not. That would be wrong.”

“She was wrong!” Emily argued, stomping her little feet as we walked.

“Well, no she wasn’t wrong. Flossing is important, but, I guess I just thought she was spoiling the fun and I got a little upset, but we can’t egg her house, even if it would be… an improvement.”

Eric shook his head.

“What? It would be. But, we can’t…So let’s just go home and be thankful for the candy we got and the fun we had? Huh?”

She nodded her head and held her hand up for me to take it, my heart melted a little every time she’d do that. I just needed to remember that she was a little kid and I had to show an example for her when she was around, it wasn’t something I was so used to, yet.


“I like her, Eric. I mean I’m annoyed by how amazing she looks like swanning around in that costume, but, she’s not as scary as she was before. It’s kind of cool.” Amelia said nodding her head.

“Cool?” I asked as I got the beers for the guys, and she got the girlie looking drinks in my new kitchen.

“Yeah, I mean whatever you say is or isn’t going on between both of you…that’s fine. But for someone like her to show up just for trick or treating? It’s pretty significant.”

“What do you mean?”

“Duh, nothing might be happening for real, but she sure wants it to.”

“She’s just here for Emily.” I reasoned, even if I hoped otherwise. My answer earned me a glare, I ignored it.

“Sure… Sure.”

She didn’t believe me, not that I blamed her, I was a shitty liar.

When we finally got the girls to bed, it left the adults to dig into the hidden candy stash and the hidden alcohol stash too. None of us were getting smashed, but after a day of little kids plus what probably ended up being a ton of sugar, it equalled the right for a beer or two to mellow us all out. Sookie was at ease, oddly, as she sipped her drink and slipped a lollypop into it for ‘flavor’ making conversation with Sam who had stopped by with candy for Emily.

“You know, Sookie, you aren’t at all like I thought you’d be like.” Sam said aloud and I started to sweat.

“Oh, really?” she said, looking to me then looking back to Sam. “Why is that, Sam?”

Sam looked to me, and he was clearly trolling, the bastard.

“Is it because I’m not breathing fire? It’s early, give it time.” She laughed, setting down her drink.

“He never said a bad word, I swear.”

She laughed at that, even Sookie saw through Sam’s sweet but in the end total bullshit filled lines.

“I’m sure he didn’t, Eric would never do such a thing as bitch about his Bitch of a boss, right Eric?”

I shrugged.

“You have your moments.”

“Hmm, you’re lucky I’m both sugar filled and vodka soaked right now, or you’d be fired.”

Everyone laughed, because she was clearly in full sarcasm mode, but it was interesting to see her so, well, at home, with my friends and in my new place.

“Yeah Eric, I mean she’s nowhere near as evil as you make out, all the time.” Amelia interjected, with an equally evil grin. Why was I friends with these people again?

“I hate you, all of you.”  I said sipping my beer in protest to their laughs.

“He’s right though,” Sookie offered up, nibbling on a chip she’d taken from the bowl that sat on the coffee table in front of her. “I am awful sometimes, really awful, I have earned so many unflattering nicknames at work, it’s beyond.”

“Aw, I’m sure it’s not that bad.” Ames tried to sooth, eternal Mom that she was.

“Oh, it is, trust me.” She answered with a nod as I took my seat next to her. “Ice-Bitch, The Devil, Satan in Satin heels, Certifiable Sookie… they think I don’t hear it, but I do. I mean, it’s fine, but I mean really I’d just rather they’d be a little bit more creative.” She waved her hand about in protest and I couldn’t help but laugh. It wasn’t the nicknames or the hate that annoyed her, it was that if they were going to talk about her behind her back, she wanted them to at the very least, put some effort into it.

“They have no idea how hard it is…doing what I do and not committing mass murder.” She shrugged. I had to agree with her, on the outset it looked like she had this charming life, everything on silver, or…platinum platter, rather. It couldn’t have been further from the truth, she worked her ass off, at times literally, to get the business where it needed to be. Six months before I would have mocked her for such a statement, but now I understood it more, I understood her more.

“It’s like you, Amelia.” She added.

“It is?” Ames asked, clearly confused as she looked from me, to Sam, to Trey and back to Sookie.

“Yes, I mean you’re a full-time Mom, and most people who don’t have kids almost always look down on full-time mothers, either accidentally or not and that’s fucked because it’s just so hard and you get almost no acknowledgement for it.” She took another sip of her drink and had Ames nodding along with her.

“Here, here.”

Sookie looked to me then.

“Nor do the Dad’s or the brotherly dads that do the same while having to battle the Wicked Witch of the Upper West at work, either.”

“She’s not so bad.” I admitted, and Sam now well on his way to drunk, chimed in.

“No, she’s not so bad at all, she’s Wonderful…Hehe.” He giggled, legitimately giggled at his little pun while patting Sookie’s knee, I didn’t know if she was going to hit him or hug him with the look she gave him, but either way, I was glad that even though she was clearly deep in semi-drunk though, her spirits were still high, and that my friends liked her, it was promising that’s for sure.


By the time Eric’s friends left, I was drunk, and I knew I was drunk because everything anyone said was simply hilarious. I said my goodbyes, reaffirmed my promise to take Ames on a tour of the building and then to lunch that week, and then I wobbled to Eric’s kitchen to pour myself a much-needed pint glass of cold water. I couldn’t stay there drunk; I would say too much, I would think too little. I had to at least attempt to sober myself up.

I looked around Eric’s new, and considerably bigger kitchen, it was all white, and probably the well fitted production of IKEA, everything was functional and cute, and very Swedish looking. I felt he’d feel right at home, in my drunken musings.

“There you are.” Eric said coming into the kitchen, dumping some stray toys into a giant toy bin that sat by the door.

“Here I am. Stealing some water, I drank too much tonight, bad move.”

“Maybe, but you had fun out there, I saw that much. And, my friends really like you, also a major plus.”

“They’re good people. Not that I’m surprised, I mean, but I really enjoyed tonight you’re right, I did have fun.”

“You let loose, and I mean besides threatening to egg that woman’s house, and then Emily being too hyper to want to sleep, I think the night was chilled over all.” He nodded, flipping the switch on the coffee pot.

She had a mini sleep over with Taylor; Amelia lifted her and took her with them when they left though, as they had a date with her Grandmother the next day, apparently. She was a good kid too, and like all kids when she and her best friend got to together, madness ensued. I was roped into one game of Barbie’s and some ‘tea before I was allowed out to play with the adults. I smiled at the memory; I remembered those days, when things where simple and I longed for something more and now I just wanted that simplicity back.

Ten minutes, and a cup of coffee later, it seemed like things were pretty simple from where I was sitting, allowing work, and family, and expectation to fall away and to just enjoy the company of a guy I liked, who made me laugh, on his new, incredible comfortable couch. Life, I thought, could have been worse.

“Big improvement, by the way,” I said nodding at the apartment in general. Everything was clean and new, bright and shiny, there was a lot more space, square footage wise, than the other place, and it seemed more like a grown ups home now rather than a make shift frat house.

“Thanks. I’ve had my eye on this place for a while, ever since I helped the pervious owner paint her door a few years ago.”

“God, did you kill her?” I joked.

He smiled, “Nah didn’t have to. She moved to be with her son in Florida, we’re her sub letters, but the contract is pretty long, so it’s fine.”

He looked at me, and in the soft light of the living room it was hard to tell, but it seemed like he wanted to say something more, but something, somewhere was holding him back.

“Spit it out.” I said after a few awkward moments of silence between us.

“I was just thinking about my mom, I think she’d be proud, that I’m finally getting my shit together, where Em’ is concerned at least. Hopefully giving her a proper home is the first step in that…” he mused, sipping his beer with a shrug. I still couldn’t begin to imagine how hard things had been for him, going from a kid barely into his early twenties, and to suddenly be the only family that little girl had. To be the parent she needed and to be the grownup one. All before he hit twenty-five, it had to suck.

“What was she like, your mom?”

He smiled with a sad sort of far away look on his face.

“She was awesome and really funny too. I think Emily has her sense of humour at times, it shows through. She was petite and had bright blue eyes and dark hair, and lots of freckles… she smiled a lot, she was never really one to sweat the small stuff, that was my Dad’s job.” He laughed shaking his head.

“He was the worry wart, she used to say. I think she would have liked you, she was no-nonsense underneath her motherly exterior, and she appreciated blunt honesty, and a good pair of shoes. I guess I get my style from my dad…”

“How long were they married?” I asked, wanting to know more.

“Thirty years, when they went on that vacation… it’s hard to believe being married as long as I’ve been alive. I mean, they made it look so easy, you know? They made everything look easy.”

“I guess as kids, it’s hard to see the reality… the realness outside of the kid tinted glasses.” I mused and he agreed.

“I just hope they’d be proud, you know? That I’m hopefully doing what they’d do for Emily, give her a good home, the foundation to make her a good person.”

I smiled and tapped my coffee against his beer.

“They are, because you are. You’re doing the best you can, no one could ask more than that.”

“And what about you? You’ve been doing more than your best, as far as I can tell and your family still aren’t satisfied.”

“Yeah, well, my family are crazy, what can I say.” I rolled my eyes. “I wonder sometimes though, what it would have been like for Jason and me if Mom and Dad hadn’t died when they did. I guess I’ll never know, but like you, I guess I can’t help but wonder. I mean, growing up with Gran… she gave us everything, she taught us how to be hard-working, focused, and she loved us, I know that too. Even if her way of showing it sometimes is harsher than others.” I laughed, mainly because it was true, they were crazy but they were family and as someone once said, you can’t pick your family. We talked a little more about his family, and things he remembered that he hoped he could tell Emily about one day, funny stories, unfortunate incidents when he was a nerdy kid of two ‘foreign’ parents growing up on the Easy Coast. We got more comfortable with each other as time past, and apparently I got bolder too, I’d like to have blamed the alcohol but that was wearing of nicely by that point, and any and all come-ons came from little old me.

“I do wonder though, what it would be like if I’d just met you in a bar somewhere, and you’d hit on me…” I giggled at the thought of things being so…normal.

“In my shabby tees and ripped jeans? I can imagine the reaction, and it’s not pretty.” He smirked, rising his brows so they disappeared into his hairline in faux shock.

“I don’t know, a few cocktails in, I could have been ignoring the jeans and focusing on the tall cute guy with the nice eyes.”

“Is that right?”

I shrugged, sipping my coffee.

“I wonder about a lot of things though, that’s just one of them.”

“Such as?”

I decided to just say what was in my head, no filter it was necessary, not now. Not with how we’d been looking at each other all night. All week, really.

“What it would be like with you inside me, what we’d be like in bed. I wonder would there be the usual struggle that we have everyday with the way our personalities clashes or, would it be…explosive in the best possible way.”

I smirked, and he looked a little nervous, “I have my own guesses, but it’s still ponder some.”

“I won’t lie and say I haven’t thought about that myself. But in my head, there’s never any struggle, and I’m awesome…” he smiled shyly.


“And you worship me, but that’s a small detail…” he shrugged, sarcasm dripping from his every word.

I laughed out loud and he sipped his beer, “Sarcasm, just one of the many services I offer.” He added and I just rolled my eyes.

“About those services, I don’t jip anyone out of a pay cheque, Eric. Even Sophie and all she does is file her damn nails all day. I need you to take that money.”

He shook his head, “We’ve been over this, no.”

“But you agreed.”

“We agreed to do and not do a lot of things under that contract that we didn’t hold up, so I don’t want the money I told you.”

“Well, if not for you then, for Emily? Nest egg? College fund? Who couldn’t use –“

“It’s not the point.”

Male pride, it would be the damn death of me.

“So this is some male pride thing? Really?”

“Maybe it is.”

“Ugh. That’s such bullshit dude, if it were me and I agreed to do this for you, you think I’d have any issue taking my payment? No Sir. Why? Because I’d be dumb not to. Just like turning down this money that has your name on it, is dumb. Just take the damn cheque.”


I just sighed, “I could just force you to take it, you know. Just buy you things with it or leave it in your account…or…” with that I didn’t have a chance to finish my senseless rant because his lips were on mine, and after a second of surprise, I gave in. sinking back into his new couch softly, I grabbed his face and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss as much as I could, and before I knew it we were making out with vigour. After a few minutes of misguided fondling, I pulled back and he leaned back from his position above me.

“You’re still taking the cheque though…!”

“Seriously you stopped the kissing for more arguing? Woman…”

“Don’t woman me, MAN… Take it.”


Take it…”

“No.” He said leaning in again and I turned my head. Suddenly I had leverage.

“I won’t kiss you again, ever, if you refuse it.”

He just raised a brow and rolled his eyes, looking to the side as if to try to come up with a counter offer.

“Well, who says I want to kiss you again anyway?” He huffed, and it just made me smile, his game was weak and he knew it.

“The party in your pants, now just take it so we can move on.”

“Damn it, Sookie…” he said, pulling away from me, seemingly lost in though, all action came to a screeching halt.

The tension between Eric and I had always been there, in one way or another it had raised its ugly head right from the start. Now though it was different, we’d been through some things, we’d made some deals, and we’d gotten to know each other on a level I never expected, and had you asked me months before, I would have told it I didn’t want it, either. But there we were, no longer bound by self-imposed rules, or worries as to what everyone else might think, we were just us, sitting on his couch, drowning in said tension. It was time to do something about it, consequences be damned. I was scared, admittedly the alcohol was helping me feel brave, but I knew without it I would have chickened out. I was such a disaster with men, and with this one it was no different, in my head, but I knew that he was different, at least on the surface of things, and I knew I wanted to see if there really was a spark there, beyond the tension. So, I leaned over and kissed him again as he was mid-sentence about the deal not really working so why should he take the money. I didn’t want to talk about the money issue anymore, not right then. So I kissed him again, gently, and I pulled back, just enough to see the surprise in his eyes, and it felt like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. But, it seemed to be enough of a green light for him because he just turned fully to face me, slide his hand up my bare arm and pulled me gently towards him again. Kissing me with vigour, and yet handling me with care, I took his encouragement and ran with it, pulling him down so that we were making out on his new couch on top of each other. It was awkward for a second or two, neither of us sure how things were meant to progress since there was so much hanging in the air between us, but, of all the time he and I had begun making out, this time I knew I wanted the destination to be somewhere other than awkward. So, I took charge for a time, just doing what I wanted with him, kissing him how I wanted – hard and fast and deep and with as much fervour and feeling as I could project, and he gave what he got back, and then some. The one thing I knew about Eric, yes he was self-conscious as there was so much to his gangling self, but he knew how to work with what he had, even if it took him a second to realize it. There was little sound filling up his apartment, the soft sounds coming from the iPod in the corner, the faint sound of the traffic outside, but the most prominent was that of us, together, as we pulled apart for breath, soft panting, a little grunting, before we dived back in for more. We both wanted more, that much had been obvious for a while, and I for one was sick of denying myself. As his hands ghosted up my shirt, pushing my bra down, and exploring my breasts, he moaned a little as we kissed, it was almost more of grunt, immediately having a physical effect on my nipples and causing me to whimper back in appreciation. He moved to sit up, taking me with him, and with a small movement, he had my ass in his hands, and he lifted me, as if I was as light as air, and I all but clambered into his lap. Grinding myself on him for good measure, and just to get more of those delicious sounds out of him, I focused in on his neck, lightly, tenderly, but full of confidence now, things were starting to flow better. Eric thought so too, if the bulge in his pants and the reddening of his neck and face were anything to go by, he was concentrating very hard to keep things in check.

“I… we’re… right.” He said, as if to himself, and the next thing I knew I was in the air, as he stood, allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist.

“Bedroom?” I pulled back to ask and he half smiled.

“I actually have one now, it has a lock on the door and everything.”

We bumped into a lamp and a table before we got there, but when we did, it was worth it. Landing on the soft, freshly made bed felt like heaven on its own, but more so when he jerked his brows before he turned and almost ran to the door and flipped the little lock.

“She’s nosy, and silent like a ninja, I don’t want to …you know…”

“Scar her for life?” I added as he came back, yanking off his black t-shirt in the process. His body was something alright.

“Exactly.” He smiled, leaning down to kiss me, as I sat on the edge, I kicked off my shoes, and let him between my legs, as I leaned up and he leaned down, we just kissed, innocently at first, but then neither of us could really wait any longer and I moved things along. I reached for the belt on his pants, noting it was Gucci and feeling a little bit proud of my former garment challenged friend. I yanked it off, and discarded it somewhere to my left, starting on his buttons, as he slid his hands to my sides, lifting my blouse, I let go of his pants momentarily to let him pull the sheer top over my head, leaving me in my tank and jeans – I was so glad I had the forethought to pack regular clothes and free myself of my Wonder Woman get up. Clothes were stripped and pretty soon we were on top of each other again, just making out on his big soft, brand spanking new bed. It may have turned me on more to know how hygienic this sex would be, and that I would be the first woman fucking him up in here. Mad logic, but my logic none the less.

When we’d both reached our limit, when we just couldn’t stand it anymore, and I had to have him and he had to have me, I needed more than his fingers inside of me, I needed it all, and I needed it now. I pulled back.

“You have …what we need…right?”

It took him a second, but then it was light a light bulb went off.

“I actually do, I mean I hadn’t been planning any…Sextra curricular activities to be honest, but they were part of Sam’s ‘house warming’ gift to me.” And with that he reached into his bedside locker and produced a giant box of condoms.

“Someone was optimistic.” I commented with a smile as he ripped one open and we both pretended what he was doing didn’t look awkward.

“Sam is the most optimistic person I know, it’s weird, and not something I want to be talking about with a hard-on, so I’m going to shut up.” He said, with a charmingly embarrassed look. I grabbed his face and started kissing him again, whatever happened next I wasn’t going to allow either of us to feel self-conscious about.

It was slow, and thoughtful, and incredibly intimate. Weird since sex is the closest two people can get physically, but sometimes emotionally the most distance can happen during sex, I had that experience before. But, not now not with Eric. Not as we kissed and fucked, not as we did our best to keep quiet, even though every touch seemed to be electrified and purposeful, not even when I let him lead, I almost never led men lead in bed. I was a boss in the office and in bed, it was my thing, but with him I guess even there regular rules didn’t apply. No rules applied, not that night, as every nerve I had in my body seemed to be on edge feels those lips brushing against me. As his hand comes up to the side of my neck and I lean into him, he doesn’t rush, neither of us do, we have no need to. And for Eric it was as if he was savouring every kiss, every touch, and I had to admit, if he was, then I was too. We’d danced around this, for too long a time.

“Better…” he moaned, and then looked into my eyes to clarify as my confused face must have alerted him.

“It’s better than I imagined, you’re so…” he thrusted. “So…”

“Better?” I finished ignoring our fucked up grammar and wrapping my legs tighter around his waist, and he grunts in agreement. Some guys liked to talk during sex, some girls too from what Pam had told me, but I wasn’t much for conversation, there was goal during sex, and it wasn’t small talk. With Eric, I didn’t feel that pressure, the pressure to reassure him, or call him pet names. I didn’t feel the need because for some reason just seeing his eyes, seeing how connected we already were, wordlessly, comforted me immensely. All thoughts are scattered from my brain as we move position again, the squeak free bed, being a Godsend.

My eyes roll back in my head a little as he sucks my lower lip into his mouth and runs his tongue over it as he enters me, my breath hitching with every thrust, going deep and pulling back, over and over. Gasping as his lips laid on mine, his stubble against my face as he moves from my mouth to my cheek, to my neck where he buries his head to stop his moans for getting louder. I had no such hiding place, so I put my hand over my mouth as our rhythm picked up, over and over, small censored moans escaping me, escaping him, calls to God, and Jesus, all necessary to voice what we were both feeling.

I move to flip us over, wanting that control back, as I straddle him, noting the hooded lust in his usually bright blue eyes, he grabbed my hair roughly pulling me back towards him the space between us still too much, and when his tongue pushes into me I moan unrestricted, and we both froze. We sat, him inside me, mid-fuck, and we both hope against hope we haven’t woken the nosy five-year old in the next room. We proceed with caution, but not much because by that point we’re both on teetering on the edge, chasing that release. Everything got tense, he bit his lip, he grabbed my hair, I clasped onto his back with my hands, as I sat atop him and he sat up to pull me even closer. I felt the build up and I forced us both to slow down – wanting to savour the moment, and when it and I came, I was seeing stars. Glorious stars. And just as I coming down from my high, he tensed, he swore, he buried his face in my neck again, and I heard him moan as he lost all control inside of me. My whole body felt limp, tired and sore, but all in the best possible way. It took a minute or two, both of us breathing erratically, grinning like idiots in the process, laying next to each other not really sure of what to say next. What else could we say, ‘damn, should have done that sooner?’

I didn’t want to ruin the moment, and it seemed neither did he. His flushed red face, neck and chest still delectable, even if we were both sweating messes.

I sighed happily as kissed me on the shoulder, before slipping out of bed wordlessly and as I saw, he tip toed into the bathroom, returning moments later, condom less, and cleaned up, a great big grin on his silly handsome face.

He hoped back into bed next to me, manoeuvring me under his left arm, pulling be close and covering us with his new comforter.

“Mmmm.” He said, seemingly to himself.

“Mmm?” I looked up to him, “feeling good right about now, huh, Eric?”

He smirked.

“So. Very. Good.” He said, punctuating each word with a soft kiss to my mouth.

“Me too, weirdly.”


He raised a brow in question.

“Not that I thought it would be …bad or anything…”

He looked offended, but mockingly so.

“Do I need to reaffirm that possible piece of doubt in your mind, Miss Stackhouse?”

Was it wrong that, that turned me on? It was probably wrong, somewhere, but did I care?

Not at all.

I smirked.

“Do I?” He repeated, pulling me closer, almost tickling me. If he started that, I wouldn’t be responsible for what happened to him, or who woke up. I might have been able to control my orgasm noise, but if someone tickled me, all bets were off.

“Maybe you do… I wouldn’t complain…”

With that he went in for one of those kisses, the kind that makes you dizzy even though you’re already laying down. He was good; he was the kind of good that was actually great, because he had no idea how good he actually was.


“Yes, Boss?” He grinned, planting a kiss to my neck, moving in for the kill and I shivered.

Oh, I needed to not make that a kink, I couldn’t…could I?

“Happy Halloween,” I giggled as his hands went to my ass and gripped.

Happy Halloween indeed.