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Eighteen answered emails, six long conference calls, a late breakfast, three cups of coffee later, and I was on the phone with Gran, shit just got real and it was about to get even more authentic, I had just about had it with Jason’s bullshit.

“Gran, no I’m not even sorry, he bailed on a lot of really important shit –“

I sighed.

“Gran I’m almost thirty, I can say shit if I want to. The point is, he bailed, leaving me and Pam and everyone else I might add in a tizzy. This needs to end and it needs to end now.”

I had it, my nice streak where they were concerned was over, and I was tired carrying the workload alone and getting shit on for it.

Eric hadn’t been in that morning. Emily had taken ill, they blamed some restaurant they had eaten at the day before, and she’d been up half the night with a fever, but he’d been fielding some calls and emails from his phone which helped a lot since I was on a deadline for the party that night. I was starting to panic too, I really needed him for the party, there were just too many things that needed done before, during and after, and I needed my assistant there. Never mind my ‘whatever else’ he was, I wanted him there in that capacity too, but now I wondered if he could make it at all. A sick kid, from what I heard was no easy thing to deal with and I hated the thought of little Emily ill at all, she was such a sweet kid, the idea of anything bad happened to her didn’t sit well with me at all, yet another shocking self discovery. I closed my eyes for a second, attempting to keep my calm in place.

By the end of my conversation with Gran she was at least a little angry with Jason, which shocked me since I was convinced according to her he had rainbows coming out of his ass. Apparently his reason for being absent was his wife ‘needed’ him and they were in the ‘middle of discussions’, I didn’t ask what about, nor did I care very much, because I had other things – many other things to deal with in the mean time.

Pam came in at lunch with a list of things she’d managed to accomplish in record time. I loved her, she was awesome, and thus Sophie was sent for celebratory coffees and snacks. She left with a pout and a swish of her hips and again I questioned why she still worked here.

“I can’t believe I get to wear Couture tonight, I mean, really I’m still not used to the perks of this job and it’s been five years.” Pam said as we settled into our much-needed break. The privacy blinds were shut, my iPod firmly docked and on easy listening, my feet planted leisurely on my desk.

“Excuse you; there is Stackhouse Couture pieces in this very building.” I laughed, I mean we did a small division of it, but it was truthfully just for nostalgia sake that we kept that aspect of the company alive. It didn’t sell well, and when it did, it was to repeat and very loyal customers from Adele’s time in the chair. We made most of the money on the magazine and cosmetic line truth be told. The reputation of the fashion line held true, and while we put out our couture designs every couple of years, I had wished to focus more on that aspect of the business when I finally took over, but as it stood I was still very much Captain of someone else’s ship, hell, I wasn’t even really Captain, at least not in name. In duty, sure, but not officially, and it seemed like that official passing of the reins, would never actually come.

It still stung.

“I’m kidding, this is completely another league, and I know that.” I said tucking into my sandwich, wondering if I ate the full thing would I be busting out of said painstakingly hand-made, hand stitched, and amazing couture tonight. I decided not to tempt fate; I ate half my sandwich and left the rest on the side.

“So where’s Puppy?” Pam asked as if just realizing Eric wasn’t there.

“I think he’s at home.”

“Humph. Bang the boss, get special days off, had I known that I would have tried it on with you years a-“

“Very funny, bitch.”

She grinned.

“His sister is sick, he said he’s trying to organize some stuff, but I guess if he’s not at the fitting at one, then he won’t be there tonight either.”

“And you’re just, okay with that?”

“No, it sucks, but she’s sick.”

“Uh-huh, and what like a week or more ago if someone else pulled this shit, they’d be fired.”

I opened my mouth to speak but she stopped me.

“And don’t even try to deny it, Sook. You’ve…honestly gone soft.”

“I have not!”

“You have, everyone is talking about it, how fucking NICE you’ve been today, it’s freaking everyone out, and I mean everyone, even Dallas from accounting commented on it.”

I just glared; it really wasn’t that big of a deal. So I’d smiled at a few people, bid them good morning was that so strange?

Okay so it was strange and even stranger for me. Usually I was so focused on the job, the people; they all started to look the same after a while.

“I mean if all it took was getting some from the Puppy, well –“

“Can we please drop it?”

“Sorry, you know I tease out of love, Sook. Even if I don’t fully understand the attraction to the lanky blond with the puppy dog eyes of fear.” She giggled before shaking her head. “No, but seriously, whatever it is, it’s good for you.”

“I don’t even know what it is yet.”

“Are you still on contract with him then? Or is that null and void now?”

It was my turn to shrug; I really didn’t know where things stood there either if I was being honest. We had signed a deal, there was a contract to honour, and there was a lot of money for him, just sitting waiting for him to take. I understood why he didn’t want to now; it was a pride thing, and it was a little strange if he accepted it when we were doing what we weren’t meant to be doing ‘contract wise’ at least. I still wished he’d take it though, I’d never broken a contract in my life, and it made me anxious.

“Okay Lady, we have to haul ass, get Sophie to take over the phones.” I said dumping the rest of my lunch in the bin, and slipping my phone from the charger. It was time for my last fitting, and the end of my day at work before the start of my night at work.

I sighed.

Wasn’t it just so glamorous?


I made my way from the apartment into the city, and to where I was meant to be all on time, I was shocked. I had left a considerably perkier looking little sister in the good hands of her ‘favourite person beginning with A’ – her words, while Taylor was still in school. Her fever was broken, and thankfully we’d napped most of the day, leaving her brighter and more herself when I made us noodle soup and toast. I hated to leave her, but I’d slacked on my work that day and I knew how important this party was to Sookie, and the business, and I never half assed a job if I could help it, and certainly not this one, where I had worked my ass off to fit in, and now that I did I wasn’t about to screw it up by being tardy.

I checked in uptown in the very fancy building that held the Givenchy people, and their clothes. I had learned quickly on this job that the more the clothes cost in the store, the fancier the buildings where they kept them where. Or at least where the section of clothes designed to be worn for PR purposes was kept. I had been afraid to touch anything in the Chanel place, and that was just for a pick up. Here it was different, here I was assigned my own intern who was to ‘dress me’ – making me feel like a Ken doll, and a child all at once. I told her I was used to dressing myself and I was met with a sigh and a ‘not in custom Givenchy you aren’t.’ Needless to say, I kept my mouth shut at let the pretty, yet extremely pressed intern do her thing, as I thanked God I had put on brand new underwear for the occasion. I was standing on a raised platform, two girls with nimble fingers fixing up my very dapper three-piece charcoal suit, when I looked in the mirrors in front of me to see a smiling Sookie, and a curious Pam standing behind me. Pam just looked to Sookie, raised her perfectly shaped blonde brow, and said something I didn’t know the context of.

“I get now, I totally, totally get it, and he’s not even my type.” She said with a smirk nodding her head as she left Sookie’s side, and followed the lady from the front desk to another section of the building.

“You’re here.” Sookie said, her usual confident business voice now replaced by her regular, and much less terrifying real voice.

“I am. I knew how important this was for the business tonight and that you have a lot on your plate, so of course I had to be here to lend a hand in anyway I could.”

She smiled again, the genuine surprise in seeing me had worn off now, but there was still a slight flush to her cheeks as she came closer.

She noticed Mindy, the intern who was no longer fixing my measurements, more listening intently and gazing at Sookie as if she were some kind of giant cookie. By the looks of Mindy, she didn’t indulge in many cookies, that’s for sure.

“Would you fetch Gratian please?” Sookie asked her, icy as you’d like. I assumed she was here to see said Gratian, that and Sookie wanted her out-of-the-way.

“Look good on you.” She approved and it made my heart happy.

“I’m so glad I wore new underwear for this, she made me … get all kinds of half naked, why I couldn’t have just dressed myself is beyond me.”

She laughed.

“Welcome to my world. Wait till you see what they have in store for me, honestly.”

I looked at her, as suggestively as I could, stepping down from the platform and coming that much closer to her. She smelled so damn good, I just leaned in and kissed her without so much as a second thought. It was bold move, we hadn’t discussed the boundaries this time, and after the last sexual encounter she and I had, there probably should have been some kind of discussion. But, the blow job was one thing, we were in a much weirder place then, since then, things had mellowed between us a touch, and then when we finally had sex, it felt so right – at least from my perspective, and there was no morning after weirdness, so all signs pointed to positive right?

I pulled back apprehensively all the same, wondering if this is what she wanted.

Her eyes were still closed, and it was so fuck hot, in that moment, just knowing my kiss had that kind of effect on her.

“How’s Em?” She asked a slight blush in her cheek as we both heard the clacking of heels behind us; she nervously tucked her hair behind her ears.

“She’s better, cartoons and noodle soup, all cosy on the cough.”

“I’m glad. Nothing worse than being sick, especially as kid.”

“She’s with Ames, she’s good. She said she’d call if anything changed but she was looking a lot perkier when I left compared to the night before, we’re never eating at that place again, that’s for sure.” I explained and she nodded, if I didn’t know any better I would have assumed she was nervous, and maybe she was. If she was, I was glad, I wasn’t the only one if that was the case.

“About tonight, you’ve memorized the list, right?” She’d given me the list of guests a couple of weeks before, when she’d requested my measurements for the tux I’d have to wear, the one currently fitting like a glove on my body.

“I have, and I have to say, a lot of people involved here? They sure do like to cheat on their wives.”

She laughed, before shushing me.

“We aren’t supposed to comment…publicly.”

I rolled my eyes as the clicking heels came closer. Lots of air kisses were exchanged as I exchanged looks with another intern that looked about as impressed with it as I did and it made me smile that there was at least one other person here that realized how ridiculous it all was. When Sookie and the head honcho lady ascended the stairs to go ‘get the ball rolling’, the intern spoke.

“I hate that shit.”

I just looked at her, shedding my jacket for her to steam.

“The fake greetings? Yeah, it’s weird, I mean, you get used to it I guess, but it is pretty weird.”

“It is. I’ve worked here for three weeks, and there’s lots of things that I’m getting used to.”

“Newbie huh?”

“Very new, my dad got me the job, he’s a buyer for one of the sister companies.”

“Nice, a little nepotism can go a long way in making things more comfortable though?”

I’d learned it could also go to extreme lengths in making your life miserable as sin, if Sookie and her family were any indication.

“Do you not like it?” I said going behind the curtained changing room for modesty, hers or mine I wasn’t sure. I came out in my jeans and t-shirt, feeling a lot more myself.

“I guess its okay, the girls are really….”


With that she laughed, and blushed nodding.

I found out her name was Milly and she was from New York, she really didn’t like fashion and wanted to work as a lawyer, where as her fashion family were very much of the opinion that working for a fashion house was a better career for her. I felt bad for the girl, hating what she did but having to be there with a smile on her face dealing with snooty rich people and crazy celebrities daily. We talked for a while, I had to wait on Sookie after all, and we were in conversation about how screwed up the judicial system was, when Sookie came down the stairs, Pam in tow. She didn’t look too happy, and I knew it had nothing to do with the dresses.

Well, fuck.


The car pulled up in front of the office building, at this time of night the street was nowhere near as busy, and we were mostly alone.

He helped me out of the car, I still had his jacket wrapped firmly around my shoulders, the gold metallic dress, while stunning provided very little warmth or comfort. There was reason Couture was known as walking art instead of wearable or affordable, it was meant to be looked at and admired, that’s about it.

The party had, shockingly gone without a hitch; everyone that was meant to show up wearing the designs did, and posed their little hearts out. We got some amazing shots, and even better coverage for the current issue, everyone smoozed, laughed, faked it, and went home happy. When I walked back into the show room at the fitting to see that girl flirting with Eric, I admit it threw me. It wasn’t that I didn’t see what she saw, it wasn’t that I assumed he was mine now – far from it. But, there was a serious pang of jealousy there, and it hung in the air the entire night, pissing us both off in the process because it wasn’t that I wouldn’t talk about how I was feeling, it was that that I couldn’t. Not with Pam, and Sophie, some of the board members, not to mention the hoards of journalists and photographers trolling the party, just itching for some sort of personal life scandal. No, and so it festered all through the party, Eric none too pleased with me, and I had to admit I was none to pleased with me either. What he was doing was harmless, so why did I have to read so much into it. I wanted to discuss it while we waited for the car, but the words couldn’t come out, not when he offered me his jacket like a gentleman, not when he opened the car door for me, and not in the ten minute drive it took us to get back to the office.

We walked in the empty building, no one around except Terry; he smiled when he saw us coming.

“Miss Stackhouse, Eric…” he nodded and Eric nodded back, asking how Arlene and the kids were, I was here when Terry started and I still wasn’t sure of his last name, and here Eric was here a handful of months and knew of his family.

I sucked.

“We’re just here to drop off this dress and then we’ll be out of your hair.” I said as we made or way to the elevators, the tension between Eric and I dissipated for the time being, other people being around seemed to have had that effect.

“No problem, Miss Stackhouse, you take your time, no one around anyway.”

I nodded as the doors closed, my hands hanging by my sides, mere inches from his, he brushed up against me once, and my fingers tingled at the feeling. I closed my eyes, trying to compose myself, compose myself and not jump him in view of the security cameras. There was so much unsaid that needed to be spoken, but it seemed that neither of us was willing to go there, at least not right then.

We walked out side by side, wordlessly, walked through the eerily empty floor, to my office; he shuffled a little as we stepped inside, his hands in his pocket as I walked to the closet where I’d stored my change of clothes.

“Could you?” I asked, at first entirely innocently, I did need help to get out of this dress after all, but the second I said it, was the second I realized what it really said. I was asking him to undress me, and when he crossed the room slowly, with a quiet purpose, I knew when he did; I wouldn’t need the change of clothes for a little while at least. He took the hidden zips and snaps, buttons and string and popped and pulled them all until I felt the stunning piece of art on my body loosen. I shrugged it off, stepping out of it as gently as I could, leaving me standing with my back to him in just my shape wear, and my very high, very uncomfortable heels. I turned to face him, not really sure where the sudden flash of modesty came from, but, it didn’t last long as he just threaded his hand into my hair, down my neck and pulled me to him for a kiss. A kiss I’d been waiting for all night. He let a moan escape when I trailed my hand from his face to his chest, to his belt.

I pulled back and just arched a brow in question, words really weren’t necessary, it was clear as day where this was going. The office doors were open, there wasn’t a soul in the place though, but there was still that element of the unexpected that also hung in the air as he gripped my ass and pulled me flush against him, our lips never leaving each other. We backed up subconsciously, my ass hitting the side of my desk.

Really? We were going there tonight?

I guess I wasn’t the only one that the whole Boss / Assistant thing turned on, and I definitely didn’t need to ‘guess’ it as he pushed me up against the wood – on both sides of that desk. There was no sound but us breathing, and the buzz of the electric lights above us, no people, no phones, nothing at all. Just Eric and I ripping each other’s clothes off at my desk of all places.

I smirked and he caught it.

“What?” He said, pulling back slightly just as I had his pants unbuttoned. His shirt was half way off, his jacket long forgotten on the chair, his hands busy – one in hair, another on my thigh.

“Nothing it’s just… this is a kink for you, isn’t it?” I smiled leaning in for a kiss, and when he didn’t answer, I carried on because the look in his eye told me all I needed to know. “Having your Boss, over her desk, like this…” I slid my ass onto the desk finally, allowing him access between my legs as I hooked them behind his own.


“Just maybe?” I pouted, slipping down his pants with my toes, they pooled at his feet as his belt hit the floor with a clanking sound.

“More than maybe.” He said pushing me back fully, I heard paper falling, the phone fell too as well as the photo frames that sat, all neatly before, now scattered as I was laid down gently against the cold glass desk. He gripped my thighs, parting them slowly he hooked his fingers into my underwear and slid them off. Hovering over me now, I yanked the shirt of his shoulders the rest of the way, pushing his thin t-shirt up and off him too, before his lips hit mine again for another toe curling kiss. He wasn’t done though, not by a long shot, his lips slid from my mouth to my breasts where he lavished his attentions for a time, I gripped the side of my desk as he sucked my nipples into his warm mouth, imagining if it felt so good there, where else I might appreciate it. As if reading my mind, I felt him kiss my tummy, my thighs, and then finally where I needed him most, inside me. Eric either was the perfect student in all areas of life, or he’d just picked up some tricks during his time of sex-capades in University, because he had eating a woman out, down to a perfect algorithm. It was if there was a guide in his head that he was following step my step in order to make me lose my mind. Whatever it was, it was working, because in minutes, I was a quivering mess, moaning louder than I’d ever allowed myself the freedom to before, and just generally chasing the wave of my orgasm. When it hit, he had to hold my body down it hit so hard.

“Fuck…Fuck…” I said letting it wash over me for a second, and a second was all I had because he slid me forward by my legs, pulling me upright, stepping in between my legs again, freeing himself from his boxer his briefs. There was no condom, and while it gave me a second of anxiety, I knew he wasn’t fucking around with other people, and I knew I wasn’t either, so I with good faith I figured we’d be fine with the birth control on my end, and went for it. He was big on eye contact during sex, which frankly freaked me out a little at first, but then, as I grew used to it, it seemed to make things that much more intense. Eric wasn’t a small man, in any sense of the word, and while things started off a little awkward as we tried to get comfortable, tried not to smash the sixteen thousand dollar desk, and tried to match each other’s rhythm, we both broke down with a case of the giggles as we did so. It wasn’t working, as much as the fantasy was there for both of us, it seemed, it wasn’t to be, at least not in the position we were in with me underneath him, facing him. Solution was found though, when he stopped, pulled out of me, flipped me over with an ease that made me tingle, and filled me from behind.


I could see Eric’s face in the mirror in front of me, he whimpered, honest to God whimpered, with his lower lip between his teeth, his breathing was as erratic as mine as we both struggled to keep it together. He held me with ease, fucked me with vigour, and I cursed myself for waiting so long to do this with him, but realized we were doing it now, and that’s what I should focus on. Both of us cursing under our breath, trying to breathe. Trying to feel as much as we could in those moments of slow, deep, amazing physical and emotional connection before I lost it, that familiar, wonderful, elevated feeling washing over me again. Before we both sped things up for Eric’s big finish – so to speak.

By the time we slid to the floor, a crumpled tired mess, we both had big stupid smiles on our faces.

“We were just talking.” He said, and we were right back to where I last left my bitch-face.

“I know, I don’t know why it bothered me…But I know.” He looked at me then, taking me in, before he nodded and seemed to move on.

“God I’m so glad your office doesn’t have a security camera.” He whispered, pulling me into a naked cuddle on my office floor. I happily complied.

“Know what else I’m glad my office does have though?”

“Hmm?” He kissed my temple before I sat upright, confusing him it seemed.

“A shower, no condom equals a messy time, we should –“

He grinned.

“What?” I asked.

“I always wondered if you ever actually used the shower, I mean I know the private bathroom is awesome – and I’m never allowed to use it – but I questioned if one day I’d walk in on you just shower fresh, towel on your head.”

I just rolled my eyes, willing myself to get up and get said shower fresh.

“Oh yeah? Well if you get your naked ass off my floor, you won’t have to wonder anymore.” I winked back at him as I walked towards the private bathroom that sat adjacent to my large office, I knew he was watching me walk away because I heard him smirk as I reached the door, I hadn’t stepped far in when I heard the pad of his feet come behind me.

“Need any assistance?” He said for good measure grabbing my ass.

“That is your job, I guess…” I said, letting him turn it on, I leaned against the sink, and I laughed realizing we were both butt naked just strolling around my office like it was no big deal. I never would have done this with anyone else, in truth there were a lot of things I’d never usually do that I’d done with Eric so far, and we’d only just begun really. That should have scared me, but weirdly, even that didn’t phase me now. Maybe it was all part of growing up, turning thirty, re-evaluating my life, my work, what I really wanted out of this time on earth.

Maybe, just maybe.

I knew I’d over think everything to death at some point, but for a change I decided to just be there, in the moment with him. To trust him, to enjoy him, to let him enjoy me, and for once, maybe just enjoy myself for a little while at the very least.

Wonders would never cease!

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