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“If you don’t want to come or you’ve made other plans I completely understand. I mean if they weren’t my family and I had stuff to resolve I wouldn’t be making the trip either, trust me.” I said biting into my food.

“Sookie, it’s fine, I told you before when we started this that I’d go with you. I really don’t mind.”

“What do you usually do?”

“We usually congregate at Amelia’s mother’s place, she lives a little outside the

city, she got a new place up state since she retired this year though, it’s pretty


“And they won’t mind?”

He scoffed.

“Please, they’ll probably just be relieved to have two less mouths to feed. Though now I have a bigger place, well, bigger than the shoe box, I have offered for next year, but Martha is pretty set in her ways.”

I knew that was probably an exaggerated point, but it was nice that he was making me feel better about this. I knew we had agreed to this, but now that it was looming closer, the more I wanted to run in the other direction. I did not want to subject them to my family for a full weekend. Ugh. It was bad enough I had to do it. I had been thinking long and hard that week about where I was going with all of this, and the one thing that I kept coming back to was my designs. I wanted to make something of them, but because of my responsibilities as an overworked VP of a now, international company, I never really found the time for them or for much else if I was being honest. I had emailed a few houses that I had worked with in the past, allowed me a close personal relationship with one or two of the designers. It was mostly to feel out my work, to get a professional assessment. I got back a bundle of friendly emails and a few unexpected phone calls praising my work. I mean, when head of the biggest fashion houses in the world decided to call you back personally, it’s still a big deal, I don’t care who you are. I didn’t dare tell anyone though, not until something was in motion, I didn’t want to jinx anything before it started.

We were in the middle of my office, and it was lunch, we ate in since I had a million and one emails to answer and it was to be a working lunch as I all but salivated over my tuna melt and salad. Eric was eating his spicy chicken taco with a knife and fork – he was weird, I knew that already.

“I just…”

“You’re nervous, it’s perfectly normal. I mean even under normal circumstances it would be expected for you to be nervous but this is huge. The future of your career hangs in the balance of whether or not we can sell shit to your crazy ass demanding family.” He smiled, I wasn’t sure if it was at the circumstances, or at his food.

“Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I just want to run for the hills.”

“I bet California is nice this time of year.”

I smirked.

“We’ll find out first week in December, you know I have three meetings there second week of that month, right? That means you have to come too.”
He nodded.

“Cool. And I know your birthday is around then too, right? Will we have time to see the ocean?”

I nodded.

It was a long weekend, the Friday to the Monday; the magazine was getting a revamp. I wanted to make it smaller, more portable, but thicker, with better content, and I wanted to focus on our app. Improvements too. Of course I kept making plans, upgrades to the business, all the while in the back of my mind I wanted nothing more than to give this power to someone else and start fresh. The thoughts were swirling around in my head; it was becoming an obsession more than anything.

“We might. Will it be okay to leave Emily for that long? It’s not really a kid friendly trip.”

He shook his head.

“Nah, I’ll figure something out, it’ll be fine.”

“If you’re sure.”

“I am, besides, if it gives us a little time away…” he said as suggestively as anyone could while eating a taco.

“It’s a work trip…” I reiterated.

“Mmhm and we know what they say about too much work and no play.”
“It makes people employed?”
He smirked.

“Well, it does, but it also makes them miserable.”
That was so, very, true. And in that came my best idea for the rainy Wednesday we were in the middle of.

“Hmm?” He responded, finishing off his fruit-punch Snapple.

“I think I need you in the archives.”

“Hm, okay what am I going down for?”

I stifled a giggle.

“For me.”


With that he finally gave me his attention, and it was clear from the look on my face where I was going with this.

“I need you to go down there, and wait for me.”

“Really?” He sounded out, getting up off his chair, and leaving the pile of paper work he’d been looking over, and he came around to my side of the desk, he uncrossed my legs slowly before he dipped in for a kiss.

Needless to say these days the privacy blinds were up more often than not around the glass office in which I sat.

“We’re doing this…?”

I smiled at his eagerness, and excitement at the prospect of sexing it up right nice in the archive basement.

“We are, we need this today has been a shit day, let’s end it on a… high.”

He grinned wide, kissing me again quickly on the lips before standing up straight, and exiting my office, I walked over to the table to leave off the files I was finished with, and watched him walk to the elevator.

He’d never make a very good actor, that’s for sure. He spoke to everyone he passed, even Sophie, who just looked at him with distain as usual, he was overly cheerful, overly Eric. I laughed out loud at his ‘I’m not up to anything’ walk too. He may as well have held a sign over his head that said ‘I’m off to have sex’.  It was hilarious.

I redirected the calls from my phone to Sophie, and actually left my phone in my desk. I was giddy, beyond giddy actually. It was something Eric had been hinting at since we first had sex in my office that he wanted to do again. Of course he wanted to do it again, it was awesome and naughty and fun, and all the things we never did in that office every day. And honestly I wanted him there and then and why not take advantage of the situation of having my boyfriend at work, if I couldn’t have my boyfriend at work.

I smirked to myself as I took the elevator to the archive floor, it was always empty, so I was sure we’d be fine, I also knew where the security cameras were too, so that helped. When I got to the floor though, the archives weren’t empty, Shawn one of our resident staff photographers was down there, having quite the chinwag with Eric.

Fuck. Fucking fuck.

“Hey Boss, what brings you down here? Eric not fast enough for you?” He grinned at me as the elevator doors opened and I smiled. His speed wasn’t really our biggest problem, most of the time I thought, but I pushed all naughty thoughts out of my mind for the time being.

“Hi, Shawn, no, I just, well, you know me.”

“Perfectionist.” He answered.

“That’s me, so I just wanted a few more things and figured I would stretch my legs, I’ve been at my desk most of the day, how’s the shoot for next issue going? I hear from Pam we’ve got some amazing locations lined up for the cover.” Of course I knew where we were going and what we were shooting; I had to sign off on it before anyone spent a penny.  We all talked shop for a few more minutes before Shawn’s phone started to buzz and he excused himself, informing he he’d have test shots for the staff meeting the next day. When he was safely on his way up the elevator, Eric and I both breathed a sigh of relief simultaneously.

“I thought he was never going to leave, he scared the shit out of me, just lurking behind the cabinets.” Eric said, checked behind the rows and rows of file boxes that filled the room. “I thought for sure we were caught.”

I started to unbutton my blouse, before he got back to my end of the room.

“Take off your pants.”

He stalled. Looked at me kind of funny and smirked, well what the hell was that about, I wondered.


“No, no problem, this is just very … procedural.” He grimaced as he reached into his pocket for a surprise condom I didn’t know he had on him, someone was optimistic. Or, you know, right.

“Eric I have maybe fifteen minutes before the phones start to blow up, that’s if Sophie is doing her job right now so can –“ I was cut off with his kiss, and as I was hoisted up into the air by his hands on my waist, setting me on one of the reading tables.

“Fine, romance be damned, take of your pants. Why are you even wearing pants?”
“Because it’s November and it’s colder than Anna Wintour’s underwear drawer in this city.” I mused, before I moved in for my make out session. One thing I could say about Eric, he knew how to kiss. He was attentive and he liked to explore without things getting too sloppy and weird. And the sex was great, really great actually, and he argued that it was because he was a ‘Geek’ that he tried as hard as he did to be a good lover. But, personally it seemed pretty effortless on his part, for a Geek he was damn good. I knew a few men that thought themselves amazing lovers who gave no fucks about what I was feeling when we’d be together like that, Eric was different. He gave fucks, and they were glorious.

“You’re distracted.” I sing-songed as he yanked my underwear down my ass and landed back on the table with a thud, he kept looking towards the doors, he was distracted and thus I was distracted – making our ‘quickie’ go rather slowly.

“I can’t help it, what if someone else comes in?”
“They won’t.”
“But –“
“Well if they do I’ll fire them. Now, fuck me.”

He just raised a brow at me.

“It must be nice being the boss of everyone…”

“Please?” I batted my lashes as I reached into his unbuttoned pants, pushing them down his thighs.

He was wearing comic book underwear; it may or may not have been Marvel. I had to hold in my laughter, but he could tell.

“It’s laundry day.” He justified.

“N’aw they’re cute. As are your superhero t-shirt and hoody collection, and the boxes of comics you think are hidden under your bed. You know most men hide porn? Those comics were still in their plastic… And what’s with all the books of math?”

“Distracting…” he said pushing my legs apart and stepping up to the plate, well, so to speak anyway. He was most certainly ready to go, but that was another thing with Eric – he chalked it up to his three years of celibacy, but whatever it was, his stamina was certainly up to snuff. We quickly established a glorious rhythm, one aided nicely with his fingers inside me too, working away, winding me up like a toy that was just dying to go off. I knew his kinks now; I knew his turn-on’s, some of them at least. So I sucked his earlobe into my mouth and bit gently, and like magic it made him go harder, faster, gripping onto my ass like I was about to float away. I was sure to have finger mark shaped bruises there later. I trailed my finger along his jaw bone, down his neck, to his now open shirt collar, and held on as we fucked and fingered and fucked some more. He was concentrating hard, I knew that, his eyes were closed, his teeth on his bottom lip, all in attempts to stop his usual sex noises. Some couldn’t be helped though and soon I was pretty sure would travel up the elevator shaft and into the offices if we weren’t careful, but I was never one to deny gratification if it was right in front of me. And so when I got close, I tried not to moan, but soon lost the will to care, and just chased that orgasm I had been thinking about having with him all day. By the time we both reached our peak, we were a complete fucked mess, literally.

“I can freshen up in the lobby bathrooms; I suggest you do the same before we get back on our floor like this.” I said not stifling my giggle in the slightest as Eric tried to figure out where to dispose of the condom. “I think there’s a bin for that,” I nodded, “up there too.” I helped re-button his shirt.
“Yeah,” He cringed, “I just have to get it there… like this. You’re going to have to press the buttons for me, no way am I leaving traces of …me all around.”

“This was fun though, right?” As if I needed to ask his pink tinted rosy cheeked self that question.

He looked at me, with those thoughts exactly written all over his face, like I needed to ask.

We both smirked as we entered the elevator again, far too pleased with ourselves, his hand on my ass the entire three floor journey. We exchanged knowing looks as he went left to the Men’s room, and I went right to the Ladies. I was never as glad to know there was a private bathroom in my office, with shower, at that moment. I first had to look like I hadn’t just fucked my hot ass assistant on the seven hundred-dollar tables in the archive department. I got a text five minutes into my ‘fixing up’ from Eric, and I burst out laughing, freaking out the woman washing her hands.

‘Fantastic breasts by the way, oh and there is a few messages for you from the art department, something about a problem with the cover. But seriously, those breasts, well done on those.

I left with a smile on my face, disheartened not to see him at his desk when I got to our floor, but carried on with my five-minute shower down and change of clothes before I spent the rest of my afternoon and most of my evening in the art department, buried under indecisive directors and assistance. By the time I got out and was heading for home, his desk was empty again. No surprise really, it was gone seven pm, normal people left their jobs at five. I realized I never really had a ‘normal’ job. I interned at the business in high school, and in College, and came straight from there to work full-time. I realized then, I never really had a chance to see if I was good at anything else. I just, accepted that because this was the ‘family business’ that it had to be my business. Six years and a lot of stress later, I was glad to be re-thinking a thing or two where my time was concerned. I got home for a proper relaxing shower and a nap for an hour, which I instantly regretted when I woke up.

I went up stairs to my office, and decided to drag the box of designs I’d been collecting and sketching for the past, God knows how many years, and give them some air as I quietly contemplated my future. I had everything in those portfolios, fabric swathes, measurements, the sketches of course, and even some marketing demographic information too. There was a time when this was what I wanted, my double major in college focused on both worlds, fashion design and business. I just happened to go the business route instead of the design path first; did that mean I couldn’t switch it up now? It was fun to think about designs and how they might look on a runway and how they might look on a real person on the street and just how to translate that properly so it appeals to the people you are aiming to appeal to.  I want it on my own terms, I knew I had the capital, I had the reputation, and I had the contacts. What was stopping me other than the fear of failure? I had been promoting other brands, other designers and models for years with the magazine; I had taken my Grandmother’s designs and made them into a world-wide success. Why couldn’t I do this on my own?

“Fuck it.” I said, tired of staring at the masses of paper and fabric on my table, instead I made a very important phone call, one of many that night. By nine thirty-five, I had the beginning of what I hoped would be the feet of my new business, and six missed calls from friends I hadn’t had time to see in what felt like years. I made a note to get back to them the next day. I also had a massive headache and a sense of serious hunger. I stuck around my empty apartment for a while, before I just couldn’t take it any longer. I hated Eric for doing this to me, for giving me the sense of what it was like to come back to a home where there were people there that you cared about, the only thing that cared about me on the Upper East Side was my cat, and even these days she wasn’t so impressed. So I freshened up her bowls of food and milk, grabbed a bag, and my phone, and made a break for it.



“Emily, I’m not kidding this time, bed.”
“But I’m not tired yet; can’t I just stay up five more minutes?” She whined from the centre of her bed, arms and legs crossed, refusing to get under the covers. This had been in the works since we got home that evening, she’d been cranky all damn day.

“No, it’s already ten thirty, no.”

“Just until the big hand goes to eleven?”



“Because I said so, that’s why.” I hated that argument as a kid and I hated it even more using it on her, it was so obvious I didn’t have a real argument, other than she was a kid and she needed her sleep. But, logic to a kid that age was lost.

“I want a glass of water. I’m thirsty.”

“You have water by your bed.” I called into as I hovered around her doorway.

“But it has been sitting there for HOURS. I want fresh water, or juice.”

I sighed, done with her requests that had started as soon as she went in, at nine fifteen.


She ‘tutted’ to herself and I just walked back to the couch, fully intending to ignore her, when there was a small tapping at the front door. I wasn’t expecting anyone, and I had just spoken to Sam and he wasn’t coming over, not that I knew anyway.


“Hey, I just… bought Chinese food?” she said clearly embarrassed, standing at my door, her small and assumed expensive over-night bag in hand.

“Well, otherwise you clearly wouldn’t be welcome.” I said as I opened the door wider for her, grinning.

She breathed a sigh of relief, and I knew why, we were still in that in-between-y phase of whatever this was. We still had yet to go on an official date, anywhere in public that didn’t involve work. But then, that just brought it back around to ‘is this still part of the ‘deal’’ and so the conversation remained unsaid because I knew neither of us wanted to be the one to start that particular mess. Not when things felt this good.

“Hey, hey, what’s this?” She asked as we found Emily on the couch with her blanket.

“I don’t wanna go to sleep and Eric won’t let me stay up.”

“He won’t?” She sounded surprised, looking in my direction and then to Em’.  “Well,

why not?”

“Because it’s late and stuff.”

“Ah.” She said, animated sitting next to her with a slight bounce, “well, he is right, it’s really late and for little girls it’s even later because tomorrow you’ll be really

tired and wished you’d gone to bed sooner.”

“No I won’t.”

“I know I will, I’m really tired too, and my guess is, so is Eric.”

I nodded. I was done for.

I took the bags from her hands, and took them into the kitchen, all the while

listening to the two of them talk.


“I don’t feel sleepy is all. Why do I have to sleep when I don’t feel like it?”

“I used to think that too, but now, now I love my sleep and want as much of it as


“Is it because you’re old?”

Sookie burst out laughing at that, “Yes, I guess it is because I’m old. But I’ll make you a deal, I’ll take you into bed now, and we’ll read a story –”


“With the voices?” Em’ asked, and I knew she liked for me to do the voices to her

stories for the different characters, and I guess Sookie was now on that list too. I

smiled before I could help myself.


“Sure, we’ll do that, and you try to sleep, and if you’re really good I’ll ask Eric

really nicely if I can pick you up from school early tomorrow so we can go shopping

for Ski stuff, deal?”

I was out of the kitchen before she could finish her yelling.


“If you get into bed right now, she can.”


With that she hopped off the couch, dragging her blanket behind her and hightailed

it into her room.


“I’ll be right in.” Sookie called after her.


I smiled.


“I’m glad you came over.”

“Free food and a compliant kid, I am kind of awesome.” She said, kissing me on the

cheek in passing, I didn’t let her go though, catching her by the hand and pulling

her back for a proper kiss. When we broke apart she smiled.


“I’m glad I came over too, it’s the calm before the storm. Pick out a movie or

something and I’ll be back. Oh, and get the food, I’m starving!” She jerked her

eyebrows and then rolled her eyes as she pointed towards Emily’s room.


She kissed me once again, quickly and I watched her disappear into the room, and

take the seat by Emily’s bed.


The calm before the storm, I thought it was just an exaggerated expression on her

part, but oh how wrong I was.










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