The next update should be…
  • War at Heart – Mixed POV.  46.88%  (803 votes)
  • Sookie and Pam – ‘Yoga and Vodka don’t mix’  1.52%  (26 votes)  


  • The Devil Wears Discount – Mixed POV.  51.61%  (884 votes)  


  • Total Votes: 1,713
Holy crap that’s a lot of votes! But, thanks to all, so much for clicking and clicking away! DWD wins out, again! I can’t lie though, I was secretly hoping we’d get the Pam and Sookie Vodka Yoga mess for fun, but Thanksgiving chapter is just as good! At least… I hope it will be. I had the dentist today, massive extraction and a filling, so I’m feeling a bit shit to be honest, so hopefully this will come out less so. lol!