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With all the kids asleep it was time for the adults to mingle, and while the thought of mingling anywhere near Claudine made me eye roll, I guess it had to be done. I stuck by Eric and Pam and Aunt Sheila to be on the safe side of my rants.

“Now Sookie I’m not saying anything, but that man… of yours…” She said giving Eric the once over, as he fixed himself and Pam a drink at the pull out bar in the middle of the living room. “He’s gorgeous, and polite. And not that faux polite either, that New York City big I am, sleaze polite.” She whispered, her focus back on me now. “He has nice eyes, and he’s good with kids, what else do we need to know?”

I laughed as I sipped my second margarita of the night, I always enjoyed Sheila’s banter, she was so liberal it was almost comical.

“He’s a good one, I know, but we’re very new, so there’s to be no pressure or talk that’ll freak him out from you. Having Gran on our ass is bad enough.”

She grinned.

“He does have a nice ass now that you mention it.”

“Aunt Sheila!”

“Oh pish posh darling, you get on that and enjoy the ride is what I say, as if you‘re not. If I was fifty years younger you know I would.”

With that I had to laugh, she was right though in every sense of her words even if she was kidding. The double doors to the patio were open, despite the snow, Gran always was one for outdoor seating, and of course here had heaters, and the Jacuzzi that no one was brave enough to use yet, lots of string lights and a fire pit. It really was stunning. She took a lot of pride in her homes, something I think I got from her, and it certainly deserved its praise.

“Clearly little Emily adores you, I never really saw you as the mothering kind, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

“I don’t mind, I didn’t see myself there either truth be told. But, she’s a cool kid, low maintenance, and we like some of the same things, so it’s good. I mean I am scared, but not… if that makes any sense.” I shook my head, I had no idea what I was talking about.

“When I had my kids, I was terrified constantly from the moment I found out until Eliza turned… I think six months old. By then, I figured, ‘hey she’s not dead maybe I’m not half as bad as I think’. “ She smiled. “And from then on out I let my instinct guide me. If you’ve been doing that thus far, and I know you and you trust your instinct Sookie, then you’ll do fine.”

I saw Eric and Pam go out to the seating outside, deep in conversation which I was kind of glad about. I was hoping one day Pam would stop treating Eric like the ‘puppy’ of the office and see him for what he was, a great guy. I was hoping this trip would help them bond a little so I let them be.

“Your Grandmother told me about her little ultimatum. I can’t say I agree with it, personally I thought it was extreme.” She jerked her brows, sipping her whiskey, “But, Adele always had her way of doing things that just plain confused me. If it was me, you would have taken over that company years ago, I would have stepped down the minute I saw what you were capable of.”

I smiled.

“That means a lot, thank you.”

“You did good, Sook. Real good. And don’t let them or anyone else tell you different because you want to go about doing your good, your way. Fuck ‘em.”

I broke away from the conversation to go to the bathroom, that was the thing about cocktails, they seemed to shrink a girls bladder. The window was open, looking out onto the deck, and as I was washing my hands I noticed Eric sitting by the pit, alone, only not for long. Claudine approached him, taking her seat next to him. He went from relaxed to uncomfortable in a split second, I guess the Wicked Witch of the Upper West Side had that effect. I made a note to not drink anymore, I wanted to chuckle at the joke in my own head, time to stop drinking; I thought.

What it wasn’t though was time to stop watching Claudine and Eric, that I was most interested in.

“You know I am really surprised you’re here.” She said to him, crossing her legs, leaning in his direction.

“Why’s that?”

“Just that Sookie isn’t exactly known for being in it for the long haul, she’s more a … get it and go, kinda girl.”

“Is that so…” he looked bored, and reached into his pocket for his phone.

“Yeah, she is. Just a little… friendly advice, Eric. I really wouldn’t invest too much time or emotions into whatever this little thing she has going with you. She’ll get bored eventually, and you and poor little Emily will be the ones to suffer, she’ll use you and forget you, just like that.”

He looked at her then, sharply, just as my phone started to buzz in the pocket of my jeans. It was a text, from him.

‘Help needed, behind enemy lines!!”

I laughed at his words, and that his first thought had been to silently scream for help from her.

“Claudine, I don’t really think it’s any of your business what I or Emily do. Certainly none of your business what Sookie does. But then again you have a way of sticking your nose, and your vagina in her business a lot from what I’ve heard.”

My eyes went wide, polite Eric was clearly on a break, she was furious.

“I’m just giving you fair warning, that’s all. There is no need to be rude!”

“I’m sure there is no need, but I just wanted to be. I don’t like you and I don’t like your ‘friendly advice’ either. It’s as necessary as me being rude to you.”

“She’s still in love with him, you know.” She said, loudly, as she stood to leave. It halted him where he stood, and I only hoped he wasn’t giving her words any weight.

“What?” He asked, clearly tense. I could see it in his shoulders from above.

“Ralph. She’s still in love with him, and him with her, it’s actually pathetic, but whatever it was they had… it never went away. I was never her, and you’ll never be him. Don’t make the same mistake that I did.” With that she stood up and walked into the house, leaving a visibly annoyed Eric standing on his lonesome.

That bitch.

I all but stormed down the hall, and down the stairs and by the time I got to the bottom I was still unsure of what I wanted to do first. Wig the shit out of Claudine, or make sure Eric was okay. I was wondering if I could do both at once?


That’s when Ralph came out of the library.

“Sookie! Hey. I was hoping I would catch you.”

“Oh, hey. Um I’m a little busy right now…”

Wanting to slap your stupid wife silly.

“I know, you’re always a busy bee… I was hoping we could talk for a second though, please?”

“I…” I pointed to the entrance to the other rooms.

“I know, but, five minutes?”

I conceded, I felt bad for the poor bastard, and decided to give him his five minutes and walked into the library where there was thankfully a roaring fire and a TV too.

I took a seat, he took the one next to me. I still had this anxious feeling in my stomach, I wanted to go to Eric. I wanted to pull Claudine’s hair, but I could do neither because Ralph was sitting next to me looking a lot older than his thirty one years.

“I miss talking to you, you know? I always think I’d like to know what you think of certain things sometimes. What would Sookie do?” He smiled, pouring himself a whiskey from the canter, adding some ice. “Drink?”

“Uh, sure…lots of ice.”

“I know, you were never really a whiskey girl.”


“Not after that night anyway.”

“You have to remind me?”

He laughed.

“Of you yakking your guts all over the sidewalk of Central Park?”

“I haven’t mixed my drinks since, so lessons were learned.” I said accepting his drink.

“I wish I learned mine as easily.”

I bristled.

“Ralph, I’m not here for this.”

“No, I know, you’re over it, and rightly so. I just… I never apologized, you know? We said so many things but I never did say how sorry I was.”

“You married her, you … have a kid. A very sweet, cute kid. It was a long ass time ago, Ralph, and I’ve not been sitting for ten years holding my breath for a sorry that meant very little to both of us.”

He nodded, looking well and truly chastised. It wasn’t really my intention, but then again it wasn’t really my intention to be nice, either.

“Would it make you feel better if I said I regretted it every day for the past ten years?”

I tensed up. Would it? Maybe a little. But then where did that leave Mila? With a dad that regretted having her? That was shitty. Before getting to know Eric and Emily I probably wouldn’t have given that kid a second thought, now though, my heart broke for her.

“That’s your problem, not mine.”

“I am sorry, Sookie. I’m sorry I did what I did with her, to you, to us.”

Again, his deal, not mine.

“It hurt, a lot for a long time. I hated you. I hated her, and I hated the stupid kid. But then, just like most things, it passed. It passed and I grew up and I got over it.”

“You still hate Claudine.” He stated as fact.

“Yes, but that’s because Claudine is a cunt, and that is neither here nor there.” I stood to leave.

“I’m leaving her.” He said, a edge of desperation in his voice. It matched his appearance perfectly.

“Good for you.”

“Sookie please! -” He grabbed my arm, but I wanted out of there.

With that Eric pushed open the library door, an unreadable look on his face.

“There you are,” he said, still stoic.

“Hi. I was just coming to get you. I’m really tired and I think we should go to bed. Good idea?”

Eric looked from me, to Ralph, his eyes hard, and back to me again.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

I nodded, more than enthusiastic to get the fuck up out of there.

“Night, Ralph.” I called over my shoulder and grabbing Eric’s hand and all but running out the door. We ascended the stairs silently and went into our room, and finally shut the madness out.

I exhaled.

“Peace at last.” I commented, slipping off my shoes and noticed he was undressing facing away from me.

“Are you okay?”



He stripped off his shirt, pants and t-shirt, leaving him grabbing his shower gel in just his Batman boxers and glasses.

“I’m fine.” He all but snapped before he stomped his way to the en-suite bathroom.

Fine my ass.



It was stupid, I knew it was stupid as I was feeling it. And yet, I couldn’t not feel it. I was jealous of him… Even if Claudine’s words were meant to rattle me, they’d worked. Seeing her with that guy, seeing her deer in the headlights look… It was all just bad timing. So there I was showering angrily, I was shocked my hair didn’t come out of my head I was shampooing so hard.

The shower door yanked open by a pissed looking Sookie moments later, she stood there, in her underwear, one hand on her hip, her serious business face in place.

“You are not fine. What the fuck?”

“Go away.”

“You go away.” She bit back.

“I’m in the shower.”

“Eric, what the fuck? Is this because of what Claudine said to you?”

“You heard that?” I turned to face her.

“Yes, I was on my way down to rescue you from her clutches when sad-sad Ralph convinced me to talk to him. That’s it.”

See, now I felt even more stupid than I had before.


“Yeah. Oh.” With that, she slinked off her bra and underwear, never a sight I thought I’d ever tire of and she stepped under the double shower head with me. Her hands on my wet chest, she was looking at me intently.

“I don’t love him. She’s full of shit.” Straight and to the point, I don’t know why I expected anything less from her.

“He still loves you though, you could see that in his face.”

“Could you? Mostly I just saw a stupid jackass that lost the best thing to ever happen to him, who married a girl he didn’t love out of guilt and responsibility and is about to leave a kid without a Dad because he can’t stand the mother. That’s what I saw.”

Damn she was good.

“Even if he still loves me, he doesn’t really love ME. The me that I am now is not the me I was at Twenty one. For one thing my ass is nowhere near where it used to be.”

My face broke into a smile and she looked smug.

“Good, I thought your face might be stuck like that.” With that she stood on her tip toes, and kissed me on the nose.

“Sookie what are we doing?”

“Well, we’re in a shower, naked, wet and slippery, there are only so many ways this ends.” She smirked, her finger tracing down my chest and stomach until she stopped as she grabbed my dick.

“I … don’t just mean right now.”

“I know.” She kissed me, and I more than willingly kissed her back, allowing myself to get lost in the touch of her hands working to get me hard, the feel of her kisses on my mouth, the smell of her hair all overwhelming my senses.

“Because we haven’t ever…”

“I know…”

“But now the timing sucks because you have my dick in your hands and all I can think about is how good that feels and fuck…” she smiled against my cheek and picked her moment to tighten her grip, and speed up her moves. The soapy water causing a slipper action that felt just, oh, so nice. I couldn’t think of anything else but the feelings I was experiencing, how amazing her breasts looked all wet and soapy, and just how much I wanted to be inside of her. Logical thoughts could wait, sexy times, I knew, could not. So we didn’t wait, in fact I wasn’t even sure I fully washed the shampoo out of my hair before I had her up against the cool shower wall. Shower sexing was difficult, it was a balancing act more than anything else. But thankfully this massive shower also came with a built in ‘step’ of sorts. One assumes it was in place for easier leg shavings or if you just got so tired you needed to sit down, but the sexual among us knew it was there, for easier shower sexing, and I thanked the shower making Gods in that moment when I took the seat, and Sookie took hers right on top of me and we lost our proper shower sexing virginity as a …whatever we were ‘couple’. I couldn’t feel my legs for about ten minutes afterward. Shower sexing Sookie had some moves that’s for sure!

We went to bed happy, if a little damp and I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. By the time I got to the kitchen, I saw Sookie and all the kids there, she was cooking with Adele, Jason was tying his boy’s boots, and Emily was munching on her French toast.

“Morning Eric.” Adele said, making Sookie turn from the pan to face me. She was blushing, but she smiled.

“Yes, morning.”

I didn’t care either way that people were watching, I walked over and pecked her on the cheek.

“Good morning, something smells good.”

“New batch of eggs is almost ready.”

I leaned in, “I didn’t mean that.”

She laughed, nervously before shaking her head and telling me to take a seat. I watched her as Adele watched us even more closely.

“Are we hitting the ski today guys?” I asked and the kids got excited.

“Sookie said after we eat and settle we can go!” Emily said as stood up on the stool she was sitting on. I grabbed her and sat her back down.

“Sitting is good. Sit. Finish. Good morning.” I said, as she then kissed me on the cheek.

“And we’re gonna ski and we’re gonna play on the lifts and Darcy said there’s this cool place where there is hot chocolate and marshmallows! Can we do that too?”

Excited kid was excited.

Breakfast eaten and kids booted up, we finally got them all together and ready; we made a break for it. Adele, Sheila, Claudine, Ralph and Mila in one car. Sookie, me, Emily and the trouble twins with Jason and Crystal in another. We left Pam skyping with her girlfriend as she wanted a lazy day and had opted out of any ‘strenuous activities’ and was happy to chill alone. By the time we got to the resort, four of the ladies opted to sit it all out and go to the lounge for ‘hot toddies’ – which is when Great Aunt Sheila decided to make a joke in my direction that I was the hot toddy she wanted if Sookie wouldn’t mind. Jason found this hilarious and proceeded to tease me the entire way up the mountain. Claudine and her miserable husband sat it out, sending Mila with Jason and the twins, as well as Sookie and me. By the time we all got to the middle, kitted out and ready to go, Emily had fallen on her ass four times already. But, because there were other kids, she wasn’t getting grumpy, she was getting hyper. The other kids knew what they were doing, and Sookie took them with Jason up and down a couple of times, while I taught Emily the basics. She caught on quickly with the poles for balance. She fell on her ass some more, and I fake fell just to make her feel better. Of course my ass landed on a rock, thus making me feel worse. But we were having a good time, and sure maybe my Instagram caught that time on record not that Sookie needed to know that.

The third time Sookie came back up, she was flushed, her cheeks were red and she was laughing with Darcy and Jason over something that Lizzie had said.

“We miss you guys, you think you’re ready yet, Emily?” she asked coming by us. Emily suddenly got shy again.

“I don’t know if I want to go down so fast.”

“Aw honey, no. You don’t have to go so fast. How about we let Eric and the boys go and we ladies take things at a more leisurely pace? What do you say Lizzie?”

Lizzie agreed, and she waved me off to go with Jason and Darcy, it seemed the girls wanted to hang out on the snow just to hang out. I made sure Emily was okay with it, which was stupid because of course she was, her idol Sookie was there, she was fine. Jason, Darcy and I did a few rounds, not as fast as we would have alone, because as good as this kid was, he was still just that, a kid. But, he was fly, and cocky, and hilarious. Kinda like his dad.

“You know Eric, I know me and you never really get a shot at hanging out, we work apart an all, and my sister is usually top secret on who she’s dating… but you’re cool you know? You know more about IronMan than my kid, and he loves that shit. And my sister seems happy, like real happy for the first time in a long time.” He said patting me on the back as we retired for the day, to the bar lounge for some fries and some beers. The girls were still nowhere to be found.

“Thanks, I um…appreciate that?”

“You should, Sookie don’t let a lot of people in you know, and the ones she used to… well…” he rolled his eyes, “I can’t say much before of…little ears.” Darcy was munching happily on his fries, inhaling his Pepsi. “But, I’m just glad she’s making good choices, personally. Professionally she blows us all away.”

“So then why not give her the job?”

“Hey, I would man, if it were up to me, but Gran hired me and in the contact she gets to choose the replacements. Otherwise, hell, I’d have given this to Sookie years ago if it was what she wanted. She does it so well, I don’t know really what Gran was thinking hiring me. I know she wanted to give my life some structure an all, but now I’m married and have kids, I’m not the man-whore I used to be.”

“Not even with Sophie?” Sure we were cool, but he was lying.

His face dropped when I mentioned her.

“Sophie and I haven’t been…friends…in a long time. That stuff… was a mistake.”

“She doesn’t seem to think it’s been a long time.”

“I want it to be a long time ago. I keep trying to distance myself.”

“So distance… Crystal seems nice, and she cares and she’s the mother of your kids. I just… I don’t think Sophie would be worth risking all that for.”

He nodded, sipping his beer. I hoped he knew what I was saying, because Sophie had it in her head that she was the next Mrs Jason Stackhouse. With that I got a text from Sookie.

‘Food! Second floor, table three by the window!’

“I guess the girls went to get food, they’re upstairs.” I said and we got up to go, before Jason stopped his son.

“Hey, Darcy think you could eat again? And maybe not tell your mom I got you fries?”

He just rolled his eyes, as if this happened all the time.

“Sure thing Dad.”

All the ladies were chowing down by the time we got there, and thankfully Sookie ordered for us, I was so glad to see food, not realizing just how hungry I was.

“So, Emily, how’d it go?” I asked nudging her.

“Good. Really good, I fell a couple of times and hurt my butt, but its okay because then we went and… I’m not suppose to tell you…”

I looked to Sookie who just pretended she didn’t see me, looking out the window suddenly enthralled by what was outside.


With that Lizzie started to giggle, as did Mila. Soon Crystal was giggling too.

“Spill.” Jason asked Lizzie. She shook her head. Adele was laughing, as was Sheila. Claudine was sighing into her salad. Her SALAD. Everyone else was starving and tucking into dinner food, she had tomatoes and leaves, only, and water. God, how boring.

I tickled Emily and she squirmed.

“Okay. Okay, Okay. Sookie and Crystal…” she giggled still, “took us to the hot tub and we got juices and fruit and stuff.”

Ah, and suddenly Sookie’s relaxed face made sense.

“And what did Sookie and Crystal get done?”

I looked at Sookie’s freshly polished hands and laughed. Ever the opportunist.

“Okay so we took the girls to get their nails done…and some warm water jet action. Emily hurt her butt, I was just being nice.”

I glared, fake of course, which made them laugh even more.

“Woman you have an addiction to nail salons.”

She just stuck her tongue out at me. It set the tone for the rest of the night, that was for sure.


The kids were swimming, there was just about every floating plastic animal imaginable in the poor with them, and they, even Mila, were having a blast. I was wrecked, as was Sookie, and from the looks of it, just about everyone but the kids wanted to go to bed. But, Jason’s kid’s nanny was watching them, so we all hung out again, this time out by the fire pit. I wanted a fire pit, fire pits were awesome. As were the roasted marshmallows Sookie was currently devouring.

“You might want to watch how many of those you eat, Sookie, you don’t want to get any fatter.” Claudine called from her seat, earning her the side-eye from everyone else. Sookie just chuckled handing me my smore..

“Like you, you mean? You’re right we wouldn’t want that.”

Sookie 1, Cuntdine 0.

“Sookie, Jason, could I talk to you both in private?” Adele came out, her cup of tea in hand. With that Sookie looked at me, eyes full of apprehension.

I guess Adele had made her decision.

“Sure, Gran, be right in.” Sookie called as Adele walked inside, she squeezed my hand as she passed me in a silent gesture of solidarity, I squeezed back. Whatever Sookie decided in that room, whatever Adele decided too, would alter what we had going for Sookie and I. One way or another truthfully I wasn’t sure what either direction meant, because we didn’t have ‘the talk’ when the talk should have been had. Limbo wasn’t a nice place to be that much I knew for sure.