Hi guys! How are we? Good I hope. I come bearing news, War at Heart has been revived. I’m hoping to post a new chapter tonight! The fact that it coincides with the return of Downton Abbey tonight, is just a plus, I hope! I still haven’t seen the ep yet, so, shh!
I really hope this is a full time thing and that I can start working on the rest of the story for myself and for you guys too. It’s been MIA for almost 2 months now, and that’s because, among other things, I was feeling overwhelmed with both that and The Devil Wears Discount taking up so much of my thought process. It’s rather manic in a way, as I’m sure any writer will attest to, having all these different ideas and ‘voices’ in your head. Yeah, I couldn’t find a way of wording that, that didn’t make me sound like a raving lunatic. lol! I’m hoping my fellow writers know where I’m coming from with that, I’m only a little bit crazy, I promise! Anyway, I thought I’d give you fair warning if you haven’t caught up, now would be your chance to do so. Sadly I haven’t imported WAH from FF.NET fully yet, so it’s still available over there but I shall bring it here soon for your ‘screwedupfreeeee’ enjoyment.

That’s all! Feel free to comment if you have something you wanna say!