I’ve gotten a few emails and tumblr questions annnnd PM messages on FF asking about the weekly update to Not So Great Expectations, and, well, *sigh*.  I love that Sookie / Erik I really do. But, it started off as a co-lab piece and then we both found ourselves super busy, distracted or downright avoiding it lol at times as such things happens with writing all the time, it’s not that big of a deal. That said I have been adding a fair bit to the doc as of late, and plotting out the rest of the story in pieces too. So there is *stuff* written, it just doesn’t make much sense right now. Seastarr is a busy bee with her own projects and I’m trying to get War at Heart circling around to some kind of conclusion. *Big breath* In saying that I do hope to keep adding more to NSGE for you guys to have an update of sorts soon! Stay tuned it hasn’t died, is basically what this long winded mess has been about.


PS. If you aren’t watching Homeland please do so, because I am fucking OBSESSED right now!! Someone flail with me!!!!