So, a couple of days ago, Meg or Makesmyheadspin as most of fandom knows her decided she wanted to cure her boredom and interview some fellow writers about their work and see what happened. Here’s what happened!

Interview Date: 11/3/12

Okay, so it should be stated for the record that Chanel Addict and I go back a few years at this point. She found me when I was still posting strictly on Livejournal, and I believe the first piece of mine she reviewed (at least that I remember) is Breaking the Girl. That poor, poor story is still unfinished. My poor baby.

This interview is being done in google documents because it’s as close as we can get to sitting down for a cup of coffee together, especially since Chanel Addict is across the pond and I’m here in Chicago. If only we were neighbors… *sigh*

MMHS: So, first things first. What made you take the leap and post the first thing you wrote?

CA: I think I remember just having all these ideas for stories in general and wanting to see if I could put it together and make it interesting enough for people to read. Then I think we discussed my fear of the unknown and you were really supportive of the idea of my angst baby, so I just decided to do it using Sookie & Eric as my little lab rats, and it’s been that way since!

MMHS: Rise by Sin was a hell of a way to introduce yourself to the fanfic world. I don’t know if people were prepared for that, tbh. And seriously, every time I see a commercial for American Horror Story I can’t help but see Jessica Lange as Sister Geraldine.

CA: I know right? It was pretty heavy going I have to admit. I was in a bit of a fucked up emotional state when I wrote most of that, and I think that shines through lol! I mean, I hope that I did them justice and didn’t just angst for the sake of angst and they had a happy ending so… all’s well and all that. Even if I did make people sob at their laptops o

MMHS: Well I think by now people know enough about your style to know that at some point, they are going to sob and curse you for being so awesome and cruel at the same time.

CA: Eeep. I kind of hate and love that it’s to be expected at this point, I’ve tried to change my ways, but it’s not happening! I really try to make the stories as realistic as possible which I know a lot of writers shy away from, wanting to just indulge in the total fantasy element, even when it’s AU. I know it pisses a lot of people off, but I hope in the end the story leaves them with something to think about and not just write it off as silly fic, even if that’s what it is.

MMHS: I like realism in storytelling. Fluff has its place and all (works fab for one shots and such) but in a multi-chapter story you need conflict to drive your story. If everything is perfect and there’s no growth than what’s the point? I love that your characters evolve and have an obstacle to overcome. Life isn’t all rainbows and petting kittens, and it’s nice to see that reflected back in the stories you write, even if it makes you uncomfortable to go to that place.

CA: Ah how I wish life was all about petting kittens lol. But yeah, I agree. I’ve tried to stomach a few multi-chapter fics where you know, Eric is this sex god who never has bad sex, and Sookie is just this amazed little thing just going along with it all and gasping every third paragraph… no thanks. I get a lot of messages from people saying that they loved the realistic points of conversations and relationships. That’s what I hope to get out of it, not just to make the readers think but to keep me on my toes too!

MMHS: Just as quick side note as someone who used to beta your work, I find it adorable that you’re beta’ing yourself here in this interview hahahahaha.

CA: It’s an Irish thing, you know this now! I just type how I talk and that is really, really fast and sometimes my grammar suffers, and my punctuation suffers on a serious level which a lot of readers bitch at me for. Sometimes it’s not easy to remember you’re not all in my head reading at my speed :S

MMHS: It’s cool. We still get your point, no matter how fast you talk. I abuse a comma like nobody’s business so I have no room to talk. I’m awful about it but I’m getting better.

CA: Oxford Comma FTW.

MMHS: Exactly! So I have to ask because this is something I struggle with and I’m sure we’ve discussed in gchat in the past… rude reviewers, the bane of every fanfic writer’s existence. How do you deal with that nonsense?

CA: This is going to sound so strange, but, I almost find it flattering. It’s not fun, or pleasant in anyway to have someone come into something you’ve worked hard on – for free – and tear it to shreds. But I think if you’ve done something right that so many people are in there expressing themselves in a positive way, it is to be expected that you just can’t please everyone all of the time. The most complaints I get aren’t usually plot based (no matter how many Sookie’s or babies I kill, Meg! Muhaha) but mostly for my ‘European’ choice of words, spelling and of course my eff’d up  punctuation! And in that case it’s just something that’s there and I  can’t change it, so I just reply if they haven’t chickened out and gone anon, or if they’ve gone anon just try and ignore it best I can.

MMHS: Were you also annoyed by FFN making it essentially impossible to stop Anon reviewers, or have things stayed pretty much the same for you?

CA: I’d say the same as always, there have been a few more but nothing out of the ordinary I think. The only thing now is that most people don’t bother signing in, and if they’re super sweet, or have questions and ask them anon… I can’t answer anything that way because I don’t know who they are lol! I know anon hate is a bitch for some writers, but … *touch wood* it’s been not that bad for me.
Watch now that I’ve said that, a slew of bitches start to bitch. *sigh* (How many times can I say bitch before I become Jesse from Breaking Bad? lol)

MMHS: (Sorry, Scribeninja called me on her drive home lol!) Do the reviews that you get help to shape your stories?

CA: Not very often, I mean when I started out there was one or two that thought they could sort of dictate how my writing was going to go, and got pissed at me when I did it my way. But for the most part the story is there from the start, I just have to weed it out. In saying that, sometimes someone will be like ‘omg I totally see this happening…’ or ‘did you mean this by saying that?’ and it’ll shape a little bit of a chapter or a character maybe, but never the whole story.
Linds, talking while driving? Bish better have been on speaker phone!! lol.

MMHS: I’ll be sure to tell her you said that when she stops talking haha!

CA: She’s the people Oprah makes advertisements about!! The no talking on the phone in the car one… idk that just popped in my head…Carry on… :S

MMHS: I just read her what you said and she said, “*gasp* I’m gonna beat her ass.” But, you know, it’s Linds, so you’re probably safe.

CA: Yeah, I’ll just write her some baby-dying angst and make her cry to distract her and then run.

MMHSP: MUAHAHAHAHA. She said I should call you Whopper Junior or something. That’s actually not a bad nickname for you for many reasons.

CA: I think you do that anyway! Well at least I’m not the unstable Kristin Bauer of the fandom, yo. ALL THE TEARS. No.
She’s going to glare at me so hard when she gets home.

MMHS: She’s home, but again, it’s just Linds. She’ll get over it. Just give her a cookie.

CA: I was just… concerned for road safety in buttfuck nowhere, USA. I am nothing but a good earth citizen. lolol.

MMHS: Yes you are. So, back to writeybits. Do you have a favorite story that you’ve worked on, or are they all just your babies and you love them all the same?

CA: Hmmm. I could say I loved them all the same, but like most parents with their kids we’d know that was a lie. I don’t re-read my stories because as I think I said to Caroline (SeaStarr) I’m like a word bulimic, I just want to purge and forget about it (I’ve probably just offended a lot of people… oh well.) And I like to just post and move on. My favourite I think would have to be California Bound, for many reasons but mostly because it allowed me to poke fun at Hollywood in a sarcastic way that was a lot of laughs for me to write. That, and it gave me one of my favourite secondary characters that I invented in Earl (Sookie’s Dad). That and Sandy Brown. *Snort* That was laughter, not cocaine.

MMHS: Speaking of secondary characters, I wonder if people realize that you have a part in Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’. To this day I just see this teeny, feisty woman sitting up on top of a fridge just waiting for a blonde giant to let her down so she can rant at them. It’s pretty adorable.

CA: Ah yes, Mini! Well I mean she was just bloody perfect wasn’t she? Completely logical and colour co-ordinated… not at all a Bridezilla. Ahem. But yes! I’ve never had a cameo in anything before, so thanks for that! lol! I do want my first car to be a Mini too, JSYK.

MMHS: You’re quite welcome! You were a great sounding board when I was writing that story so it was only fair.

CA: You appear in one of mine too, don’t forget! I mean Meg the social worker was basically there to root for S/E and flirt a little with Eric, all things I know you’d do!

MMHS: That’s right! How could I forget about that? I swear, my brain is just… ugh. I wish I had more time to read fic these days but all time just seems to be sucked out by more writing…. not tumblr. *shifty eyes*

CA: Oh I agree, I have become the WORST reader in the world. I literally can’t concentrate anymore, my mind always wanders to storylines… and yes, tumblr. Stupid tumblr with it’s ADHD friendly system of scrolling through all the fandoms! lol!

MMHS: Have you ever thought about writing fic for another fandom just to give yourself a break from Eric and Sookie? *points to your love of Supernatural*

CA: I had at some point, but then I got distracted again. I may have to look into that problem lol. I had toyed around with the idea of turning one or two of my fanfics into ‘actual’ fiction, even if I hate that term. Fanfic may be free, but it’s no less work than ‘real’ stories. It’s just that with real stories you can tell your family about them lol!  I might pop into the Supernatural realm for a bit, but I’m pretty attached to S/E 😦 Maybe a cross over!

MMHS: Oh Jesus lol. And you still haven’t read any of the SVM books, right?

CA: Hahaha, nope. That woman and her words annoy me, and ever since I’ve seen her personality in interviews, I like her even less. You know, kind of the effect this will have on people that used to like me. LOLOL!!

MMHS: Eh, I don’t think you have to be a fan of a person to like their work. I, for example, don’t really get all of wacky crap that Lady Gaga does but I flove her music (most of the time).

CA: True, but I tried with the first book and even going in thinking it was just ‘easy reading’ I couldn’t get into them. It does beg the question why the hell I’m writing fic based on her work, doesn’t it? Sometimes I don’t even know myself. *ponders*

MMHS: It’s crazy where inspiration hits.

CA: I’ve been told I get Eric and Sookie very well, even if I’ve took them out of their worlds completely, and you know, gave one the use of his lungs and stuff. So that’s good I think?

MMHS: Yes, I think that’s good. It’s also pretty awesome that no two stories of yours that I’ve read sound the same. There’s no formula to your writing. Does it get on your nerves if the characters react a different way than you expected them to?

CA: Hm. Sometimes. I aim to go one way and somehow I’ll end up writing myself into a corner with something and then sit there thinking ‘how the fuck did we get here?’. Then it’s the challenge to get them out of their sticky situations while staying as true to their voice as you can. Like for example War at heart Sookie wouldn’t just swan back into the Estate and lord her power over everyone like say, Pam would, but she will handle it in her own way that hopefully brings her full circle. (Fingers crossed, she may get run over by a motor car before she gets back up there, with me you never know 😉 )

MMHS: True, but that’s what makes it interesting. If there’s a formula you know you’re guaranteed a happy ending and sometimes life just isn’t like that.

CA: Yep, and I think when I wrote the one story where I actually bit the bullet and killed a Sookie, I think that sort of made my loyal readers (god that’s weird to type) I think I sort of made them sit up and go ‘fuck!?’ which is … always good in my book So I’m like Mamma’s box of chocolates in that sense!

MMHS: Have you figured out a way to lure the muses back when they just up and disappear? I am dying to know if SOMEONE has figured out how to put a leash on those bitches because mine just wander freely like they’re on an acid trip in a meadow or something.

CA: I don’t know what works for me, might not work for everyone but I’ve found a few ways so far. 1. Have a decent supply of caffeinated drinks. 2. If you’re really struggling with a story, have a back up. Like I always have more than one story open, so if I get stuck on one, I fall into another and hope the stalled one comes back to me. 3. Try and sleep on it. I find when I shut off the laptop ALL the ideas come to me. Of course then when I wake up, I forget them all so that … kinda sucks. Hm. lol! I think just… don’t overthink it so much. It should flow naturally and come out when it wants to, sometimes it’s shy! ←Utterly no help at all, sorry!

MMHS: Awww no, it’s okay. What works for one writer doesn’t work for another. I’m not super particular about where I am when I’m writing, but I know some are. Do you need to be in a specific environment when you write?

CA: Yeah, since I live in a house with four other people, my bedroom really is the only place that’s ‘mine’. So I go there and shut out the world. A weird thing is though, the room has to be tidy, or at least my version of tidy otherwise I can’t concentrate at all! So it’s a good incentive for good housekeeping and good writing lol! I just got it redecorated recently too and it’s so pretty now that I’ve even churned out my first one-shot!

MMHS: Ooooh that’s awesome to hear! Both on the decorating front as well as the writing.

CA: It was all Lind’s fault really. ALL HER FAULT. The fic, not the decor that was all my fault lol.

MMHS: Oooooh so you’re the Laura writing “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. I thought it was the other Laura. Clearly I know too many Lauras. That is why you’re still in my email as Mini bwahaha

CA: Hah! Yep! That’s me. It is a one shot though however much I have to restrain myself, pulling together three multi chapters would just make my brain explode. So it’s a one chapter thing, called ‘Turn Down the Lights’ and you’ll really be Whopper Junior-ing me after you see it lol!

MMHS: Nah, I don’t mind angst. I have my moments when I want something fluffy and adorbs that gives me hearts in my eyes but angst has its place in the world, too. Again with that whole characters needing to grow/evolve/overcome conflict line of thinking…

CA: Yep I was sort of stuck on Not So Great Expectations. Which is as fluffy as I get to be honest, and I just couldn’t get around it, and when the idea came to me, I couldn’t not write it.

MMHS: It’s hard to post the chapters that you know are going to upset the readers. Like I just have to brace myself and try not to yell at them in review responses when they complain about angst or something they weren’t expecting to happen. Like I didn’t just throw that in because I wanted to ruin your day, believe it or not.

CA: Yeah it’s not like we sit there rubbing our hands together like Mr Burns in attempts to be horrible, sometimes the darkness has to come to bring the ~LAAAIGHT. You know, or something. lol.

MMHS: Do you ever have those moments where you write something (a scene of dialogue or just introspective narrative, whatever the case may be) and feel particularly proud of it only for the readers to be all grumpy about it in reviews? Usually those moments or bits tend to go unnoticed by the readers but us authors are strange creatures when it comes to stuff like this.

CA: Sometimes, but I think that’s to be expected in a way. Not to generalize, but I think majority of fanfic readers just want one of two things. The porn, and the happy ending. If you’re not supplying either one of those, the casual reader tends to bore easily. So my epic speeches or scenes that are just amaz-aah-ing in my head go unnoticed by the majority but if one or two notice and pick it up, it makes me happy dance. Sometimes a chapter gets a few dozen reviews, or like this last chapter of War, it gets a half a dozen. You win some you lose some, but it does get disheartening if it happens a lot in a row I’ll admit.

MMHS: I know for you (based on a post on tumblr the other day) you see a scene in your head that you end up building a story around. Is that a difficult process, or a harder way to start a story?

CA: I don’t know, I’ve never really started a story any other way lol! But it does get frustrating at times, because you have this one idea and you’re just dying to get to it, and sometimes that rushes the start of things. Like for Rise by Sin, the one scene was Sookie escaping, which wasn’t until the last half of the damn story… so I was stuck for the most part making sure that all roads got her there. I wouldn’t know how to start a story without  that nugget though!

MMHS: Do you ever see/read/hear about a story that’s posted and think to yourself, “That bitch! Why didn’t I think of that first?!?!”

(Note: I just closed my tumblr tab. Let’s see how long it takes before I reopen it. I have an addiction, okay?)

CA: Not really fanfic wise, but I do wonder about the cultural ‘madness’ of some books, particularly the ones that are written in a … rather shitty manner. I’m not so much jealous of the books or the stories. Rather the guts the mediocre authors had and the luck they had in getting it all out there and making even the most questionable of fiction a success. Since I lack the courage to try, an all!
Yeah Tumblr is a sickness, I run two what does that tell you. Okay, fine, I run three. *hides*

MMHS: Oh you poor, poor dear with your tumlr-ing addiction. I feel your pain. You don’t even want to know how many blogs I have going on that site. It’s really kind of sad.

CA: Yep! One for all fandoms / madness of my brain. One for Skarsgarding, and one for fashion. It’s like trying to section off your mind on a site lol!

MMHS: Which is great for those of us who are hyper-organized or have OCD tendencies… clearly, I’m not one of those people *shifty eyes*

CA: No, no. Me either. I mean it’s not like I had another one for interior design or anything, but gave that up when I discovered Pinterest. *Dun, dun, dunnnn*

MMHS: *gets back to writing fanfic questions* Do you ever see stories posted, get three sentences in and go, “Whut? Why would you?!?!… Just, no.”

CA: Yeah a few times, it’s mostly in sex scenes. Some people just write them so… wet. For lack of better term, and there’s bits sliding everywhere all over the place. And like some women, if experiencing similar sensations during sex, really should seek medical attention. Not that I should throw stones, I loathe writing porn because I’m aware of badly written stuff and sort of restrain myself and it ends up being rubbish anyway lol!

MMHS: So that means we won’t see your Sookies having 26265496 orgasms in one session, or Eric with a minimum 12” penis? *snort*

CA: Someone brought that up, it was probably on Tumblr, about the fantasy large penis thing, like 10’’ or 12’’ as you say are the length of some people’s forearms… the idea of THAT up there? Hale naw. No thank you. Step back.

MMHS: Fuck that, call animal control haha

CA: I was talking with Caroline about this ages ago, but my evil brain was so tempted to write a fic where Eric was just utterly SHIT at sex. Just to mix things up. It never came about, sadly. *pun intended*

MMHS: I think that would be a fantastic story, btw. Most readers, from my experience, don’t like it when Eric gets made the bad guy. It’s a silly thing, really, when you consider some of his behavior in the book. He’s no saint, but they’re willing to overlook it because he’s good looking. That worries me sometimes.

CA: Oh yeah for serious. I mean I pointedly made Sookie’s behaviour mirror Eric’s in one story for a time, both of them treating the other the exact same way, having similar issues to the other, just to see who would notice. Nine times out of ten the reviews favored ‘poor Eric’ over ‘that stupid bitch Sookie’, and it made me sad. But like I said before the cultural shift with books like Twilight and that other one that I refuse to name… it makes it okay for douchebags to win the girl. God help us all!

MMHS: There does seem to be a lot of Sookie hating going on at times. It feels like she’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t. She just can’t get a break.

CA: Nah she can’t, but I guess it’s that way even on the show too. Since she doesn’t know all we know in stories, or on the show itself we project onto her as much as possible and it breeds frustration where she’s concerned. Like WHY can’t she see how epic Eric is, and how much he’s doing for her, and why this and why that? I can see how it happens because I do it myself, but I just wish we’d all take a step back sometimes, but, eh. Not always possible.

MMHS: Sometimes I just remind myself that if I invoke such a strong emotional reaction from readers that just means I’m doing my job.

CA: I think so too, we wouldn’t care so much, or at all, if we weren’t invested right?

MMHS: Very true. Sooo… you started co-writing with SeaStarr this year… how’s that worked out for you?

CA: Haha, oh God. Well, it was something I’d never done before and it wasn’t something I think Sea had done before either I don’t think. It started off really well, there were ideas flowing left right and centre and then like most things it settled down a little bit. For the most part it’s been a positive experience, since she and I have very similar writing styles it meant that sometimes we were writing different sections of the same paragraph and it was going unnoticed that two completely different people were in there. Since then though we’ve both found ourselves busy with other things and the priority went to those things first rather than the story, sad to say. For now though I’m taking on the majority of the writing until she finds herself back in there again.

MMHS: Does writing with someone make it easier for you to get a story out?

CA: It does and it doesn’t if that makes any sense. On the one hand it’s amazing because her ideas encourage my ideas and we kind of become this human bouncy ball full of fic lol! But then on the other hand you sort of second guess yourself unless you’re in it together, like ‘is this how she wanted this part to go’, or ‘maybe this is leading somewhere else in her mind’ and you sort of stall yourself in that regard. But otherwise I think when you’re both in the doc together, it works really well and really fast but it has to work together for it to go that fast I think.

MMHS: Oh Scribeninja and I have had many an argument while writing over in that handy little chat bar.

CA: I think Sea and I are relatively chill about things as the stand but because I know she’s busy with her own projects I’ve sort of picked up the pace of my writing to keep things on a more realistic schedule rather than it never being updated for a month or more lol! As a reader that would just piss me off, so I try and keep both stories as balanced updating wise as the word Gods allow!

MMHS: Speaking of reading… are there any authors out there at the moment that you’ll drop everything for to read something they post?

CA: I used to read a  lot more than I do now, which is literally nothing. I had one or two stories on the go that I was following but they died on me. So now I’m sort of left stranded, and I need to have a good root through the fandom some day (as if it’s a big suitcase lol) and find me some regularly updating epic stories. I know they’re out there somewhere!!

MMHS: I’ve learned the importance of waiting until a fic is complete before I start reading it. I’m one of those authors who are guilty of having things stalled for epic amounts of time, or something just dies in the water. I wish I had a good reason for why that happens to me, but I don’t.

CA: *Glares* YES I KNOW. Hahahah. But no, seriously it’s so easily done when real life takes over as she sometimes does, and it leaves you in a tizzy creatively speaking. It can be really hard to get the mojo back, to find those characters against among the mess and get them back on track.

MMHS: Do you have an all-time favorite fanfic?

CA: Christ that’s a hard question lol. Hmm lemme think.

MMHS: Okay, well then one that you’ve read more than once?

CA: Can I have a top 5?

MMHS: Sure, why not?

CA: These have zero order but just ones that I do remember by name, because as you know I almost remember nothing by name – so this means they stuck with me!
Death Eatin’ A Cracker by misscyn, Over the Hills and Far Away » by greenlemons, Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ – by yourself  lol, annnnd The Expert & White Blank Page by Seastarr08! Done!

MMHS: That’s a pretty good list (and I’m not just saying that because I’m on it).

CA: It’s hard because there are so many great writers out there, and when I had time to read everything I usually did. Since then it’s tapered off a lot because of the writing but those are the ones I remember dying for updates on, or devouring in one go if they were already finished.

MMHS: Everything changes when you become a fanfic mama with her own babies to tend to lol

CA: I know right? And to think I was once one of those overly excited reviewers pestering poor writers for updates, and thus, pissing them the fuck off. :S The pestering doesn’t piss me off though, it just makes me put more pressure on myself than there is already, and sometimes that’s not so much fun.

MMHS: True. I think it’s fair to get flustered by the pestering, though. I completely understand the fangirling because… hello. But on the flipside to that I recognize that authors that can’t/don’t update don’t do it because they’re sadistic assholes that just like to watch us all suffer while we writhe in agony waiting for the next installment. Not to mention, I’m probably not the only one having a poutfest over the lack of new words to devour.

CA: Right, I mean like I said before I like to just purge and go! And if it’s done and I’m happy with it, you best believe that bitch will be posted! On various platforms, sometimes with fanart if I’m feeling particular to photoshop lol.

MMHS: Is there a subject/theme you’d really like to touch on in future projects and just haven’t found the right plot for it yet?

CA: Seeing the new James Bond put me in the mood for a Spy/techie relationship challenge. There’s another one, one I tried to approach with Southern Belles but kind of failed, that of cheating. In like a really domestic, neighbourhood kind of setting… but I know I’d chicken out and make it about love or some other nonsense instead of just approaching the topic detached. Maybe as a one-shot, since I proved to myself I can actually stop a story before it gets it over 170.000 words lol!

MMHS: Perhaps. I think when we write about taboo/immoral subjects it somehow gets twisted in the readers’ minds that we’re advocating for these things and while that might be true for some authors, that isn’t usually the case. Like it or not, cheating happens every day and sometimes for really stupid reasons.

CA: Oh completely, like you know, some readers calling me a baby killer (cough) and much, much worse for Rise by Sin.  Then when the cheating happened in Southern Belles I did feel the pressure to give a valid romantic reason for it, rather than just whim or a fleeting moment. I’d like to be ballsy next time and just fuck it all out the window and see where it goes if I wrote it guilt free.

MMHS: It takes guts to put the ‘unconventional’ out there. It’s easy to write a fluff piece where your main characters fall in love, fuck a lot and live happily ever after. But again… not very real.

CA: And not very easy, at least for me. I was freaking out last night on Tumblr because with Not So Great Expectations, I am left with that stupidly happy couple who do a lot of sexing. So it might be easy for some people to do the happy fluff but it gives me anxiety lol!! I wish it didn’t! Linds says I’m broken haha.

MMHS: Nah, I don’t think you’re broken. I think it comes down to how comfortable you are with “going there” in emotional scenes. I think with fluff it’s just easier to pretend like bad things never happen.

CA: Yeah I think I’d rather do ten pages of monologuing pain and tears and completely beat myself up emotionally to get there, than to keep things simple. My struggle is to find the middle ground. Where happy couples can be engaging to me without boring me to tears and or baby killing, Sookie killing or cheating lol!

MMHS: Do you think you put a lot of yourself into the characters you write sometimes?

CA: Never intentionally, but I’m sure I’m there otherwise it would be a bit odd right? I mean don’t get me wrong blatant self-inserts bug me to death, I can’t abide them. But I think there has to be a bit of us in every story and character we write down otherwise we wouldn’t be able to identify with them and why they do what they do. I am very cynical when it comes to certain things in life and I know for sure that shines through in a lot of my stories, babies scare me and so does that… I think the little things pop up without you noticing until sometimes chimes in and goes ‘omg that’s so you’, and you re-read it and scare the crap out of yourself lol! But most of the time when I’m writing out the character I find I don’t like them much at all to begin with, never mind loving them so much I’d like to BE them. I don’t know what that says about me!

MMHS: I suppose it depends on where they start out and where they end up, tbh. If the story begins with them on a high but ends tragically, yeah… I can understand why you wouldn’t want to trade places with that.

CA: Yeah exactly, not to harp on like what we write is Ulysses or anything but, I only aim to entertain someone for a bit and maybe make them look at things a little differently when they close the page, not aiming to change the world or anything… well, maybe my world.

MMHS: Sometimes I don’t think readers necessarily understand that. Writers often write things they wish they understood better. You take a confused fictional being, stick them in a familiar setting and they take you on a journey and not the other way around.

CA: Exactly that. I think once you’ve committed to the idea of something and those characters and their little surrounding exist even if only on your doc and in your head, I don’t know… I always feel sort of a sense of responsibility to them once they’re out there. As you said Fic Mamma to her babies lol. Once they’re out there you kinda feel the need to follow up and make sure their story is told right, and that it has it’s closure. It’s why I didn’t want to do the November writing month this month, because I knew what I already had on the  go would be neglected and I couldn’t have that happen, even if I’m doing this for free!

MMHS: Well, as you said, just because we do it for free doesn’t mean we’re any less invested in the projects we start.

CA: Even when we’d like to be less invested so other parts of our lives didn’t suffer as much as a result! lol! Ah, brains. Why do they do such things to us?! haha.

MMHS: I don’t know. It’s a blessing and I curse, I tell ya!

CA: *shakes fist*

MMHS: Okay, so I’ll wrap this up because I’m sure you have better things to do with your time. This is a completely Chanel Addict geared question… If you could have any stylist dress your characters, who would it be?

CA: Hahaha don’t be silly this has been fun! I learned a lot! Hmm so I can’t say myself because let’s be honest I always dress those bitches fiine. But I think you know the answer to this, if I had to, it would have to be the Zoe. I mean, dream of dreams would be Grace Coddington because I love her so, but she’s more Vogue than real life, so if I could Rachel Zoe. She’d also of course come and dress me too, because thems the perks

MMHS: And no beige.

CA: Nope. Walls not people!

MMHS: Well, some people. Thankfully we don’t see so much of her anymore.

CA: Nope, last I heard she was doing soaps in Mexico! *Cackle*

MMHS: Oh Lordy lol. Well, at least she found a medium befitting her level of talent.

CA: True that. Though there was a Sandy blowing her way all over the East Coast lately, so you know… times may have changed for her. 😉

MMHS: And thankfully Sandy had her fifteen minutes and is gone.

CA: Yep even if the clean up after her lasts alot longer!

MMHS: Penicillin… oh wait…

CA: Hahahaha.

MMHS: I am all out of questions. Anything you want to add here before we put these people out of their misery?

CA: As if they’re still reading, you know they gave up when we kept talking about our tumblr addictions hahaha! But, no! I’ve got nothing to add I don’t think. I think we covered most write-y things that needed covering!

MMHS: Awesome. Well, thank you again for agreeing to do this! I appreciate your time and honesty my dear.

CA: Very welcome! It was fun!! Thanks!