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Chapter 29, my God we’ve come a long way with this baby haven’t we? I’ve been v sick this week so it may be a slightly more wonky chapter than normal lol, but hopefully it’ll be enjoyable anyway and you’ll forgive me! This chapter should be known as ‘the one where Sookie gets used to things’ … she has a lot to process our poor bb! 🙂 Review if you’d like! xo


After she said yes, it was as if I was floating on a cloud I was so happy. My cheeks hurt from smiling, and from the cold too by the time we got back to Pam’s place. I had wished at that point I had asked the staff in the London house to open it up for us. But, as things stood we crept in quietly albeit rather giddy, and made our way up to Sookie’s room.

The house was in absolute silence, which was unusual for Pam’s night owl personality, but we would respect it all the same. We were in her home after all. Once the bedroom door was closed though, all bets were off. As was Sookie’s coat, then mine, and then my dinner jacket, we had scarcely managed to keep our hands off each other on the way home. Now we didn’t have to try, we never had to try and hide what we were to each other again. I noticed the ring again as she moved her hands to unpin her hair, letting the curls fall softly to her shoulders, it suited her and her graceful fingers, it was as if it had always been there.

She took several steps back from me, allowing me to sit at the bottom of the bed with a squeak of the iron springs below the mattress as I did so. She chewed her lip as she unlaced her boots, kicking them off slowly. I took her lead and did the same; soon I was just standing in my trousers and dress shirt. Tie, socks, boots and watch had been cast-off by the bedside. She then walked up to me, nudging my leg apart to fit her in where she stood, before bending down to kiss me sweetly. Then she slowly started to disrobe, the dress was less of a structure than I was used to seeing her in, this one tied at the side, and came apart much easier. The heavy fabric fell to the floor with a thud, and she stepped out of it and kicked it behind her, leaving her not in the expected corset but something much softer.

“It’s a slip, of sorts. Because it slips on, and slips off.” She whispered, sliding her fingers to the thin straps that held the long cream silk garment on her body, the chill in the air told me had not much else underneath that and my body reacted instinctively, if somewhat embarrassingly.

“Do you like it?” she asked with a smirk, noting the ever increasing bulge in my pants. I think it was safe to say I liked it. Instead of speaking for the fear of saying something stupid, I simply nodded and watched captivated as she popped the straps off her smooth shoulders and the underwear dropped to the ground, leaving Sookie standing in just smaller underwear with garter straps holding up her stockings.

It was a sight I knew I’d never tire of.

I shrugged out of my shirt, and dropped everything else I was wearing on the floor, never once taking my eyes off her. She smiled nervously, but I wanted to calm her nerves, so I took her hands and brought her in closer again, this time carefully running my hands up her sides, ghosting by the side of her breasts, up to her neck and into her hair as I stood before I reached my full height to lean in and kiss her properly.

“Much easier than corsets.” I commented as I guided us back toward the bed so we could get in together, she laughed self consciously tucking her hair behind her ears as we moved to lay down.

I snapped the straps holding up her stockings and slowly pulled them off, casting them aside, soon followed by her smaller underwear.

“So very much easier than corsets,” I mumbled again as I kissed her neck making her giggle.

“We have to mind ourselves; Pam is down the hall…” She said as she moved in to kiss me again, when we broke apart she pulled down my long underwear to touch me where we both knew I needed her most.

“Pam sleeps like the dead, and I don’t care if she hears us. I don’t care if the whole of London hears us!” I whispered in a serious tone, even if the smile on my face said otherwise. She shook her head with a giggle.

“You hush, we’ll mind ourselves and that is that.”

I sighed.

“Well, fine, but you should know I’m not the loud one.”

She gasped as if I had insulted her, but our playful tone in conversation said otherwise.

“Excuse me, I am not the –“

“I had to hold my hand over that pretty mouth of yours last time, remember?”

She rolled her eyes, pushing me flat on my back and climbing atop of me. I was stunned at this continued streak of bravery. Wherever it came from, I approved.

“I have to do things… this way tonight.” She added as if I would somehow have a problem with it. “My ribs are still rather sore, and you weight a lot, even though you don’t look like you do.” She blew some hair from her forehead, tucking the stray bits behind her ear again, the same bashful look on her face. She had no need for such looks, she was my fiancée, and she was straddling me naked, there was no room for modesty at this stage.

“We can do things however you want my love.” I added before kissing her softly again, allowing ourselves to just kiss and enjoy the foreplay of it all. The kissing was once my favourite part of time alone with Sookie, the sex took that spot now but the kissing was still a firm second place. She smelled wonderful, something between soap and linens but also something else, something new – a flower of some kind perhaps, what it was I had no clue, but I liked it. I liked how it felt when she kissed me with all her passion, took me in hand and massaged me with no fear or hesitations, how it felt to touch every part of her body as we made love, over and over the touching was also something I knew I would never tire of. Even when we were old and grey, I was sure her body would still hold the wonder that it did right then.

We began slowly, I asked if I was hurting her because if she was still healing it was the last thing I wanted when we were in the middle of… well… each other. She reassured me as she paced herself, balancing herself using my chest as leverage that she was in fact fine, I still took things slowly, just in case.

She wasn’t to be slowed down however, in between soft but needy kisses she was the one in control now, fully and completely, she could have done whatever she liked and I knew I would never have said no to her. Soft moans escaped us both; it was unavoidable given how intense it felt when we fucked as we were, unavoidable but amazing – even if we were ‘minding ourselves’.

She felt amazing, everything felt amazing when I was with her like this. It was as if my senses were more, I was more, and I felt like we could do anything together. Of course I was also sure it was the sex and the amazing naked woman writhing above me that made me feel such things, but still it was a feeling I loved and yearned to hold on to just like I wanted to hold on to her.

Her grip on my shoulders tightened, as did the rest of her, and I felt her tense as she bit her lip in an attempt to silence herself. I hated that she was censoring herself in such ways, I longed for us to have our own space where she would and could be as free as she liked to be as loud and as sexual as she liked.

I really had to organize my life better now. Not that having loud obnoxious sex with my soon-to-be-wife was my only reason for realising how messy my life was, but it was a large incentive at least to get things straightened out.

We were both somewhat of a breathless mess by the time we finished, but in the best possible way. I knew we’d have to get ourselves cleaned up, but it was so comfortable and warm, and amazing in her arms that I really did not want to move.

Possibly ever.

“We’re all … messy.” She said in a voice that told me she was almost asleep as she laid under my arm, her head on my chest.

“Sex is always messy…”

“If done right.” She countered with a giggle. “I need to clean up otherwise I’ll just sleep here and we’ll regret it in the morning.”

She was right, we would, but the thought of moving was still not appealing. I groaned in protest, holding her tighter making her laughed all the more.

“Come on; if you’re nice I may even run us a bath.”

Now that sounded like heaven.

“No, you stay here and I’ll do it.”

She sighed.


“Yes.” I laughed.

“No… do you know where Pam keeps her best salts? I think not. I’ll do it.” She moved away and moved out of the bed silently. She found her robe lying on the chair by the window and slipped into it.

“Come in in a minute.” She smiled before she left the room, her hair down and still curled but now messed up because of our bedtime activities. I loved it.

When I did reach the bathroom, she was already in the large copper bath, I could only see her head for it was so deep and she was fully engulfed in the warm water.

“I love that they have changed so much that we no longer have to fill these things with jugs of warm water just to bathe.”

I was sure she did, at the house in Scotland the plumbing had been like that for ever and had only recently changed.

“I’ll bet. It was always cold by the time it was anywhere near filled.” I agreed. I slid off my underwear again, having worn it across the house in case someone was out of bed. The last thing I needed was an awkward interlude.

“And more so a pain in the backside to run up and down stairs filling, you could never fill it fast enough for some people. And of course you were dying by the time the ladies got to slip into the water and relax… not that I’m bitter or anything.” She smiled closing her eyes. She opened them again after a few seconds. “Are you just going to stand there all night?”

I took her invite and got into the tube as gently and as quietly as I could. The water was so warm and with Sookie’s feet in my lap, I fit around her just fine.

“You’re not built for tiny tubs.” She laughed throwing the soap at me; it landed with a large splash in the water.

“Really not.” I shifted and finally found my comfort zone enough to relax.

“How are your ribs? We didn’t hurt –“

“No, no. They’re okay, I mean it hurts to lift heavy things still, and I can’t really bake like I want to with my hand yet, but hopefully it’ll be fine soon enough.”

“I hope so too.”

We looked at each other for a moment, just letting everything that had happened sink in as we soaked our pains away. She smirked at me when her feet would move lower and lower, teasing me only to return above the surface of the water again.

“When would you like to have our wedding?” I asked breaking the silence and soaping up her legs in the process.

She smiled.

“I’ve been admiring my ring since you put it on, it’s huge.”

“That’s because you have small fingers.”

“And that emerald is still rather large…”

She admired it again for a few seconds, and I had to admit that it did look stunning on her hand, much more so than I first thought when I bought it the minute I arrived in London that morning. I had been travelling from the night before, and even though I was tired it was all worth it to see it rightfully where it belonged.

“Maybe in the summertime?” She answered suddenly making eye contact.

“Summertime could be nice; in truth I’d marry you anytime you wanted.” That made her smile again.

“In truth I’ve seen what planning a wedding is this last few weeks…? I would marry you too anytime, but maybe we don’t let Pam plan it?”

I laughed, knowing my friend as I did even her false pretences wedding was always going to be a huge affair.

“What? You mean you don’t want the most obnoxious day a human can produce?” I asked giggling as she moved to stand up, and I noticed in the brighter lights the bruises on her body that were almost faded fully.

Almost but not completely.

I hated him so much for doing that to her, my rage almost took over our conversation as she caught me looking.

“I’m fine, love.” She said as she stepped out wrapping a towel around herself, taking a seat on the large chair by the window as I got out.

“I know, I just…” I shook my head. “He’s not worth talking about, not anymore.”

With that she nodded.

“I agree wholeheartedly. Let’s go to bed, shall we?”

I took a deep breath as I let out the water, and took her outstretched hand.

“Second best question I’ve heard anyone asked tonight.”


I woke up fairly early to find Eric still sleeping by my side; it was a sight that I was still not used to when it happened. Here he was with me, wanting to be with me too – so much so he bought a ring and asked a very important question to boot! I think I was having a bit of a hard time accepting that as fact, that there was this great man who was kind and loyal and wonderful but with flaws I knew how to handle, who seemingly wanted to handle mine too, forever. With Bill I knew I was so young when we were paired off, that now even if I had not been through all I had, he wasn’t the kind of man I would have wanted. Now, I had more sense, more life experience – even if not all of it was good experience, it made me who I was meant to be.

But was I meant to be a Lady, wife of an actual honest to God Lord?

That was still up for debate.

Did I even know what it meant to be ‘in’ high society anymore? It had been a long time since I had been considered anything other than a skivvy. And having been repeatedly told that for some time now, I think it was just a rather large adjustment going from that to… Lady Northman.

I loved him, I knew that more than I knew anything, I loved and wanted to be with him. I wanted to make a life with him, and hopefully at some point soon children too. It was sadly just everything that came with his life that would take a lot of getting used to. I knew he would understand if I voiced my fears to him, but as things stood I did not really want to put a damper on our mood as things stood. We had so little reason for happiness in the recent times, that this, us, it was a reason for happiness, a real reason to celebrate!

I didn’t want to take away from that at all with my worries. Instead I would enjoy our time for what it was now, and that was our own. After Niall passed and things changed, I had a feeling everything around us as it stood would change too, and I would just have to deal with that when it happened.

That morning and the morning after though, I spent it inside that little bubble again. Eric and I spent late mornings in bed, just enjoying each other as much as possible before we both knew he had to return to Scotland. Our days filled with fittings and wedding preparations, Pam and Claude were so busy themselves I don’t think we saw them for more than five minutes in two days. When we did finally all catch our breath and meet for dinner on Eric’s final night in London, we were finally able to break the news to the other ‘couple’.

Needless to say they were thrilled.

“Finally!” Pam exclaimed as she stood up in the restaurant and stunned the other customers by embracing us both in a hug at once. Claude was a little more reserved, settling for a kiss on both my cheeks and a manly handshake to Eric as he wished us the best. The other diners were still staring as we sat down. Pam huffed.

“God damn English, you’d think I fucked you both in the middle of the room the way they’re looking at us right now.” She said and her Texan accent never more apparent than when she was angry. I looked to Eric and he looked to me, and we both fought the urge to giggle.

“Yes, I mean it’s not like you haven’t fucked us both, just not here.” Eric confessed with a low laugh, one that set Claude off on a set of giggles himself.

“If they only knew that I’m sure they’d all faint of the shock of it all!”

By the time our first course arrived we’d finished off the first of many bottles of wine that night and we’d laughed more by the end of the dinner than I had remembered laughing in a long, long, time.

We discussed our wedding of course, reassuring Pam we would in no way steal her spotlight, not that it was at all possible to even do that give the sun sized lights that she was ensuring would be all on her that day. I knew more than anything I wanted a smaller, much more intimate affair. I wasn’t sure if a Lord could even have a small wedding, but if it was possible it would happen.

We broke off as we exited the restaurant, Pam wanting to get home to telephone her mother and finalise the travel arrangements for the week after next, for the wedding, and generally count the final numbers. Eric and I had no such worries for now; instead we took a walk through the city, even in the soft falling snow. We walked for a while, just talking and observing and generally just enjoying each other’s company, before the snow started to fall heavier, forcing us into a taxi. We ended up in the centre of the city, at a late night bar, a kind of bar I had never been to before much to Eric’s amusement.

“It opened recently, I’ve heard whisperings.” He said as we went into the darkened bar, one that was filled with men and women dancing. Women with short curled hair with feathers and jewels seen from the door all of them drinking, most of them kissing. The men seemed of good standing, though their behaviour said otherwise.


“Do you want to leave?” He asked me with a smile, as if he knew he was making me uncomfortable. I wanted to challenge that thought if it was what he was thinking.

I took a seat at a smaller table near the side of the large dance floor.

“No. I’ll have a drink first thank you very much.” I said with an air of defiance in my voice. This made him grin before he kissed my hand and made his way to the bar. I used my time alone to get my wits about me. This kind of place had Pam written all over it, she would have been in heaven here, and I was quite sure she would be furious we came to such a secret place without her!

Yes indeed, the hedonistic aspect of this place really did have Pam in the middle of it, I was sure once I told her she would come here, she’d probably drag me with her too. Everything from the darkened corners, the smooth saxophone playing teamed with the copious amounts of alcohol and God only knows what else told me that I didn’t belong there, but maybe I did.

Eric returned a few moments later with a large bottle of champagne on ice with two glasses.

“Do you like it here?” He asked, still grinning like a fool.

“I feel like you’re testing me.”

“Oh?” He asked trying to look innocent.

“Yes.” I replied sharply, on to his game and more than a little willing to play it. “I think you forget yourself, Northman.”

I could practically see his eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Is that so?”

“Yes, it is so. You forget that I am a far more experienced woman than you seem to give me credit for.”

He nodded.

“I give all the credit where it is due my love. All the credit in the world.”

“I am as worldly as you are.” I pouted a little as he filled my glass. “I may not flaunt it as much as Pam and her other friends do, but I have done things… and sneaking into a … place such as this… is low on the list of …bad arse things I have accomplished.”

“Of course,” He smiled. It annoyed me so I threw my napkin at him making him bust out laughing.

“You’re being a jackass tonight!” I exclaimed not sure where this was all coming from. But before I could let my panic set in as to what got into Eric. He had slid his seat to my side, grabbed my face, and was giving me the kissing of my life before I could say boo.

It felt amazingly naughty doing such a thing in public.

“Ah, so this is why you brought me here.” I laughed as we pulled apart, the taste of champagne still evident from his kiss.

“Might have been one of the reasons…” He smirked. “That and I’ve booked us a room at the Savoy; I felt maybe we could be doing with a night away from the wedding whack jobs.”

I giggled at his wording as I took another swig of my drink, how a civilized evening took such a turn I wasn’t sure, but what was sure of was how much I liked it. After all we were free here, we didn’t have to hide anything from anyone and we didn’t have to answer to anyone either. I suppose I was still getting used to that too.

We danced then, fitting in rather seamlessly with all the other couples, not one person batting an eyelid at us as we did so either. No one knew I was an ex-wife, ex maid, murderer. No one knew of Eric’s pain and heartbreak and loss, they knew nothing other than we were just another couple in love dancing a slow dance and staring into each other’s eyes.

“The other reason I brought us here.” He admitted as we danced faster to the more upbeat music the band began to play, I was breathless within minutes.

“To dance me off my feet?” I replied somewhat breathlessly as we did around spin outward and then back into his strong, firm arms.

“To start our life together as I mean for us to go on, happy, and yes… to dance with you often.” He grinned spinning me out again.

“I think that could be arranged, Mr Northman.” I smiled soon matching his, big and wide and maybe a little tipsy.

“So glad to hear that soon-to-be-Mrs-Northman!”






























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