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It wasn’t Sookie.

It registered in my brain and I threw the blankets back and jumped out of bed, switching on the light to confirm my suspicion.

“Are you fucking joking right now, Dawn? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?”

I was losing mine that is for sure.

“Please don’t be angry, please.” She said holding the sheet around herself; I noticed her discarded robe on the bed too. My blood was boiling as I shuffled into my trousers, trying to distance myself from her as much as possible, because how I felt in that moment was pure anger.

“Get out.”

“Please I just wanted to –“

“To what exactly? WHAT EXACTLY DID YOU WANT?!”

She closed her eyes as if to stop herself from crying.

“I knew she wouldn’t be here, I just wanted to talk with you.”

“Naked? In the dark? Give me a break. Get out.”

I ran my hand through my hair and attempted a few deep breaths.

“Eric I think you’re making a huge mistake here, with her… she’s…She’s not good enough for you!”

I scoffed at her thick-headedness. Could she really be this stupid?

“I need you to STOP.” I said crossing the room to her side of my bed, and reaching for her arm. I yanked her out of the bed and threw her, she stumbled toward the door and I threw her robe at her.

“Please just stop, stop it all, and stop it now before I do or say something I cannot take back.”

“I just want you to want me, where is the harm in that!”

“There is no harm in it, not really, but this? THIS? This is wrong, Dawn. I do not want you. I never wanted you and I do not know HOW MANY OTHER WAYS TO SAY IT OUT LOUD. Are you listening? DO you even really hear me say it? Tell me you hear me say it!”

“What on earth is going on…?” I heard from behind my bedroom door I opened it to find Niall standing there in his robe, a second later, Sookie appeared too. She looked shocked; she looked beyond shocked if I was being honest.

“Eric? What is going…? Dawn?”

She looked from me to her and back to me again.

“I could hear you all the way down the hall, I thought…” she looked at Niall and I knew what she thought. She thought someone had died or something.

“Dawn has to go. She has to leave, now.” I spat in anger at Niall. I looked back at the girl in the room holding her robe in front herself, but not moving to put it on.

“She has had one too many chances and I am just fucking done. Coming up here in the middle of the night, crawling into bed with me, all of it entirely unwanted!”

“Speak up girl, is this true?” Niall asked in her direction.

She just nodded slowly, tears in her eyes ready to fall.

Niall then looked to Sookie and back to me.

“You need to deal with this Eric. You.”

I knew that much.

“I want you gone. I have given you more than enough opportunities to see sense Dawn, more than enough and this is the shit you pull? No. No more.”

Then she started to full on sob.

Sookie sighed.

“Sir how about I escort you back to your room and leave them to this… whatever this is.” She said in a whisper to Niall, a whisper so unlike all the shouting I had been doing.

Niall agreed and they walked slowly down the hallway and around the corner together. I knew I must have been loud for him to hear me at the other end of the house.


“You have to go now.”

“Right now?” She asked struggling to tie her robe back together.

“Yes now! Do you really think that this is something I can overlook?” I scoffed in anger. “No, fuck no. I am done with this trying to get through to you. I want you out of this house now, I do not care where you go but you must go. You know I could have you arrested for this?”

That scared her.

“Please don’t!”

“Then GO. I want you out of the house before the morning do you hear me now?”

She was full on sobbing but I found the last of my patience with her had dissipated I no longer cared. She was not right in the head, it was clear now and I could not do anything or say anything more to try to bring her around to sanity.

She looked at me, her eyes red now from the tears and as much as I still hated to see any woman in pain, this was self-inflicted and I found I would not allow myself to be sucked back into her web of crazy just because I felt somewhat sorry for her. I had made my position clear many times, too many fucking times in truth, and I was just over it. She left the room slowly and when I was sure, she was down the stairs I emerged, I heard Sookie’s bedroom door close, and I hoped she was back in there, and not that Dawn had decided to take a detour to annoy her now as much as she had annoyed me.

I walked into Sookie’s room to find her just sitting on the bed a faraway look in her eye.

“Darling, I am so sorry –“

“Did you invite her into your bed?” She asked.


“Then what are you sorry about? It wasn’t your doing and I know that much, she’s insane, she’s actually in fucking sane.” She was livid, and I could not blame her, as I felt the same way.

“Yes, and she’s also downstairs packing her things, at sunrise I’ll ring for a car to collect her and take her where she needs to go, because she needs to not be here.”

“I agree. I never thought I would agree to such cold actions, but this is just too much. It is harassment is what it is.”

She was right, it was and it had gone on too long.

She sighed heavily as she scooted herself into the oversized bed and put the blankets around herself for warmth, the fire had died out by now and there was chill in the room.

She patted the space next to her with a small smile, and I did not have to be asked twice before I walked over and got in beside her, she came into my arms right away.

“I’m tired. We should just try and get some rest before the morning.”

“Don’t you want to discuss…”

“The crazy girl with her serious delusions? No, I would rather not now; I do not want to look like walking death on my wedding day, and not because of her particularly. Let’s just try and sleep, hmm?”

I agreed and kissed her gently on the temple before I shut out the light and attempted to sleep.

It never came.

I got up at sunrise, rang the taxi firm and had them come and pick Dawn up. She left through the back door and I made sure she went too. I had paid her her monthly wage and while a professional recommendation would come from Mrs Fortenberry eventually, a personal one may not come from me. Niall might do it, but I would not, not now. The rest of the early morning staff knew, of course they knew how could they not. Nevertheless, we did not say anything to each other as she got into the car and left, nor when I walked through the kitchen to go back upstairs, there was nothing to say. It was for the best, for me, for Sookie, for the house and hopefully one day, even for Dawn and her sanity.

And for ours.

The day was going to be a good day, and Dawn or anyone else was not going to spoil it.

I was getting married today


“Up or down?” Amelia asked as we curled my hair.

“Up I think, I don’t want it to fall flat on the driver over, and I have os much of it, it very well may fall flat. I want to look nice…”

“Of course you do, and you will.”

I had chosen a pale pink blush toned dress, so light it almost looked white, but given our circumstance it would have been highly hypocritical of me to even dare think of wearing white to my wedding. Either way, the drop waist intricately beaded dress was sweet and light and just the right tone for such an occasion, I opted for very little makeup, as I had very little with me, instead using some cover up to hide my sleepless night eye bags, and some rouge and lipstick in a flattering natural shade for my own lips. I looked like me, just a more polished version of myself, and I thought that good enough. With my hair up in a chic finger wave, Amelia added a jewelled clip to the side of my hair, she had found it in a store in town that morning, and decided that that would be my ‘something new’. It was sweet of her, and it really did tie the outfit together. I hoped Eric would like me in this.

I knew for certain he liked me out of it already.

The drive down was nerve wracking, even if it was silly to be nervous. Eric was dressed dapper as always, this time in a charcoal suit and dark tie, he parted his hair and even used some product in it, for him that was a huge effort and I smiled at him wanting to look as nice for me as I did for him.

Amelia and Sam chatted away in the backseat, as Eric drove and I sat next to him, the drive went by in no time at all, journeys tended to do that when your mind was on other things, I realised.

When we got there, we found the necessary people and we were greeted with a warm Scottish welcome, and some hot whiskeys too. Usually for that time of the morning, I would have refused, but, it was freezing cold, and my nerves were getting the better of me. That or I was shaking because of the cold, I was not sure which! We had a drink and a toast to our wedding and then it was happening before I knew it. Over the anvil in the Blacksmith’s shop, we said our vows and were blessed and married just like that. I could scarcely believe it.

He smiled big and wide, as he had done since he took my hands in front of Amelia and Sam and our hand fasting Blacksmith priest of sorts, Andrew. We promised to love each other as much as we did now, we promised to allow our love to grow as we grew, and we promised to honour each other with our bodies and our thoughts, we vowed to be kind, and have patience, and most of all to respect each other every day.

Andrew slammed his hammer down on the anvil and it rang out so loud I thought my ears would fall off.  It signified our marriage ceremony being complete, and we were allowed to kiss, our first kiss as a married couple.

It felt fantastic.

Everyone in the shop cheered, Ames and Sam, and Andrew and his wife Mira, and a few other couples who were waiting and watching to see what was what.

We were offered some photographs, and Eric and I enthusiastically agreed, since we had secretly wanted a little something to remember the day by. We stood and posed for two shots, and we were assured they would be done for us by the afternoon, with that we made our way to the nearest eatery for a big bite to eat and more than a few drinks! By the time we got to the train after four, we were just a little bit tipsy. The trip to London would be interesting, that is for sure!


Marrying her in that short but sweet ceremony was just what we needed, neither she nor I were really big fanfare people, and the idea of another ‘society’ wedding just wasn’t what either of us needed never mind what we wanted.


It was us, it was small and intimate and wonderful and while we didn’t have rings officially – she used her engagement ring and I used my father’s ring that I wore usually on my right hand to complete the vows. I was sure to choose her a ring as beautiful as she was, once we got to London.

She looked so beautiful and shy, nervous but happy, and I felt that she mirrored how I was feeling inside too. My nerves were jumping but in the best way possible.

Afterward we went for a celebratory drink and something to eat, sharing it with Sam and Amelia was lovely, I didn’t know Sam well, but the girls knew each other as well as sisters at this point, and their laughing and whispering kept us both amused as we all got a touch drunk. Shameful behaviour really considering it had not yet gone noon!

Once we reached the train and took our seats in our private cart, I realised that my newly wedded wife was more than a little drunk. I realised it because she kept telling me.

“No really, this is bad I really should have ate something, but I was too excited and happy and this underwear pinches a little as it is so I just…”

I took a bottle of water off the tray that the shop woman passed by with and paid her for it, snatching two glasses as well.

“Shouldn’t that be champagne?” she asked as I handed it to her.

“Probably, but for now let’s just freshen up?” I was on my way to drunk as well, and honestly knowing we were about to travel for hours on end the idea of a same-day hangover just wasn’t appealing, so water it was.

“I wish we could have stayed the night, just to… celebrate properly.” She said as she leaned her head on my shoulder as we passed through a tunnel.

“Hmm me too, but then there is the wrath of Pamela.”

She smirked.

“Yes, the wrath of a pre-wedding Pamela, I feel that is more wrathful than usual somehow.”

“I agree.” I smiled.

“Besides I think there was crafty method to her madness in making her Ladies Maid as her Bridesmaid, I know how to make her look amazing and can you image what some other poor soul would have to listen to if the lace wasn’t draped properly or God forbid her veil sat wrong!”

“Unthinkable!” I joked but wondered if she really was that much of a monster bride. “We will get some time alone tonight though, since we have our own space now that you aren’t staying with Pam.”

“That is true.” She smiled before kissing me on the cheek.

“If she asks you to stay though…”
“I promise I’ll make my excuses, I’m a married woman now, we have responsibilities and all that, don’t we?”

“Married men do too, so I’ll be making my own excuses. Consummating my marriage is much more important than wondering if my bow tie matches Claude’s.” I laughed and then she slipped her bottom lip between her teeth in thought.


Hmm?” I asked.

“Who says we have to wait until tonight to…consummate anything.”

I was confused, and I suppose I looked it too. That was until she got up and pulled down the blinds on the glass windows of our doors and side windows of the carriage.

“Oh… Oh!”

She smiled.

“Well? What do you say, Mr Northman, fancy being adventurous?”

With her, it was not really a question.

“But what if someone walks in?” I asked and she just shrugged.

“I don’t really care, we’re married, just married, and it’s allowed.”

We were in public, it really wasn’t, but I wasn’t about to say no to her, not like this.

She came over to me then and grabbed the newspaper from my hands and put it down on the seat, she leaned over and kissed me then, but pulled back to begin unbuttoning her coat, shrugging it off and then she started in on her blouse.

We were really doing this. In public.

My heart started to race, not only at the sight in front of me but also at the idea that at any moment, anyone could walk in.

“Do you want to?” She asked even closer now as she says this, her full lips ghosting over mine ever so slightly, her fingers curling around the back of my neck

I simply nodded; unable to really find the words for much I wanted what she was offering me. Still, the idea of being caught was exciting, but also so dangerous.

“Are you sure you –“
“I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t sure. Surely you know that by now.” She grinned pushing me back, further into the seat before straddling my waist. Before hiking up her skirt so, it fell around us, covering us up for the most part.

She directed my head to her neck, moving her head to one side to allow me to nip and suck at the delicate skin. Her fingers pick up speed in undoing a few buttons of my shirt, and then starting in on my trousers. I was taking deep breaths to calm myself as best I could, not that anything could work with her above me like this, her breasts peeking out from her half opened blouse, nipples hard and visible through her silk camisole.

I relished her passion, it was one of the most intriguing things about her, and like this, she was truly in her element. I moaned in surprise, her aggressive kisses were wonderful, even more so when she snaked her hand into my underwear, pushing it all down to get a better grip, and when she did, she did so with such gusto that I was left just a little breathless.

I tugged her underwear aside then, trying not to get too lost in my own feelings of pleasure.

Her breath hitches as I slowly stroke two of my fingers inside her, her own fingers then grasping onto the material of my shirt as I plough further inside her, pulling back, pushing in, all in the aims of readying her for what was to come. I never liked the idea of her being uncomfortable during something so wonderful, this helped her every time to adjust and relax more than when we just went for it without any sort of foreplay at all.

“You seem eager, my wife.” I said as she slowly grinded her lower half against mine, repeatedly, causing the most amazing friction between us. She just laughed and grabbed hold of my sex again, causing me to moan louder than I meant to.

“Just a tad eager, husband, now hurry up before someone comes in!” She said in a hurried whisper that made me a laugh.

“I never thought we’d resort to a ‘quickie’ on our wedding day, my love.”

She grinned.

“Me either, but needs must.”

“And you must need me rather badly to do this here.”

She just rolled her eyes as she moved forward to allow me to push inside of her.


All I could do was try to contain my moans, as she buried her face in my neck too to try to do the same. Her panting and sweet words, and the way she would say my name in such a way… it was almost too much.

Burying my face in her sweet smelling neck once more and then to her breasts is when things started to go a touch blurry for me. It was mostly feelings, of her skin on mine, the heat of being inside her, the warmth of her breath as we broke between kisses to breathe in the hopes of not passing out from the excitement of it all. All kinds of feelings passed though me though as we quickly brought each other to our much wound up climax. It felt like love. It felt so real, and it was now, real and true and not something, we had to hide from anyone ever again.

She was my wife, and I was her husband.

Amazing the difference a few hours could make, wasn’t it?

When we had finished she looked at me from the same position, her face and cheeks pink, her hair no longer pristine, she had that sleepy satisfied look too, one I was sure I mirrored.

She just giggled as we awkwardly pulled away from each other, trying to put ourselves back together.

“I need to use the rest room… to clean up.” She said as she stood, with no mirror either, she could not really put her hair to rights. I would need to clean up too, but, ladies first.

I stood up and tucked some stray hair behind her ear before I leaned to kiss her.

“Hurry back.”

She smiled, and with that she was out the door with that naughty grin plastered all over her face.

We just had sex.

We just had married sex, in public, on a train.

I think I was still chuckling to myself by the time she got back. If this was to be any indication as to what our married life would be like, I could not wait!