Happy New Year friends!

How did you ring in 2013 then? Myself? I embraced my default setting of loner-dom and stayed at home with the family. We ordered takeout and some booze, and a semi good time was had. Let’s face it, it was a lot cheaper than the alternative of getting dressed up, in the cold, paying triple price for admission, taxi’s, booze… and the queues. Jesus, the queues. I wager you spend 70 percent of your night on NYE in a line for something or other, the bar, the loo, the taxi home…

So no, I opted to stay at home.

Do we have any new year’s resolutions at all? I’m not sure entirely what mine are, other than maybe giving myself a break now and then, I tend to beat myself up over the least little thing. (anxiety girl!) And also taking my ‘friendship’ problems and leaving them in 2012. Starting with a much needed Facebook clear out. I mean, it’s funny how something so simple can cause me such anxiety, but that’s me, I feel guilty even when I’ve no reason to feel guilt, I feel sorry when I’ve no reason to feel sorry. Maybe 2013 should be the year of finding my (metaphorical) balls? Hmm.

I’m also torn on a few more courses that I’ve been looking at maybe starting up for something to do in my free time. Doing a Post Grad is out the window for the time being because with it being so expensive, it would need to be something that I’m at least 90 % sure I wanted and could pursue, and since things stand with me still not being sure where my future lies, I think it best I steer clear of anymore student loans!

So it’s creative writing or something useful in real life, like accounts (eek). I am awful with any form of mathematics so I want to improve my skills in some area that I could use in job-life. I mean I could write you a book (HA and I have a few times over, right?) but do not ask me to do maths. I think it’s like a form of dyslexia but instead of letters it’s numbers. That probably makes no sense.

I have a few tentative plans for London and possible Germany this year too, so we’ll see how they go!

As far as writing goes, that’s a tougher topic because while I love it, I’m losing my excitement for it every day and I hate that feeling. I feel like I need to DO something with my ‘need’ to write, but I still struggle with just what exactly that something is. My crippling fear of rejection keeps me from really, truly jumping into the original fiction pond, even if my fics are all mine, besides the characters names and possible locations lol.

What are your plans for this year?