Bonjour, hello, hi. Well, since it’s no secret that my writing mojo has all but abandoned me since Christmas, I decided to mess around with Photoshop, my spotify, and the ideas behind Not So Great Expectations.

Remember that one, my little cheese fest of cute? Right, that one. So, it only stands to reason that the sounds of NSGE would, in parts be just that – cute and cheesy. Some songs are great, and some songs OD on the chyeese, just like this story at times.



1. I Do.

2. Hanging by a moment

3. Call me Maybe

4. Come away with me

5. Like a Virgin

6. Below my feet

7. Candles – Daughter

8. Classy Girls

9. Beneath you’re beautiful

10. Little Talks

11. Open your eyes

12 Sweet Disposition

13 America