Just thought I’d put together a quick post to catch up on a few things. Firstly, a massiiiiiiiiiiiive thank you to all of you who have sent me messages, reviews, and likes on the last chapter (and all of them really) of War at Heart. That one was my baby for a long time and it was sadtimes to see it go, even if I ended it on a super cheesy note :o. But thank you and know that it means the world that you guys keep turning in for my messes! Secondly, I have a new chapter of Canon fic Absolution open, and I’m faffing about with that, but since it’s been an utter age and a half since I updated I’ve forgotten my own plot (I’m epic, clearly?) so I’ve been re-reading trying to find the voice again. I hope to have a new update up within the week or at the latest next weekend. If you haven’t checked it out and fancy an alternative to Trueblah, feel free to check it out here.

Third of all, as some of you know I also dabble in fashion-y, beauty rambles on my other blog and I have a giveaway going at the minute, so I thought why not let you know about it. Everyone loves a freebie right? Check it out here if interested!

I think that’s about it, how’s life treating you? Good I hope! xo