So. Hm. There’s that huh? I still haven’t watched the episode, but I’ve seen all the gifs and responses and it’s made me want to stay as far away from it as possible. What it’s also done is made me disgusted at the writing ‘team’ behind trueblah, it’s made me disgusted at their marketing ploys (HEY PENIS PENIS SWEDISH PENIS LET’S PIMP THIS BEFORE WE SHOW A MAN BURNING TO DEATH SIMPLY BECAUSE HE’S NUDE. ERIC’S BITCHES WILL LOVE THAT SHIT) and made me disgusted for the state of the characters. Just, what in the ever living fuck y’all?

If you’re on Tumblr no doubt you’ve seen the rants and disappointment of just about everyone of us that were on board with that show. We suffered (yes, suffered) through so many plot holes and fuckery and this is what it comes down to? Stepford Sookie, Eric a long forgotten blimp in her life, Bill is glorified and celebrated and FAMOUS and Eric ‘dies’ away from everything he knows? He flew off in his grief to … what? Sunbathe? That was his mission, leaving his daughters  – a needy one and a super new born at that? He didn’t care who Warlow was or why Sookie had him tied up, he didn’t as questions didn’t think to get involved?

I’m at an utter loss over this mess, and as such it’s killed any writing inspo I may have had. It’s been no secret my love for writing this ship has waned in recent times, and finishing and updating my stories used to be fun and something I couldn’t wait to to – but without much inspiration – not to mention the ill treatment of these characters in EVERY form of ‘canon’ it’s made it near impossible.

I’m ashamed to want to write for them considering their canon counterparts.

Just a heads up.

Maybe it’ll change soon, but as of now.