Meekly because it’s been over a month and I’ve been MIA. How awful, really. I do love to write, and I love that you guys are my audience and so lovely and sweet and utterly supportive of me, and judging by the PMs and the comments on my last post you’re all just as epic as I imagined. That, plus the blog has been getting a hell of a lot of traffic lately, why, I have no real idea since I’ve been admittedly MIA – but again – thank you muchly for popping by and leaving me messages and emailing and the like, it really has brightened up my weary self of late. I come with news of an update. I’ve started what I assume to be the final chapter of Not So Great Expectations tonight and hopefully, time allowing, I shall have it for you guys by the end of the week. After what started as a co-lab to something that I became a single mother to, it’s had a rocky road for a comedic fic, but you have stuck by it and that’s amazing. I hope the pay off will be worth it and it’ll be a story you’ll have been proud to have spent time reading.


Are we all set for Christmas? I’m not and I’m starting to panic a little! Also… anyone here watch OUAT? I think Captain Swan may be an OTP I could get behind. But, after TB and SVM burning me I’m reluctant! I am a totallll Hooker though (words I never thought I’d type, but hey, Irish boy hotness wins)