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“I look like a ponce.”

“I’m sure that’s just not true.”

“’Course, says you, who in fact does look like a ponce – just saying.” Hook said from behind the large wooden screen, and David or ‘his majesty’ merely sighed leaning against the windowsill. This had been going on for almost an hour. Snow had insisted with everyone one back in the Enchanted Forest – at least for now – that we were to revert to our more traditional roles and just get on with life as normal. That included but was not limited to clothing. Something that had finally caught up with the pirate.

Hook had had about enough, first they dock his ship and insisted he stay in the castle – but of course not in the same room as their daughter, then the bloody woman went and stole his leathers while he was washing.

“Would you just pick something and come on? They want us down for dinner, and you know Snow is just –“

“About that wife of yours mate, I mean given everything we’ve all been through and now that she’s fully up the duff again- “

“Hook –“

“Fine, sorry ‘with child…’”

David could hear him rolling his eyes; he bit back a laugh because really, he knew what was coming. Snow had been a touch … temperamental of late, and he wasn’t entirely sure it was all pregnancy.

“I just don’t see why it’s such a big deal … if I want to dress how I dress or if Emma wants to wear what she normally wears.  I mean, yes you’re all royal again but to act as if we all haven’t been affected by our time – you all more so than me – in the world without magic – well it seems a bit… strange.”

With that he rounded the corner, fully dressed.


 David was starving and he really didn’t want to catch the wrath of his wife again.

“I told you. Ponce.” He said again grimacing to himself in the mirror. “Honestly who ever thought this was a good idea?”

“We’re going… you look … fine really, just relax! The fact that you look like you want to jump from the nearest window doesn’t really add to the whole look you know?”

Hook rolled his eyes.

“The trousers are too bloody big.”

David looked, and no, they weren’t, not at all.

“You’ve spent centuries in various pairs of …form fitting leathers, normal fabrics are meant to feel like this.”

“Well I’m not sure I like it, I don’t feel very secure.”

David sighed, for a man that had the sense of security within himself to swan around in skin tight leather from head to toe, but God forbid he wear cotton blend?

“Come on, we’re going to be late.” David straightened Hook out as much as possible to make him look as presentable as possible and hopefully have this first big dinner go off without much of a hitch. He knew he was kidding himself, but for the sake of everyone, he just hoped it would pass smoothly.

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