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And so this is it! I finally, finally got the time and the brain power to allow me to finish this. It’s been a long and sometimes bumpy writing road for this little ‘happy’ piece. It started off as a co-lab that ended abruptly lol, and for those of you that know my writing style, keeping it a ‘happy comedy’ was at times really difficult! *glares at Scribeninja* But, I think I did an okay job, and for those of you that stuck with me, a big massive thank you for all the reviews and messages and tumblr messages and everything. While I might not have been able to reply to them all know that I read them all! And it was beyond encouraging every time and it does push you when you feel like you can’t write anymore, to know that people are there waiting on you.

I mentioned this on Tumblr last night, but I feel this may be my final bow for the OTP of Sookie / Eric.  With the abuse the coupling has been put through in every version of their canon, it’s been difficult for a long time now to try and defend something that even their own creator can’t seem to do. It’s been so much fun getting to channel my writing through these characters and get to share a bit of my brain waves with you guys all this time. There have been a few stories I know that don’t fall under the usual ‘fanfic’ placement, but I liked to explore darker themes and push myself with my writing as much as possible as I few this as ‘practice’ should the time come that I ever find myself brave enough to go the original fiction route.

Which, who knows might be sooner rather than later. 😉

Either way I hope you stick around.

Thanks you again!

Not So Great Expectations Fin