Well, Hello Stranger, you may think. I know, I’m a failure for keeping this thing well stocked aren’t I? It’s been a while since I had anything to post really, and with the upheaval of my personal life (which I may or may not dive into here at some point, you aren’t really here for that so I won’t risk boring you!) it has left little to no time for creative endeavors.


Marvel, Man. They just sort of suck you in with their super pretty super heroes and all that angst (all that ANGST!!) and well, I am a weak woman.

I am a weak woman who has now embarked on a OT3 fic of the fan.

What if Bucky didn’t fall? What if Steve still made the ultimate sacrifice? What if that left Peggy and Bucky alone in a world without the guy they both loved? What then?

Give Up The  Ghost

If it’s something you would be even remotely interested in, I ask you check it out over on Ao3! I may start posting it here from here on out too, so just a fair warning I guess? Thank you for your time! And I hope you’re all well! /takes a bow/