I think.

I hope.

*Wipes brow* Do you know what a utter and complete pain in the arse wordpress is? Like, do you know?!? I think we’re back to the start formatting wise. I think I got everything back in order? If I haven’t I’m sure someone will say something about that. But, for the time being I think we’re good.

You all need to go and give thanks to @scribeninja on a massive scale because she not only kicked me in the ass to get this back to rights she rolled up her sleeves and ventured into this nonsense and helped me as well. Massive thank you, Linds. Because I’ll be honest with you guys. I didn’t really care? I mean, I cared sure. But I also didn’t? This work has been online for up to five years at this point (!!!) and it’s kinda like, if you haven’t read it by now you aren’t going to?? The way I see it the SVM (Which I still haven’t read nor will I lol!) and Trueblood is a dead fandom, really (TO ME).  And I stopped watching the show over a year before it ended officially and the only reason I finished my on going stories at all was because of you guys. Well, you guys and my insane guilt gene, I  don’t even know.

But for the most part I think we’re all good in the hood here. Place your mouse over the title and the rest should appear in a drop-down menu, if that doesn’t happen, click into the title and the full story should be there.

I really truly wasn’t aware so many of you were still into my work, so as it’s the only payment we indie fic writers can demand, hit up with a comment or two if you do find the word and such, it really does mean the world to us!

Beyond that, I am still writing but just for a different genre and fandom and I’m not entirely sure I should cross that over to here, but I have been thinking about it. So I may at some point start posting my current works here as well as any and all little original works I dream up. Basically what I’m saying is, if you wanna read what I’m working on? Tell me? Yay? Nay?

For now though, thanks for your patience and love.

Talk soon!