Alright guys, here’s the thing, as you might have seen from the post I just reblogged I found some my work published on a site for download. Published where I did not put it nor did I give permission for it to be put on that site. It’s here if you want to see ugh.

I write this stuff for free, for fun and for practice mostly, until I find the balls to publish my own stuff and hopefully get paid to do so. The idea that these guys are profiting off of me  and others like me for hits, or ad money or paid subscribers is disgusting. You don’t get much for free in this world but there are writers like me and tons of others in various fandoms that are providing these stories for your (and my own) entertainment, again, for free. While that is our choice letting others gain from it is not.

So listen,  please don’t give your time, your hits or your money to anyone other than the owners of the art you appreciate (if and when applicable). And please don’t take someone’s words against their will and place it somewhere they don’t want it to be, all the while earning some random ass company money and the writers zilch.

You want to put my fiction somewhere else? Come and ask me. I’m a very approachable person as are most that do what I do.

Don’t be scared but don’t be stupid.