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Let me start of by saying, hi, how are you, long time no see and all of that. I hope you’re all doing amazingly well! But like, level with me here for a second as I’m still a little stunned. My broke ass is stunned y’all.

I never knew people did this for a living. I mean, it’s basically a living right? You get sponsored to pay your rent and buy your food ‘write’ by people you don’t know??

I’m flabbergasted and I feel like maybe I have no right to be?!

Let me back up, this all started through a Tumblr blog post of a person I follow and their friend requesting help with a ‘gofundme’ to go to a comic con and meet their favourite celebrity. It, quite honestly, offended me. Not that I had any right being offended in reality, but still, it rubbed me the wrong way. Mainly because I only knew of GFM as a site for terminally ill people and their families, a place to help with a person’s medical expenses, or something tragic and unexpected that meant that hardworking people couldn’t afford it on their own.

But when I looked into it, it’s a whole other mess of crap like, honeymoons and weddings and guitars and stuff. Are we living life wrong? Should we be asking strangers to fund our lifestyles?

We’re totally doing it wrong, apparently.

Then I found this site – which I guess makes sense in a better way because you’re actually paying for a service, well, sort of.


(Has anyone heard of this? Used it? Knows someone that has? If so, come tell me things!)

Some seem great, you’re paying someone to write you something you really want, allowing them the time and the freedom financially to sit and do so. Others, are, not so great but equally as hilarious.

Promises of  ‘If you fund me 1,800 a month for rent and bills, and food, and stuff, I promise to follow my dreams and never give up.’

Well, yeah, I mean for 1,800 couldn’t we ALL pledge to ~follow our dreams~ and never give up? For an extra 1,800 a month I could follow your dreams for you, girl.

Am I just old fashioned and full of pride or is this the new thing that the ‘kids’ are doing today?? (I say kids, one middle-aged woman with questionable sanity is getting five grand a month in donations to write porn, but okay)