I am the worst website admin, possibly ever.

But here we are, months later, I finally got around to updating my latest work on here. Chapters 9-32 are up and running, and ripped shamelessly from my Ao3 page. But hey, they’re here which means when I update one at a time now, I can finally do that HERE! *Phew*

So yes, if you’re a Cap fan, or a Bucky fan, or indeed a Peggy fan, go check it out. It’s my big, giant baby, and I do love my ot3 in all their dramatics.

In other news : I did New York, New York did me, it was amazing and eye opening and bucketlisting and all that good stuff. AND I turned 30 a few days ago, don’t even talk to me about it, it’ll be an adjustment I think!

So yes, go read my thing, talk me about the thing if you read it! Sense my boredom, guys lol! xo