Wanna Buy Me a Coffee?

Hi guys!Been a long while, huh? 😀

Since a lot of you have sent messages asking for permission to view this site when I had made it private (partly personal reasons, partly fixing some html issues) I’ve decided to reopen the blog, making it public again.

It honestly surprises me, since I have been basically inactive on here for so long (though I’m on tumblr and now posting to Ao3 nudge, nudge,) how busy this blog still is!

But, one thing remains, the reason why I was so shocked? Because no one comments, or likes or gives me any physical indication that they’re here, consuming my work… which you know, kind of sucks?

As authors who write without profit, your feedback is really the only payment we receive for our time and creative input. And, yes, it’s a source of contention in every fandom because ~no one’s asking us to write for free~ but again, being asked for thoughts on a thing I’ve consumed isn’t something I’m offended by either so that’s just my opinion 🙂

So, yes, blog open, fics are free to a good home lol, but all I do ask is, if you ARE stopping by and visiting with my people? Say hi, word vomit, trust me, it’s welcomed.