Rise By Sin 22.



Dishes, it was the one chore I hated more than any other. There were just so many of them, so much water. My hands got all pruned and it just took up too much time. There needed to be a washing machine- but for dishes- it would be amazing. The dinner dishes did offer me ample day dreaming opportunities, and today was no exception. Ever since the night before all I could think about was Eric.


Not that that was all too surprising, but my oh my, his idea of ‘payback’ was certainly …interesting. It seemed like every action he took was seared into my brain. It was like watching it back like something from the pictures. It was amazing. I would never again doubt Amelia and her knowledge of all things that seem gross and unsanitary . It turned out to be freakin’ mind blowing.


I remembered the feeling of his soft dirty blond stubble as he kissed his way up my leg and onto my thigh, burying his lips there and sucking on my artery. The sensation of it made me throb from my centre – the butterfly feelings in my tummy. I remembered his smirk as his eyes locked in on mine before he moved to the other leg, going painfully slow, up and down my inner thigh with those talented lips of his. My hips kept bucking involuntarily with the want and need for his attentions to be focused …elsewhere… but he was taking his sweet time. And it was killing me.


His mouth, it moved quickly from my thigh to my centre before he kissed me through my damp cotton panties, my hips bucked again on their own as I slammed my eyes shut, overwhelmed by the sensations. I was shivering. I was sweating. I was shaking all at once as both of his large hands parted my legs before he asked me to look at him. I did just as he slid his hands up my hips and hooked his fingers into the sides of my underwear. He carefully and slowly dragged them down my legs. My breathing was out of control. I was almost panting in anticipation for what was coming next.


He yanked up my nightie till it was bunched around my waist completely. He licked his lips, taking in the sight of my sex for the first time. I felt nervous and completely exposed, since I was, in a sense, completely exposed. He kissed my thighs again before I felt his kiss on my sex. Complete with a deep growl he parted my lower lips causing another involuntary twitch of my hips towards his face. He held my hips down on the bed with one hand before he started working me to a frenzy with the other. First one finger would slip and tease, then another. Further and further they would go, deeper and deeper, and that was before his mouth found the spot that made me scream.


I hadn’t meant to, but much like my bucking against him, my voice was not under my control. I’d feel his tongue trace the shape of my , his warm breath hitting me like electric currents. All the while his fingers were slowly driving me to the end- the end of what I didn’t know- but I had a feeling that if it was anything like what resulted in the church, I’d be happy to jump off that edge again, and again. I felt it building inside me. It started at my toes and worked up my legs just like last time, before it coiled in my tummy and everything hit my core. There were stars in my eyes, and my heart felt like it was about to burst. I felt my walls, wet as they were, clamped down on Eric’s hand as he worked me through this sensation. I felt my face and neck flush red. My heart decided to climb back down from the edge as Eric licked his lips once again. A smirk-like smile etched across his ridiculously handsome face, before he gently slid my underwear back to rights…


So lost in my thoughts, so flustered in my memories, I hadn’t noticed Selah clicking her fingers in front of my face.


“Sookie? Earth to Stackhouse?”


“What? Sorry…?”


“God, where were you, I’ve been trying to get your attention for …well a while.”


“I was distracted, what’s wrong?”


“The washer in the basement is on the blink again, Geraldine said you know how to jimmy the thing-a-me-jig to make it go again. Could you?”


I rolled my eyes at her incompetence, but went anyway. It was simple. The rubber around the door sometimes got stuck, and that’s what stopped it working. How they didn’t know that, even after I’d told them, was beyond me.


Begrudgingly, I made my way to the basement. I hated the basement. It was cold and dank and just all-around creepy. She’d over stuffed the washers first of all, and second of all, she’s didn’t close the doors right. How she managed to defy gravity and not fall on her face nine times a day was beyond me. Slightly damp from the water flying everywhere, I again made my way up the stairs and away from the creepiness of said basement.


Just as I got to the basement door someone grabbed my hand, that someone was, of course, Eric. And Eric was headed for the basement.


“Eric!” I whispered.




“But I hate it down here!”


“Shhh,” he smiled, dragging me by the hand back down the stairs.


Finally when we got to the bottom, we rounded the corner so we’d be hidden by the side of the staircase.


“Eric I really hate it down here. Let’s go up.”


“Let’s make out.” I saw him smile in the slight darkness.


I reached over and pulled on the cord to turn the dim light bulb on. If he insisted on staying down here, I’d need a little light. There might be spiders. He reached over and yanked the cord turning it off. I huffed in his face, and he just laughed.


“Sookie, are you scared?” he teased.


“Yes, you know I am, you know I hate it…”


“I’ll protect you.” He said, proud of himself.


“Who says I need you to protect me huh?”


“True, but I want to protect you.”


“You’re so dramatic, Eric.” I teased.


“I am not!”


“Are too.”


“Am NOT.”


“Are too, but I love you anyway.” He smiled and kissed me. We stood like that, just kissing quietly for I don’t know how long before I heard the footsteps.


“Sookie? Did you get it fixed? Why are the lights out, are you down here?” It was Selah.


I silently shoved Eric into the nook of the far corner, praying she didn’t come down all the way. I dashed to turn on the light again. “Yeah I’m here, I was just on my way up. I fixed it.”


Flustered, I was beyond flustered.


“Why were you standing in the dark?” she asked clearly suspicious.


“No reason. I was just shutting off the lights before I came back up, that’s all.”


“So it’s fixed?”


“Yep, the wash is washing it should take about forty five minutes.”


She nodded and thanked me. I exhaled the breath I’d been holding as we got the top of the stairs, leaving Eric in the darkness.




The night before with Sookie in my room was a night of firsts. I was terrified, in all honesty, when she went for my waist. I knew she’d never even thought of doing something like that before, and the notion she was doing it with me because she wanted to experience it with me, and no one else…Well I was thrilled. But just as thrilled as I was, I was scared. I was beyond sexually frustrated. The last thing I ever wanted was to lose myself, and my control, and somehow hurt her.


She was after all, a lot smaller than I was, and I had a good amount of strength over her too.


Feeling so close to her, feeling her want to do these things to my body had me on fire for her. When she finally took me in her mouth, it took all the concentration I could muster to hold back.


Everything about it felt amazing, and I never wanted it to end. I never wanted her to stop touching me…at least until it was my turn. I could have kicked myself when I felt I was on the brink of orgasm. I forgot myself for a second and pulled her toward me while I was already in her mouth. I knew I’d shocked her. Hell, I’d shocked myself, and I felt guiltier than you can imagine for it. She was a complete sweetheart about the whole thing. She was a hell of a lot calmer than I was, I’ll tell you that.


I swore to her that she need never touch me again, and I meant it. The last thing I ever wanted was for her to think she was being forced into something with me, and if it meant taking a step…or several steps back, then so be it. But she refused, kissed me, called me a fool and gave me an orgasm, and a toe curling one at that.


What I did do deserve such an understanding awesome girl, I’ll never know.


I was standing by my office door trying to decide whether or not the third cup of coffee was worth the trip to the kitchen when I saw her come up the basement stairs, a glib, fed up look on her face. I did what I felt was necessary to cheer her up. I led her back down with the intent on making out with her till one of us had to come up for air.


Not factoring in her fear of that place, I wanted to make-out with her in the dark. Call me selfish, but six hours apart was just becoming too much. When I heard Selah’s voice at the top of the stairs I swear my heart stopped beating for a second. If she came down and saw me there flustered, and very much alone with Sookie, that was it- the jig was up. I knew Selah had some unbelievable mind boggling crush on Bill – mind boggling because really who in their right mind would crush on Bill? Unless you were a plane or something, then I’d be encouraging a crushing crash but no, she was all moon eyes and fluttering eyelashes when she talked about him. It was nauseating.


Although, I couldn’t bring it up, and I wouldn’t. If I did, then suspicion might fall to me, and if it did, Sookie and I would no doubt be found out. I had to protect her, even if she thought I couldn’t, or that she didn’t need me to. I might have been teasing her at the time but the meaning behind my words was very much real.


“We should do something together.” I mused stroking my fingers through her hair absentmindedly as we laid on my bed, just enjoying being together. It was so peaceful.


“What do you call this?” She smirked from her position by my side, head on my chest.


“No I mean something proper. We should go to the movies or something.”


“Like a …date?”


“Yeah, like a date.”


She stilled.


“What? Why the stiff reaction Sook?”


“A date Eric?”


“What’s wrong with that?”


“We can’t do that.”




“Um, maybe because of who we are, and if anyone saw us we’d be screwed? Or, God forbid, one of the church goers saw us and told-”


“Who said anyone would see us?” I teased.


“Imaginary movies are the only things that don’t contain other people in attendance, Eric. Just stop fooling around.” She put her head back on my chest, but she was still tense.


“I want to date you Sookie. I’d like ideally to well…court you.”


She burst out laughing.


“Are you drunk? Did you drink too much of the communion wine at mass tonight? You know that stuff has an actual kick in it right? I think Niall spikes it.”


“No, I’m completely sober I promise. And I’m being truthful here.”


“And that’s sweet, but really, drop it.”


“What if I don’t want to drop it? Are you rejecting me Stackhouse? You know that’s killer for a guy’s self confidence.”


“I’m not rejecting you, look where I’m at right now? Look at what we did tonight, and last night, particularly. If I was rejecting you, you’d know about it.”


“So come on a date with me.”




“Why not?”


“I already told you why. Now shh and get some sleep before I have to go again.”


“Okay, but If I can make you a deal that our date will be special, but also super private, will you agree to go out with me?”


“We can sneak out after hours it’s-”


“You’re in my dorm room, Sookie, alone, at night, and my hands touched you places tonight that I’m sure were also ‘against’ the ‘rules.’ What’s a little movie and some popcorn?”


I saw her thinking it over, not like she had much of a choice. I had an iron clad argument and I knew it. She huffed and she puffed and she rolled her pretty blue eyes at me, but eventually she relented with a smile.


“Fine, sure Eric. I’ll go on a date with you.”


She shooshed me and demanded that I shut my pie hole and get some rest. She also threatened to take away my coffee connection for the next week if I didn’t hush up. Needless to say I listened. I silenced, but I didn’t sleep. I had our first date to plan.




For two days and two nights, Eric was on tenterhooks, and this time I knew it wasn’t just because of the coffee- mainly because I’d switched him to decaf a few days before and I don’t really think he noticed. Sneaky, yes, but there was only so much motor mouth conversation one could have with him at three a.m., when one had to be up for the day two hours later.


When he suggested a ‘date’, I thought he’d lost his mind- that it had been eaten my the coffee monster and taken away to caffeine land or something. But no, he was of course, totally serious. I got ready for our date at five in the evening. It was the only excuse I could come up with, that I needed to see Amelia again for some book I was going to be using in class. No one so much as batted an eyelash as I left.


I’d taken my winter coat that covered the one ‘cheerful’ dress I owned. It was baby blue short sleeved hoop skirted dress that fell just below my knee. Since it was fall I needed my coat, and it acted as a buffer ,should anyone have seen me leave the convent. Thankfully they didn’t, or if they did, no one stopped me. Eric told me to meet him outside the old movie theatre at six, but it said the movies didn’t start for the night showing until eight. I knew all that coffee would filter into his brain at some point! I stood for ten minutes, feeling like a fool before I heard him on the roof.




I looked up to find Eric grinning at me like a fool. About a minute later I saw him climb down the fire escape, still grinning.


“What are you doin’? You know you could have fallen or hit your head! Not that we’d know the difference!” I looked around for other people, but the street was nearly empty, save for a few cars. The movie theatre was closed and it was getting really dark.


“So, date guru, hate to break it to you but it’s closed. No movies for us.”


He smiled again. “Ah, ye of little faith. Follow me if you would Ms Stackhouse.” He held out his hand.


“I am not climbing up the fire escape! Eric, I have heels on!”


“So? Take them off!”


I pouted, I’m not ashamed to admit it.


“Fine, if I must, but remember you asked for it!” He sighed.


“Asked for wha-!” Before I knew it I was upside down. Well my head was upside down, the rest of me was draped over Eric’s very sturdy- and did I mention very far off the ground – shoulder.


I screamed but he just laughed as he climbed with us both, up the thirteen long steps to the top of the building. He set me down on my feet again gently, at which point, he got socked in the shoulder.


“What the he-” I stopped mid-sentence to look around.


On the roof of the old theatre, it was pure beauty. Eric had, somehow, set up tiny white twinkle bulbs on the ground, with a picnic blanket in the middle with all sorts of food and a bottle of wine.


“What…How did you do all this?” I asked, awed, shocked.


“Magic.” He grinned and took my hand to sit me down on the blanket. “But that’s not the best part… This is the best part.”


The wall lit up! There was an old projector projecting onto the wall!


“Seriously though, how did you do all this!”


He relented and told me. “I know the projectionist, Bobby ,through Niall, he’s good people. But if he asks, it’s your birthday and you’re my cousin visiting from Sweden okay?”


I had to laugh, there was nothing else for it. “So what’s the movie?”


The screen started playing pictures, and the sound was coming from the two tiny speakers on the ground with us.


“Dracula? Oh, no, Eric, I heard about this! It’s evil!”


“It’s not evil, it’s awesome. It came out in the summer, everyone’s been raving about it.”


“What are you some kind of vampire loving Dracula fan or something?”


“Maybe. I find the whole thing…fascinating.”


“Of course you do.” I rolled my eyes, not wanting to admit I was scared.


He leaned against the wall and I did too, taking nibbles at the tiny bowl of peanuts that sat among the various snack foods on the picnic blanket. The movie started up and I was mad at him minute and sweet talked by him in another.


“Ohhh it’s colour!” I mused.


“Yep, hence the amazing. Really Sook, there’s nothing to be scared of.”


I glared in his general direction.


A few minutes passed while I watched with one eye open in the dark, staring at the moving images on the wall. When I felt his hand reach down and tentatively slid his fingers towards mine he whispered, “Can I hold your hand Ms Stackhouse?”


I blushed, smiled and nodded all at once, feeling instantly comforted by his closer presence.


“Holding your hand in public.” he said, to no one in particular “I think that means we’re making progress.”


I couldn’t help but smile at his idealistic view of a simple date. I snuggled closer to him, allowing him to put his arm around me as I watched the movie about the vampire with one hand over my eyes every few minutes. I was a silly girl- I knew this- but for a couple of hours I was just a silly girl on a date with the boy she loved.




Not sinning, not breaking rules, not committing herself to eternal damnation.


Just a simple girl.


Sadly, had I known just how short a time ‘simple’ would last…


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