Hi guys! Chapter 5 time! This one can be found on my FF with the rest of the chapters and I think @Seastarr08 is still doing every other chapter on her wordpress. We’re having so much fun with these two right now, I can’t even tell you! They get even cuter in the next few chapters, trust me! As always, love to know what you think! xo

Chapter 5:

A short time later, our bodies awkwardly bumped up against each other in my bed. We had gotten in together, more awkwardly than even I had expected. She was as I was slowly starting to see, very different from the others. She wasn’t interested solely in my body. In fact, she wasn’t very interested in it at all. At this moment, she seemed most keen on avoiding it. Which made me want her, and an us, even more simply because she was so different. Maybe I needed different! But I couldn’t be sure of things enough to move forward until I was sure she at least found me agreeable in some way.

“I would like to enjoy your heat more constantly,” I joked. “So much movement.”

“Sorry,” she whispered. “I can go sleep on the couch-”

“I think you are very special to me, and it’s good for you to stay.”

“Did you tell the first four that too?”

I flicked the lamp on, and found her face in a most unpleasant expression. “I knew after only a few minutes that they were not so special at all. It doesn’t take long to know. My grandfather only knew my grandmother for two weeks before they decided to marry, and that was over sixty years ago. I think I am concerned that you are not interested in me, and excuses are being made.”

She pouted. “That’s not it.”

“Why are you so timid? You’re like a little mouse, poking her head out for the cheese, and then getting scared of eating it. I am here for your taking, if you want to take a chance with me.”

Before he broke out into a chorus of an Abba song, I interrupted.

“It’s very fast, is all,” she mumbled.

“And you are afraid?”

“I’m afraid that you’re not more afraid.”

“I am not afraid, because I feel like I know you. From the first time I saw your pictures. Your heart, it lives out the outside.”

“I think that’s a dangerous medical condition.” She smiled. “What happens when I go back home, if I give this a real chance? I’m only here for eight more days.”

I shrugged. “Yes, but the fact is you are here now, you came here of your own thinking. There had to have been reasons. I would like to think I am one of the reasons, yes?”

She nodded.

“Then all I can think is that you try to…calm… to relax? I am not going to bite off your head. I promise.”

With that, she smiled, shaking her head.

“I’m sorry, I guess I am just so out of my element. You’re right I do need to just…relax and be myself too, and just see what happens, naturally.”

“I would very much like that. I want to get to know you.”

“And I you.”

“Good, then we see what may happen. If we find everything agreeable then maybe I come too, for some time, and then we’ll see if we have compatibility between us.”

“You’d come home with me?” She seemed surprised. I was not sure why.

“If in eight days, we want me to, then we will decide. I have some money from working. I could take a long holiday in America.”

Sookie looked at me strangely. “Erik, I can pay. I think I’m supposed to-”

“You will not pay for me,” I said firmly. “If we are to be a couple, then all things will be even. It is the way things are.”

“I didn’t think that was how this worked.”

“Because in America, the man pays for everything?”

She chuckled. “No, that’s not exactly what I was thinking. I mean, would you want to come and stay at my house for a while, if…”

“I would very much like to go to America and stay at your house.”

“I think I’d like that too,” she said with another smile. “I’m just a little nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before. Usually I meet guys through friends, or at parties, maybe someone local online. I’d never even heard of a matchmaker before Pam.”

Yes, Pam was good at making the matches. She was a good friend to me, to help me meet American women. Just not my match, yet.

As I went to reply, Sookie’s hands, they suddenly weren’t so timid. They grazed my nipples, and then they moved down, lower, on to my stomach, where they stayed.

“You’re ticklish,” she whispered, as I flinched a little.

“What’s that?” I squirmed.

She smiled, moving her hands again, making me want to move away.


She laughed at my discomfort, and did it again. This ‘ticklish’ or as I knew it ‘kittlig’ was not as pleasant as it sounded, and was last something I experienced as a boy. When she stopped, a devilish smile on her face; I decided she needed a taste of her own medicine, only she proved much more ‘ticklish’ than I. Squirming around at the speed of light. Laughing just as fast, and begging me to stop.

By the time I stopped, she was underneath me, as I realized I had her pinned down. When we both caught each other’s eye, something in the air between us shifted. So when I leaned in for this kiss, I did not feel the nerves I felt when I did so before. It seemed as if her nerves were gone too, as she responded with vigour. An enthusiasm that I welcomed so completely, considering I had spent most of our time together questioning if she liked me in this way at all. This proved to me once and for all that she did, and it wasn’t an opportunity I was going to pass on.

Everything about her stood out as we kissed and began to touch so reverently. Her smooth soft skin on her arms and hands, as they touched me and pulled my head closer and closer, almost as if she couldn’t get enough of my kiss. Her lips, her gloriously sweet lips on mine, warm and inviting, just like the rest of her. Her soft full breasts pressing against my chest as we began to softly grind against each other. Almost inaudible moans escaping us both as we did so, as our mouths met, over and over.

Each time we would pull back, for air, for time, she would smile. Her bright white American teeth smiling back at me, her eyes sometimes still closed in the moment. Then we would start all over again, making me want to take things further. Making me want to take things all the way.

But something stopped me, it may have been her hesitation since I had met her, it may have been my vow to myself to make this different. Whatever it was, I held back and let her lead the way, and it felt great. It seemed that with Sookie everything would come down to trust and for that to happen, I knew it would take time. I was more than okay with that if it meant we got to know each other for who we really were.

This idea, it was very new for me.


I woke up on that rainy Sunday morning, alone in Erik’s large and beyond comfortable bed. I look at the clock and it was just after eleven, I realized I had slept so soundly I didn’t even hear him get up.

Except I wasn’t alone. A tiny old woman in a vibrant green pantsuit was watching me from the door.

And I wasn’t wearing a shirt.

I gasped and wrapped the sheet on the bed haphazardly around me, hopefully that whoever this woman was hadn’t seen too much.

Did Erik live with his grandparents?

She muttered a bit, shaking her head, before I heard Erik shout something from downstairs, and her snap back, presumably in Swedish.

There was more shouting, and I froze, as she vanished and her and Erik had some sort of words that I didn’t understand.

“She is very nosey,” he said when he poked his head in the door a few minutes later. And exasperated look on his face. “And not supposed to be home until this evening.”

“She lives here?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “I think I mentioned that.”

I looked down at myself wrapped in a sheet. “I think I would have remembered that.”

“She knew you would be here. She is fine. Just wondering who is sharing my bed.”

None of what grandma was doing seemed approving. “Is she mad that we-”

He shook his head. “It’s just her way.”

It seemed that it was a trait amongst Grandmother’s the world over, judging the offspring of their offspring.

“I made us all breakfast, would you like?” He held out his hand to me, seemingly wanting me to step out of the bed. I was topless and suddenly insecure. Despite what we got up to the night before. I took his hand anyway, safe in the knowledge that Swedish Grandma was downstairs, taking her judgy eyes with her. I stepped out of his huge, and ridiculously comfortable bed and into his arms.

“I do not want you to have worries. She is just a big kitty lion underside it all, I promise.”

I bust out in a giggle at his mixed expression, he smiled too, pulling me in for a kiss, something that went further than a simple good morning peck. I liked it, more than liked really, and I loved our activities the night before, even if I didn’t remember stopping to sleep.

“Things…” he began. “Last night, things… they were good?”

I nodded.

“Things were good.”

With that he nodded with a now more confident grin.

“Förträfflig! You get…finished and the food is done for you when you…” he stopped, as if going over what he was saying in his head, “When you are finished with dressing for today, the food is ready, for you.” He nodded, more to himself than to me. I thanked him and a let him make his quiet exit. Leaving me to contemplate what one wore exactly for an unexpected meal with a Grandmother that just caught me in her Grandson’s bed half naked.

As I dug into my pancakes, bacon and sausage breakfast, topped off with toast on what seemed to be homemade bread, and a extremely large cup of coffee, I realised I was under watchful eyes. So I decided to try and break the awkward silence.

“This bread is lovely, did you make it, Elin?” Elin, I had discovered was Erik’s paternal grandmother, who apparently didn’t think much of his mother, she also didn’t say a whole lot to begin with.

“I make it, yes. I am glad you like it. I am also glad you have an appetite for the food. Other girls, Erik bring around, they pick at the food, like little birds at crumbs. I do not understand that. You, you eat like a real woman.”

I knew it was, in a way, meant as a compliment, but it just made me lose my appetite suddenly. It also made me wonder if I was eating too fast, or too much?

Erik smiled, clearly happy his Grandmother was taking well to me, or so it seemed. I still wasn’t so sure. They began talking in Swedish, she was motioning to me, and then to him, and it caused him to roll his eyes. I really wished I knew what was being said, but then again, after her ‘compliment’, I wondered if I was better off remaining ignorant to her thoughts on me.

She sighed, as Erik, it seemed chastised her.

“Erik tells me you are from the South, of America.”

“Yes, the south. Not so much South America though, that’s a whole other area.”

“You talk like Scarlett.” She stated, and for a second I was confused. Scarlett?

“Gone with the Wind! Oh, how I love that movie film.” She said with a cheerful smile on her face. I smiled too, it was one of my Grandmother’s favourite movies as well, and I was sure to tell her that. I also told her of how she went to church every week and prayed for just about everyone she’d ever met, and a few she hadn’t. I told her of her book clubs back home and how it kept her mind sharp, and she seemed very interested when I told her of my business. She loved flowers, which, by the state of her backyard was obvious. As I saw later on. I made a note to find some nice flowers to bring her back, should Erik and I go on any outings.

“Have you met Greta yet, Sookie?” She asked.

I looked to Erik and he just sighed.

“Greta is my mother, and no, I have not undertook the introductions of them yet, Farmor. We will, soon, if that is what Sookie desires. If not then, no.”

I couldn’t think why I would not want to meet his mother, but it did seem soon under normal circumstances, but these I reminded myself were anything but normal circumstances.

“She is crazy.”

“Farmor!” Erik reacted.

“Crazy.” She reiterated to me, twirling her finger to her head to make her point.

“Okay, that is enough. Sookie would you like to leave? We can go, see sights. See the town?”

I knew things were starting to get tense between the two of them, so I gladly took the lifeline that Erik was offering me. I thanked Elin for her hospitality, and grabbed by things on the way out the door. It wasn’t until Erik and I had walked for five minutes in odd silence, that he spoke again.

“They never got together, my Farmor and my mother. Along together. Greta was also a ‘hippy’ too much so for Elin. Butting the heads like bulls, both of them for as long as I can recall.”

“I’m sorry. That can’t have been easy, growing up.”

“No. I lived away from home for a long time. From I was eighteen, out at sea for a time. Then when I came back I lived away from all of them further into town. I found to stay away was to remain… not so piggy in the middle. You know? There is only me as the grandson, so it caused tensions with them on how I was to be raised up. It is only of the last few years that I came to help them, with things.”

“Oh, well. That’s nice of you.”

“Not really. I feel more guilt than nice. My Grandfather, he works hard but things he cannot do now. So my father and I we take over the carpentry for him. He was not happy to be put in place but it was for the best of his health. Would you like to see our shop?” He asked, taking my hand softly, as we walked along the small narrow road that seemingly led into town.

“Sure! I’d love to.”

We walked for about a mile before we got to the large barn like structure with a sign above in Swedish, with Nordmon in the title. It was huge, and inside I found a front of house and then a showroom, and finally the woodshop itself. It was beautiful to say the least. Even the door was artfully carved, as we walked in. The desks were standing on uniquely carved legs, unusual and interesting pieces filled the showroom too. Rocking chairs, kitchen tables, desks, beds, doors, window frames, mirror frames. You name it, it seems the Nordmon’s made it. I was fascinated. So much so that on my wandering through the store, I failed to notice another man walk in and stand by Erik at the entrance of the shop. It wasn’t until he spoke, that I jumped.

“You are Sookie?” He asked, and I looked to Erik and then back to the man.

“I am. Are you Erik’s Grandfather?”

“I am. I am Carl Nordmon, it is such pleasures, meeting someone as beautiful as you.” He said sweetly, as he took my hand and kissed it. It was very charming, and as I was to find out, he himself was a bit of a charmer in general, not unlike Erik. He might have been an older man, suffering from the effects of years of hard working. But, he still had his wits, and features that told me in his day, he was one extremely handsome man. He clearly passed that onto his Grandson too. Carl’s English was better than Erik’s and he told me that it was so, because he had a lot of overseas business over the years, and had more use for his knowledge of English. He told me that his ‘homebird’ of a Grandson wasn’t much for straying far, and thus not much use for improving his dialect. He showed me around his shop, pointing out the pieces that Erik dreamed up. The giant oak loveseat that had caught my eye when I first came in was one of his. It was so detailed in its carving, Celtic swirls, and love knots, trees and flowers intertwined. It truly was a work of art. I looked to him, but he was gone.

Carl picked up on my curiousity.

“Food. He’s gone to get food for you both. He asked if he could borrow the picnic baskets. The rain has stopped now, I imagine he wants to take you somewhere nice.”

I just smiled.

“You are unlike his other women, if I may say so.”

“Why is that?” I asked, curious as to what made me so different in both Erik’s eyes, and now Carl.

“You have a softness to you that the others did not have. A warmth, perhaps is a better word? The same warmth I see in my Grandson. He is not one to boost, Sookie. He is not the man that seeks the riches of the world, the big fancy cars and over-sized houses. He just wants a life and a love to live it with. To some, that may seem like too… simple a life. But it is not to say he lacks ambitions or talents, no, his are just less complicated than others.”

I nodded, taking all in that Carl had told me, trying to make sense of it all at the same time. Just at that Erik came in and suggested that walk, and we bid his Grandfather good day, and I got two kisses on the cheek and a very warm handshake before we left. I really liked Carl.

We took a turn at the shop that led to another small road, that led to another, and suddenly we were at the waters edge. It was peaceful, and extremely picturesque, and we walked along, hand in hand, as if we were the same as any other new couple enjoying their time together. As we walked I began to process Carl’s words to me, on Erik and his ways, and they slowly began to shed some light onto the handsome man that held my hand so softly. It made me want to know more. It made me want to know it all.

I was snapped out of my wandering thoughts when we came to a stop by the docks.

“Erik? What is this?”

He looked at me strangely, before looking at the boat and back to me, the same comically confused look on his face.

“This is a boat,” he deadpanned.

I sighed.

“No, I know that it’s a … why are we beside a boat. I don’t… I’m not overly fond of water…”

“That is why the boat. We don’t go on the water, we goes on the boat. You won’t get wet, the boat will. It is my boat, it floats very well.”

I felt the sweat break out on the back of my neck. It was a huge phobia of mine, boats, large or even middling sized bodies of water, swimming pools. Anywhere I could drown.

“I… I don’t think so.” I said, walking the other way, forcing him to hop out of the boat, as I heard his footsteps come thundering after me.

“Is it wrong? Are you okay?”

“It’s not…wrong. I just… I’m not good with the sea, or on any kind of water.”

“You are afraid.” He stated as fact.

“Yes. I’m afraid.” I was panicking. On the one hand I didn’t want to be rude, on the other I didn’t want to start freaking out in front of him either, both of which I felt I was seconds away from starting.


I sighed. I hadn’t really wanted to get into it with him, at least not so soon.

“It’s just something that happened, a long time ago. It’s made me afraid.” I shrugged hugging my cardigan closer around my body.

“If you come, I promise you won’t touch the water. I will keep you safe.”

He looked earnest and worried, his hand making its way to caress my face. I wanted to believe him, but my fear was almost too great. Water is what killed my parents, I wasn’t about to give it a chance to kill me too.

“I can’t. Not yet… Maybe some other time?” I tried to placate, but I wasn’t so sure when I would be feeling okay to do that at any other time, either.

He looked resigned at the thought that our day at sea wasn’t going to happen, but he nodded.

“Of course. Soon you will see the water for its beauty and not its fear. I find calm at sea, no matter how rough. Maybe, one day I will show you.”

“Maybe.” I said, taking his hand as we walked from the docks, down by the picturesque walkway, our picnic in hand still. “Let’s go down here, by the trees and have our snacks, does that sound good?” I forced a smile, letting go slowly of my tensed panic.

“Yes, I know one perfect place. It is also by the water… but not inside of it.” He looked weary at the suggestion, but on land near water was more than fine. We were surrounded by it after all.

“Sounds lovely. Lead the way.”

A few minutes later we wandered towards this break in the woods, that looked out onto the calmest part of the water, there were old oak trees and lots of wildflowers around the waters edge, it was like something from a painting. We sat and we ate as we talked of his childhood, growing up and how he was close with his family to a point, but no felt that he needed room to grow. He felt as though he was stuck, in many ways, being where he was. A place that was so unwilling to let him change. Something I understood since I saw the interaction with his Grandmother that morning and heard of his mother’s ways too.

“I love my family, of course. But it is… too close for freedom. I can love them from afar.”

“She, your Gran, she does seem a little… intense.”

“Yes. I help you see. With all things. Bills, work, money… moving heavy things. My Grandfather is a proud man, they are proud people… he would never say.”

I knew what he was getting at, my Grandmother was the same in many ways, I guess I got the stubborn pride from her.

“But the long winters means my help was needed here.” He sighed. “But the time has come, to move on. For myself this time.” He sighed, with a sad smile as he picked up a rock beside his foot.

“You see, I want an adventure, a new life, but I don’t want it alone.” He tossed the rock into the sea. “It’s better not to be alone.”

Yes, I agreed with him on that one, it was most definitely better not to be alone. Maybe being not alone, with Erik, was the plan after all.


16 thoughts on “NSGE 5.”

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    I am glad Sookie is starting to relax and be herself. I can’t wait for them to open up ans share with each other the little intimate details. This story continues to delight me, thank you for this wonderful story.

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    • I saw that! Utter madness! We have cats and they are just crazy. They wreck everything and never stop being hungry! It feels like they belong in the zoo sometimes!

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    I’m glad that Sookie is loosening up and that Erik is slowing down! Thanks for writing!

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