A place for my stories. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to ask! 😀

This site is a place for my writing. A current mix of the old (SVM/TB) the new (Marvel : various) and the future (my own original fiction)


13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Twodognite said:

    How are you feeling about Southern Belles these days? So loved the angst of them, and of course, Linger is playing in my head all the time.

  2. Martha Fowler said:

    You are right. This story looks great here.

  3. I still think that your ‘Rise By Sin’, is you best piece. Not the smoothest or the most cohesive but it conveyed the most emotion – poignant. I really cared about those two.
    Liked ‘Requiem’ too. Nothing easy about the situation. Took some stretching on your part, I’m sure.

  4. Aw, thank you! The first baby as it were lol. It was clunky in parts, so much so I can’t even re-read it for fear of just cringing to death, but that’s very sweet of you to say. That story did start the ball rolling, that’s for sure. They both took a lot of stretching, thankfully because I’ve not be a victim of any of the the things going on in both stories, had to go to a lot of dark places for those :S xox

  5. Hey! I found you on fanfiction.net like forever ago and I’ve read all your stuff. I also anxiously wait for new chapters to come out. ;o) Anyways, I have my own blog on wordpress and I’d like to start doing an author/story spotlight and was wondering if you wanted to participate. If so, let me know either on my blog or you can email me at kelpieskorner@gmail.com. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous said:

    I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m looking forward to re-discovering some of your fantastic stories. I love the layout and colour – tres chic!
    With regards to ease of navigation, it would be helpful for the user, (if its not too tricky), if we could have a page on which all your lovely stories are listed, with a brief blurb describing each story, or even just a short blurb at the top of each Chapter 1 or separate o/s. As much as I fucking hate FF and all its issues, it does do a good simple authors home page, which allows a reader to see, at a glance, an authors body of work and a brief synopsis on each, which lets us judge what one might be intertested in. I only mention this because I really wanted to read Rise by Sin again, but couldn’t remember the name and so I had to look through loads of different pages to work out which one it was…. and I’m going to go off to read it now.
    Thanks for sharing your stories.

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by and with such a good idea too. I’ve been meaning to update all my stories, bringing them all over from FF and what not but with 20-30+chapters a story, it’s very time consuming and I have v little time to consume with this lately lol. I will spiffy up the blog soon!

  7. Finally, I’ve found you over here. So much better than FF. I’m looking forward to reading more of your wonderful musings.

  8. lilydragonsblood said:

    I followed you over from ff too. just love the layout and style, easy to use too! really love your stories, thank you for sharing your talent! x

  9. Anonymous said:

    Hi, I have followed you from FF. I have read a couple of your AH stories…and I have to agree with everybody here you are a good story teller with great imagination. I love your AU. I have read in on of your posts that you are not into TB fandom any longer. However I have to ask… there was a story named Absolution I think was set in S5 or S6 I couldn’t find it anymore in your FF account. Are you going to post it here. I should said that I loved your Supernatural side Too. :)) thank you.

    • Hi there thank you for following over and for the lovely compliments it makes me smile 😀 There was a story you’re right, but unfortunately it’s fate is a sad one. I lost the will to write it when I sort of fell out of the TB fandom and it was unfinished, I had taken it off FF with the intention of putting it all up here, but it coincided with the site screwing up on me the details of which I had posted on the front page. Basically long story short, is that it’s gone, it’s lost because my backup was scrambled and it didn’t exist anywhere else. xo

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