NSGE 16.

Alright my peeps, sorry this has taken so long to get here, but your eyes doth not deceive you, this is a NSGE update. Another solo effort so any and all mistakes / crapola can be blamed on me. On the other hand, if you think that it is awesome that’s also on me, so you know 😉

Hope you enjoy, and as always hit the little button of love if you do so! 😀 xox


The day of Mike and Mary’s wedding was a busy one; they were getting married in New Orleans so it meant a little trip for Erik and me. I was glad to get out of town even just for a few days since work had been busy with a number of bizarre theme weddings and that meant a lot of odd arrangements that took hours to assemble. Erik had spent some time in contact with his grandparents via phone in the previous week, and whether he admitted to it or not, I knew how worried about them he was. They talked on all manner of conversations, and I butted in to say hi of course, but for the most part, I wanted them to have their privacy.

Apparently, the council were finally fixing the town’s phone problems, which meant they could get faster Wi-Fi too. I think Erik was more pleased to hear that than anything that week. I didn’t want him to be homesick, so as much contact as he could have with his people back there, was more than welcomed by me. We wanted to teach them how to Skype!

“You look very handsome,” I commented as I slipped on my shoes sitting on the bed, the bed and breakfast we were staying in had very large, very plush beds much to Erik’s excitement.

“Thank you, you look beautiful as you do always.” He responded coming over to kiss me on the cheek, we decided to get ready in separate rooms, the morning before proved if we were in a rush and naked in front of each other, we just ended up being late and getting very distracted.

Mike and Mary married on the courtyard of the Broussard, in the French Quarter, it was a stunning and romantic ceremony, and standing there with my husband behind me, my mind couldn’t help but wander back to our own day.

My only regret was that my friends and family didn’t get to see it, but I figured if that was my only regret I was doing just fine.

I noticed Erik take several deep breaths as the ceremony ended and we made our way inside to wait for the reception to start. We headed to the bar.

“Are you okay?” I asked as we got our drinks and took a seat at one of the tables in that section, just trying to relax.

“I am, I just… I am nervous I suppose.”


“More new people, lots of them, all in one place.”

Crowds, right. Erik did not do so great in crowds, at least not sober.

“I do not want to get drunk either, I want this to be a good day and time for us and I do not want all the embarrass that might come with the drinking.”

I smiled, it was sweet that he was thinking of me, but honestly he wasn’t a rowdy drunk he was a funny one, but it was still sweet.

“Hey look, enjoy yourself okay? If a few drinks calms your nerves? Have ‘em. If they don’t, don’t. I want you to enjoy yourself too you know?”

He nodded with a nervous smile adorning his lips.

“Okay, that is acceptable.” He nodded again, this time more to himself than to me.

“Good, switch the juice for a beer or something while I run to the ladies room, okay?”

Of course in the ladies I ran into Tara, I hadn’t seen her during the ceremony, but I assumed she’d be there since she was also friends with Mary from High school.

“Hey you,” She smiled and I smiled back, even if things were somewhat tense between us – at least on my end. The idea that she was muddling in my relationship wasn’t something I was comfortable with, and since Erik had pointed out that maybe that’s what she had been doing, I had kind of been avoiding her.

Of course I felt guilty about it, but at the same time pissed off at her. It was a very complicated feeling.

“I didn’t see you guys, where are you hiding? JB is at the bar.”

“Us too, we’re just off to the left, where the fireplace is.”

I nodded to her before I walked into the empty stall in the now all but empty bathroom.

“So I haven’t heard from you in a couple of weeks, is everything okay?” She asked through the door. She was reapplying her makeup in the mirror.

“Uh, no… Everything’s fine.”

I could not pee and talk so I tried to do it as fast as I could before she asked another question.

“Really? I thought for sure you’d have wanted a ride to the wedding with us, isn’t that normally how we do things?” She chuckled to herself, but I wasn’t really all that amused. Rolling my eyes behind the door, before I came out to wash my hands.

“Uh, I guess it was how we did things… but we’re staying over for the weekend so I didn’t think to call.”

“Oh. Right, you and Erik.”

“Yeah, me and Erik – remember my husband?”

She quirked a brow at me through the mirror.

“I’m sorry; I guess sometimes I just forget is all. I mean things between you and this guy happened so fast –“

“Are you kidding me? You forget? Tara you have hung out with him! You have hung out with him, my Gran and Lafayette while I wasn’t even home. So save me the bullshit reasoning.”

“Wow, someone ate her bitch-flakes this morning, fuck.”

She looked surprised that I called her out, because I guess like third wheeling it with her it was also a thing that old Sook never would have even thought about saying.

I just re-applied my lipstick and left. I really wasn’t in the space to fight with her, this was someone else’s wedding, and I wasn’t going to let my problems ruin that.

When I found Erik again he had found JB, or JB had found him. It was awkward as we hugged a hello.

“Tara’s been wonderin’ where you’ve been this last while girl, we’ve missed you around.”

I smiled; it wasn’t his fault after all.

“Ah, just been busy you know? Work has kept me on my toes and things at home are just as busy really.”

He winked.

“I doubt it’s your toes Erik is all that interested in keeping you on, right?”

I cringed a little, but Erik laughed.

I really needed to relax.

“Right, right. Well, we’re going to go take our seats –“I said trying to get away before Tara came out and the awkward was dialled up a notch.

JB noticed the weirdness with a furrowed brow, but didn’t say anything.

“Okay that’s cool… we’ll see you guys inside for dinner I’m sure?”

“Of course, I am starving.” Erik responded taking his drink and my new one in his hands.

He had been too nervous for breakfast, so of course he was starving. I had tried to tell him.

We could see JB and Tara from across the bar, and she made no secret in her desire to shoot me evil looks for the half hour we sat there with our drinks. Erik clued in early on that something was up.

“Do you fight?”


“I think you fought.”


He nudged me then making me laugh.

“It’s not a fight, I just… think you’re right about her wanting to meddle here. I mean she spewed some crap in the bathroom about ‘forgetting’ that I was married. I mean, its such bullshit and I don’t get it.”

He shrugged.

“Maybe there is the jealously.”

“But why? She is getting married herself soon, I just don’t get why she’s be bothered about me being married all of a sudden. Ugh, anyway I’m not going to stress about it tonight, we’re here to have fun!” I said finishing off my second vodka tonic.

By my fourth, we were seated at our table for dinner, and Isabel and Pam arrived.


Just great.

“Darling it is SO good to see you again! Ugh I’ve missed your face!” Is’ said hugging me and then Erik, Pam was a little bit more reserved and kissed me on the cheek, then did the same to Erik.

She whispered in my ear before she pulled away.

“We’ll talk business some other time, hmm?”

I just nodded and we all went to our seats at our small table as the wait staff came around to take our orders. Erik ordered a lot of food.

“So, newly weds, how goes it?” Isabel asked giving her menu back to the waitress, leaning in to hear more.

I looked to Erik and him to me and we just laughed.

“It’s going well, really well actually. I mean living with someone is a huge adjustment, but I think we’re not doing too badly?” I looked to Erik who nodded.

“Yes. She is a nightmare with her love of crappy furnitures and television shows –“He joked and I butted in.

“Excuse me, Judge Judy, what now?”

“Blah, blah, and her love for soap that smells like girly strawberries…”

“And his towels on the floor, the constant toilet seat debate… the fish…My GOD the fish.” I laughed.

He faked offense then, but the previous week and more had resulted in a lot of fish being consumed in the Stackhouse-Nordmon household. He had gotten his catches from Jason’s place and decided to cook…many fish… every day… sometimes twice a day.

It was why I was almost elated to see that steak was the second option on the menu after the salmon.

I could not look at another fish for a while, I thought.

“You’re both adorable, Jesus.” Pam said slightly amazed.

“No we’re really –“

“You are, I mean look how cute you both look seriously, and the banter? Ugh the banter is the best… second best thing after sex in a relationship.” Isabel confessed and I had to admit she was right. I did love our banter. It was the one of many things I think I was missing in my previous choices.

Dinner past nicely, we sat through the bride and grooms giving speeches, the rest of the bridal party standing to say something embarrassing about the newly married two-some, and then the music started as we started in on dessert.

I was stuffed by the time the wait staff came back for our plates.

Erik was having a great time, eating of course being one of his favourite things and socialising being another. A few drinks in and his nerves seemed to calm considerably, and he was talking sports with Max Walters, husband of Janice, who I also went to high school with, but we didn’t really know each other then, or now. Erik and her husband though, they were getting to know each other, and each other’s sports teams very well.

The argument on why we called Football, football and why we called soccer, soccer and not football was still a sticking point with Erik.

I just hoped he did not start him in on the cookies vs. biscuits debate, I had already been over that with him, he was not budging that we as a nation were just WRONG.

We were dancing after dinner to some random Michael Buble track that had most of the couples on their feet for a semi-slow-dance. It was nice, beyond nice really.

“You’re smiling…” Erik observed as he twirled me around the floor and back close, chest-to-chest again.

“I am?”

“You are. It is nice to see.”

“I guess I’m just happy then.”

He smiled then.

“I always like the sounds of that. I hope part of it is because of me a little.”

“A lot to do with you, six month ago if I had been in this same position I don’t think I would be enjoying myself as much as I am right now.”

He nodded before kissing my cheek.

“Then I am glad.”

We danced then a little more, passing other couples until we passed Tara and JB, this time Erik noticed the looks and navigated us in the other direction.

“Something’s wrong with you two.” He stated, he didn’t ask.

“It’s nothing.”

“It is something with all the …” He growled, furrowing his brows. “Those looks you keep giving each other.”

His description made me laugh, because I certainly hoped we didn’t look like that.

We hit the bar after that, the entire wedding party that is, with the new bride and her groom making sure they had some face time with all their guests. That was one part of the traditional at home wedding that I don’t think I missed, it seemed so tiring!

“Sookie how are you?! You look fantastic!” Came the overly friendly and ever so slightly high-pitched voice from across the room. Judy Johnson, otherwise known as the head of the cheer leading squad all through my high school years, beauty queen, psychopath. I think she was on something; she had to have been taking something. No one was that ‘up’ all the time, not without some kind of medical assistance.

“Judy, hi!” I responded, with a lot less squee, but still friendly. We hugged, she was dosed in perfume and it took a very deep breath for me not to choke.

“Isn’t this wedding just stunning? I mean really? I love it! I love your dress where’d you get it?”

“I –“

“I love my dress too, I got it in New York, my husband Tom, you know Tom right? Well he was travelling for work and just invited me to tag along, I mean, it was amazing, but so bad for our bank accounts you know? I got a liiitttle carried away.”

“Oh that’s –“

“It must be so hard for you right now, Hon, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for –“

“Well, you know, being single …STILL. Being single at a wedding is like, the worst thing ever; surrounded by couples, happiness, all the while there you are all on your lonesome.”

“Oh, well actually…”

“You know, I have a friend, who has always gone out with extremely sexy men, and just really liked to have fun and never settle down. Then one day she woke up and she was 40. She just couldn’t get any more dates with the hot guys, she just expired just like that.” She snapped her fingers. “She had a complete breakdown. She could not hold on to her job because of it and had to move back to Ohio to live with her mother, I mean please. Fun and games is fine but there comes a time when choices must be made before you end up as a maid, an old one at that. I just don’t want to see that fate for you, you’re too pretty to be alone!”

She sounded sincere, but her fake smile said otherwise, I did not get a chance to respond as usual but this time not from her interrupting, but from Erik swooping in, kissing my neck.

Normally I would have been slightly embarrassed by it, but the look on Judy’s face made me play up to him, her jaw almost hit the floor.

“Hello.” Erik smiled to her when he pulled away, handing me my new drink from the bar.

“Uh… hello… I…” she was speechless. It took all my willpower not to laugh.

“Judy, this is Erik, Erik this is Judy. Erik is my husband, Judy.” I said rather smug about the whole thing while I sipped my drink.

“I … husband?!”

“Yes, hello.” Erik stated again this time holding out his hand to shake hers. She took it, with the disbelieving look still across her face.

“I… wow. I wasn’t expecting that… you’re so… tall and … wow… When did… when did this happen? Last I heard you’d dumped a friend of Mike’s.”

Right, Bill. Ugh. I was beyond happy to learn from Mary his creepy ass couldn’t make the wedding, some ‘business trip’. One I now just assumed was at the request of Xenu.

“Recently, it was sort of a whirlwind.” I said smiling as Erik took my hand; he was grinning too, clearly picking up on her surprise and playing along too. Not that we were lying in our happiness, because it felt genuine, but I still wanted to rub it in her face a little since she’d always been so judg-y toward me in the past.

The past being less than five minutes ago.

“We met in my home country, Sweden.”

“European?” She asked still stunned. “I … wow. I mean look at you both you’re both so cute… and unexpected and… handsome…” she looked at Erik again, measuring him up and down with her eyes. She was totally jealous.

“I went on vacation, you know to just clear my head… and well we just…”

“We just found each other as if by magical times.” Erik finished for me, adorably.

“I think that’s exactly it.” I smiled up at him, up at him because even in my heels he was still a good head and shoulders above me. Not an easy feat either.

Judy was stunned and made her exit quickly after that, assuring Erik that it was wonderful meeting him and that we looked adorable together – again. When she left I bust out laughing.

“What a strange woman.” Erik mused. “I noticed your stance from across the ways.” He pointed to the bar. “You seemed tense with her.”

“You noticed that?”

He nodded.

“It was the same look you looked like in Sweden for the first few of the days there. It is something I noticed, and I noticed it again. Is she a friend?”

“Not really, she’s one of those old friends who weren’t really your friend but totally pretended like they were, only to have your failure rubbed in your face whenever they got the chance.”

“Wow. So… not a friend then.”

“Nope, hence my bragging.”

“I do not mind the bragging, it is nice to boast of happy times from time to time…” He closed his eyes. “That is too many ‘times’… but you know what I mean.”

I did know what he meant and it was somewhat true, but the last thing I wanted to do was turn into one of those constantly faux-boasting couples that annoyed me to no end just a few months ago. I wondered if it was a line, I could walk.

Maybe if I really had to, I could be a faux-boaster to just the other annoying faux-boasters?



By the time the guys let me loose again and I found my way back to Sookie it was just after eleven.

“Well hey there.” She said with a smile, clearly on her way to drunk as well. I was too, even though all I had been drinking for hours was ice-tea that JB said was fine if I was taking it easy.

But I was drunk.

“They kept talking, sorry.”

“No worries, Pam, Is’ and I have been dancing off our dinners, and maybe drinking a little too much. Are they being nice? The guys? They aren’t being assholes are they?”

“Nah they’re nice, drunk but nice… I think I am also drunk but I don’t know how that happened.”

“Really?” she asked incredulously.

“I mean… they were iced tea surely I should not be drunk. I never get drunken on Adele’s!”

She laughed, at first she tried to keep it in but it was no good. She was laughing into her hand.

“What’s so funny?”

“Aw, honey. Where they iced teas from Long Island by any chance?”

“I think so, why?”

She continued to giggle, her cheeks were turning red, and she just stood up on her tiptoes and kissed me sweetly.

“You’re so fucking cute it should be illegal.”

I didn’t get it, but I was switching to water. Instead I lifted my wife right out of her shoes for a second making her laugh harder.

“You are having the fun of making the fun of me aren’t you?” I said faking anger as I set her back down again.

“Maybe I am having the fun of making the fun of you…” she giggled again, yes she was definitely drunk. I enjoyed her a little drunk, she like me, was a lot less nervous this way. It relaxed us both, but too much and we just wanted to go to sleep. This in between buzz was the best though, everything felt playful.

“Have you and Tara made it all up yet?”

She squinted at me.

“Oh, made up? Eh… Not really. I’m not even really sure what the tension is about, not really, and not enough to start some pointless argument at Mary’s wedding… you know?”

I nodded.

“That is good, if it is nothing then perhaps nothing will be needed and it will just fade away on itself…”

“I guess…”

We stood sort of swaying in each other arms for a time to the music, not as fast as the couples around us, but enjoying the people watching just she same. Before she turned to face the crowd, her back to me.

“Let’s leave…” I offered my mouth close to her ear as we stood at the side of the busy dance floor. U2’s With or Without you had just started up, slowing everyone down.


“Mm, now. No one will notice if it is now or an hour from now.”

“You think?” She asked pushing her backside closer to me; she clearly knew where this was going too.

“Look around, everyone is too wasted with the drunkenness to notice us, Sookie.”

She looked at me then, even turning around and wrapping her arms around my neck to do so.

“Well what do you have in mind? I mean, if I’m going to leave this party, you better have a really good reason…”

She had that naughty glint in her eye, one that I was beginning to recognise.


Instead of answering her outright, I just took one of her hands from around my neck, led her slowly down my body, until we landed on my crotch.

“I think that’s… a big enough reason for some alone time, don’t you think?”

She fought the urge to laugh by biting her lip before she tipped herself forward enough to kiss me. We stood there, oblivious to the packed behind us, just kissing, for what felt like forever. Then she quirked her brow at me and stepped away.

“Meet me out front in five; I’m just going to grab my bag.”

I smiled.

“I think we’re done here for the night.” She added before sashaying away her steps almost echoing the sound of sex that we were going to have that night.

Second best wedding night ever! It didn’t matter that it wasn’t ours this time.



6 thoughts on “NSGE 16.”

  1. I like that Erik and Sookie can make everything fade away by just being together. That they can ignore the annoyance of Tara and have fun together. I truly think Tara is jealous, I wish she could be happy for her friend. I laughed that Erik was drunk from ‘iced tea’ …those things are strong I’m sure he had quite the buzz. I like that Erik and Sookie are happy and I adore their playful banter!

  2. princessbrigant said:

    They are so cute together and Eric’s English cracks me up. Got to love him for his argument on biscuit/cookies and soccer/football.

  3. Awesome, as always! Thanks for the update

  4. Love their interaction with each other!

  5. They are a GREAT couple I agree with Eric I think that Tara is “jealous” for whatever reason,can’t wait to read more.

  6. Oh yes, Tara’s jealous. She’s still stuck on childhood dreams of their weddings, but she’s also pissed that Sookie beat her down her down the aisle! Now she’s the last one getting married as if it’s a race. They’re in their 30’s? She’s pathetic.
    These two are a lovely couple! Their banter is one of the things that helps them along. Making one another laugh is so crucial to a relationship. Who wants to spend their life with someone not laughing WITH them? You convey this splendidly.

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