She was there she was real. We did not say a word once the door closed, words could wait. The look in her eyes, I knew, could not.

I backed her up against the door, my hands in her hair gripping her there as we moved against each other with a need I had never really experienced before. It was as if I couldn’t breathe if I didn’t touch her right then and there, if anything came between us in that second it would not survive, it was intense to say the least. The desire brewing between us as we kissed, our long separation was making it all seem that much more dramatic in our reunion, it was like she was water and I dying of thirst. I had never felt that before with a woman and it scared me a little; we had only been together such a short time, was that normal?

Normal or not it was what it was and it was what I knew in my heart, and my pants, that she felt too. For what seemed like ages, we didn’t come up for air, no words were spoken, nothing was moving in the room except for us together, our hands in each other’s hair, grasping at her hips, her arms, anything to just touch her and prove to myself this was real, she was real and she was here.

“I’ve been doing a lot of reading since you left… a lot of … educational things…” she all but purred as she kissed me again, deep and wet and something I loved more than air in that moment.  She teasingly pushed her weight against my chest, staying close making sure our bodies touched. My body twitched under the soft brush of her fingertips over the stubble of my jawline, it was as if she was tracing my face, to make a memory, or maybe to refresh the ones she already had. I had no idea other than even that felt good.

Her eyes found mine, holding them there with a playful glare.

“Being left all alone, with nothing and no one to do, what else was a girl to resort to.”

“This reading it was…” I swallowed hard as Sookie inched her warm palm up my thigh even more, keenly aware of my growing response to her subtle fondling. I cleared my throat anxiously, feeling a nervous tickle reside there, as my pants grew tighter against my clothes.

“It was… fun?”

She smiled and her eyes crinkled slightly in the corners as she smiled, as I watched the little self-conscious hair tuck Sookie did sometimes when she was nervous. I didn’t want her to be nervous but she seemed like she wanted to impress me. She never had to impress me, she already did that just by being there, being herself.

“Oh, so much fun, I made notes and everything. I think you’ll really like it.” She whispered as we kissed repeatedly seemingly unable to not.

It all felt too good. The flirting, the kissing, the tongue-in-cheek banter bouncing back and forth between us. It had made me realise just how much I had missed that as much as anything else we had together. The gentle touch of Sookie’s fingertips on my neck filled me with an intense heat that spread quickly through my whole body. Her touch was so gentle at first, like I would break to pieces if she held onto me too tightly.

“I have a feeling I might.”

 “I want to show you things, things you probably already know but now I know them too so we’re even in here, you don’t have to worry about me being … scared anymore. Scared of things normal people do all the time, we’re those normal people now and I want to fuck my husband until he about passes out, and so I will.” She nodded confident and strong and oh, so, sexy. The submissive boy I had suddenly become nodded in agreement. I watched quietly when Sookie peeled off her dress, revealing her lace covered breasts peeking out from behind their barely there covering, her underwear matched, a cream lace that looked light against her skin, with a light coco silk in places, it left a little to the imagination but a lot on show, it was new for her, for me. Her soft exposed skin burned hot at the touch, a touch I never wanted to end.

She worked her nimble fingers through the belt on my jeans, snapping it open and yanking it off slowly, never once breaking eye contact with me, she was determined, and so hot right then as she attacked my shirt next, I had lost my coat at the door mid-make out. I had slipped off my boots with my feet and stood now with an exposed chest and my jeans around my ankles. I laid back on the bed as Sookie pushed me down to the soft mattress. The bed moved beneath us and it made us both laugh as she struggled to find her balance at first to straddle me, as I yanked off the remainder of my clothes quickly. I then closed my eyes again, cautiously, opening my mouth, lightly touching the tip of my tongue to hers as we kissed, grabbing her waist, pulling her closer still. She tilted her head, deepening the kiss, slowly wrestling our tongues together. Her whole body was exuding so much warmth.

Leaning down, she pressed her full lips to my neck. She trailed a series of wet kisses along my throat all the way up my jawline. Her left hand cupped my cheek as her right reached down to grab one of my hands. She brought them up to her still-covered breasts; I could feel her warm skin underneath, her pert nipple just aching for me to take it in my mouth. I was sure she was in charge here but I couldn’t help myself as I did it making her moan and push against me more, grabbing my hair roughly too. We were both horny as fuck, that much was plain to be seen, it had been a month long absence of something we had gotten very accustomed to. I loved every little moan and whimper that fell from Sookie’s sweet lips, I considered it a huge triumph whenever I could drive her crazy to the point of swearing or biting her lips, making her slowly but surely start to lose control. I wrapped my hands around her thighs and roughly tugged her closer to his mouth, making the bed wobble on its ropes; it was distracting but not so much as her. We were gently swaying back and forth now and this was before we even really started. My mind wandered as to what sex would be like in a swinging bed.

I think I was about to find out.

She sighed, trying to focus as I pressed my enthusiastic lips to her neck repeatedly, trailing soft kisses across her skin. “I have missed you, so fucking much…” I murmured as she lowered her hands to grip my hips, firmly squeezing them under her fingertips before moving to my thighs where she ran her hands up and down, softly, sweetly, but with a knowing smile that told me knew how that delicate touch felt to me, and how it went straight to my dick.

“I’ve missed you too, my husband. I knew I would but I was shocked…So much.” She got out between breaths and kisses and the fondling continued and I was almost helpless in her hands by the time she reached for me through my boxer shorts. When she did, I was at her mercy, as always.

Her small nod told me everything.  I wasn’t going to deny her what she needed. My hands went straight for her hips, pulling a quick groan from her lips as I flipped her back against the mattress. I knew by the tone of things she wanted to be the dominant one, and she would no doubt assert herself again, but for a time at least, we both enjoyed this switch.

It was as if no time had passed at all, as we kissed, touched, and worked each other up into a sexual lather that was bordering on criminal at times. The connection I felt to her had never felt so strong to me before, and perhaps it was the month long absence, perhaps it was all of it, I didn’t know, all I knew was it was new even to me. As I slowly dragged my tongue up and down along each of her lips, using my thumbs to part her inner lips as gently as I could, she just closed her eyes and hooked her legs on my shoulders, something months before I would have had to coax her to do, she was shut down tight like a vice before.


I tasted her once, twice, three times before she yanked me back. She gazed down into me with her icy blue eyes; smiling back at what I was sure was my bright and eager grin. She moaned softly, gripping tighter to my hair the moment I yanked her hard across the bed again, tasting her for all I was worth. A tiny breath left her lips when my fingers pushed her slick folds apart, revealing her in the most intimate way. Her pout parted in a tiny smirk, as I could do nothing only flash a mischievous smile. Her smooth belly sucked in when I started dashing my tongue back and forth over her throbbing clit. I groaned against her when she tugged my hair again, this time pulling my face closer and closer into her slick mound, it seemed as if she was as insatiable as I was now, and it was glorious. Her back curved off the bed, pushing her breasts towards the ceiling as my tongue dived and buried my face between her legs. All either of us could do was moan and whimper, she chanting my name softly in a way that seemed she was not even aware she was speaking.

It was hypnotic.


I tilted my head up; accommodating Erik’s wandering mouth to my throat as his wet lips kissed down the curve of my neck as we fucked. I bit down on my lip, and then to his lips as I felt his hands move towards her breasts again. I had missed those hands touching her, teasing, caressing, and loving me until I almost could not take it anymore. My hands grabbed to his sides, digging my fingers skin with some force, but not so much to hurt. We had been at it for what seemed like forever, but in reality was probably a more realistic period, but in the space of time we’d been together that day, I had attempted at least four of my new positions, and I wasn’t sure which I loved more. How intense these positions made sex for us or the look of sheer shock on Erik’s face.

Both, I think I loved both.

I could almost feel the passion growing between us; I seemed to need more of him. My eyes roamed over his chest now beginning to glisten with sweat, and I was sure I was the same. I ran a hand down the front of his torso, licking my lips as my fingers traced over every hard curve.

“God I’ve missed you.” I all but croaked out as we fucked harder and harder, the bed was rocking – literally – this on ropes thing was new and weird but once you got over the seasick feeling, it was actually pretty awesome. It helped my orgasm repeatedly feel that much intense because of the motion and speed.

I wasn’t going to give Erik any ideas though because knowing him, we’d have a swinging bed next!

I was nervous at first, of course I was. What if I fell down, or looked stupid or didn’t ‘do it right’. Not that I assumed there was ever a wrong way to have sex now, but, still the nerves almost took me a couple of times. Thankfully, though, they dissipated as soon as my eyes landed on my husband and his on mine. He was practically salivated when I grabbed him and dragged him inside that hotel room, and as we took each other right then. There was this raw requirement just boiling between us beyond potent. It clouded around us, thickening the air with sheer lust and basic needs, needs we took care of, off and on between naps for most of the evening.

By round three though we were both spent, crumbling into a big old mess of tired bones and sweaty skin, on the floor of the hotel room – the motion of our ocean proving too much for me in the end, needing some solid land to sleep on, Erik smirked at me as we remade our bed on the carpet. I was soon wrapped up in three blankets and my husband’s arms – the best feeling ever.

“So this reading then… it is sexy times readings, yes?” He asked in a whisper, though why we were whispering when I was sure the whole floor heard our adventures minutes before, I had no idea.

“It was… a lot of it was just sexy times reading, but some of it was deeper.”

“Like anal?”

I burst out laughing, because yes, there was some of that but that wasn’t for me.

“Well, yes, but no … I mean like learning to accept your body and your sexuality and the trust you have in your other half… that sort of thing.”

He turned to me then, pushing himself up on his side to look at me. He pushed some hair from my face, a very concerned look on his face.

“You were scared?”

“Before? Totally… with you? Not so much.”

He smiled.

“I am glad, that would be the last of things I would want. I still do not know why you did not tell me when we met… but I am more understand of it now than I was before. It is okay to be nervous of sex it is a big giant thing…but it is also a good, big, giant thing between people.”

I nodded.

“I never want you to do things with me just because you think I want to do them. You know?” He squinted; I knew he was wondering if he made sense. He made total sense.

“I know, and thank you. You’re an accepting guy; it’s one of the things… one of many things I’m finding out I really love about you.”

He grinned.

“Besides my large penis, nice pecks and fantastical hair.”

With a chuckle, we resumed our cuddling position.

“Besides that, of course.”

We were silent then for a few minutes, just enjoying the silence between us. I liked that even now, in what could be viewed as the very start of our life together we had no issue with silence. Neither one of us was striving to fill every gap in the air I liked that. My gran always said some of her favourite moments with my granddad were when they would just sit in silence with each other, reading or just relaxing. I hoped Erik and I could have that too.

“Sookie, how are you here? We couldn’t afford –“

“Adele and Jason, it’s their Christmas gift to both of us I think. They gave it to me last week so I could come spend Christmas here with you, otherwise there was just no way – “

He nodded with a smile.

“I will have to make her something pretty, this is the best present I have ever gotten – including my BMX when I was ten.”

“I beat the BMX? Damn, that is good.” I smirked.

“It was a very good bike…”

“But isn’t more fun to ride…me?”

He laughed then, full and hearty and God I missed that too.

Erik’s phone beeped then and he reached down for his discarded jeans to dig it out.

“It is from my grandfather.”


He just shook his head with a smirk before he showed me the message, but it was in Swedish so I had to shrug, I understood a few words but not all.

“He says to not hurry back that the customer is always right and I should be thorough…”

With that I had to giggle, his grandfather was a total ham; he was in on my plan so he clearly knew Erik was getting super laid right now. Thorough indeed!

“Well I think he’s right, I mean the customer IS always right I know that better than anyone, and I do expect a thorough… delivery.”

He giggled then, pulling me closer to him.

“I can’t believe you’re really here, or some of the things we just did up there…But I am so verys glad you are here for our first Christmas.”

“Me too, so much. I was so depressed at the idea of spending the holiday by myself when you were here, sort of by yourself too.”

“My friends and family they are great peoples but they are not my wife… it is different. It is good that I am with them, but it was also not so good that I was not with you, you know?”

I did know, he was wordy tonight, but I knew.

I also knew I had three more positions I wanted to try before we broke for dinner, mostly for their hilarious names…and the potential orgasm, of course. Therefore, I propositioned my husband once more, much to his delight I knew, particularly when he lifted me up as if I weighted not much at all and practically threw me on the bed. I swear we were secretly attempting to break those ropes it hung from, but instead realised that it was near impossible.

Probably a good thing for our credit cards in the end, but it did not stop us at the time.

Pearly Gates, Teaspoons, and a Sitting Bull position later, we finally grew hungry for something other than each other and broke apart to shower – knowing if we didn’t we’d never leave the room, and by nightfall we finally made it to the a tiny family run place for dinner.

We looked like we just spent the entire day fucking, and you know what, I was more than okay with that. I was also more than okay with the knowing looks we got as we exited the B&B, and even as we ordered our meal embracing the cliché of the sexed up couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Ew, I’d gone to the dark side, and worse still, I loved it there.


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