The Devil Wears … Discount?

Status – In Progress.




5 thoughts on “The Devil Wears … Discount?”

  1. whodat2010 said:

    Wondered when we will get more of this great story?

    • I’m hoping soon, but I’m focusing on Southern Belles right now to make some much needed progress with that, and hopefully ideas for DWD will come back to me! Thanks for reading! xo

  2. I’m rereading “The Devil Wears … Discount?” Where can I find the chapters between 5 and 20?

    • Hi! DWD was wiped by this morning for some stupid reason. They’ve put it back up again at my request, but I’ll be moving all my stories here and posting here from now on, hopefully things will run smoother that way 🙂 Thanks for reading…and reading again 😀

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